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How to Treat a UTI During Pregnancy

How to Treat a UTI During Pregnancy?

Urinary tract infection is one of the most common infections of the urinary system which can occur anywhere. Generally, the infections occur more in the lower […]
sandhya hot spring health care

Things You Need To Know About Sandhya Hot Spring Health Care

Our health is the most precious gem to us. So, our bodies need proper care and rejuvenation to get rid of every health concern. But, today, […]
ayurvedic solution for high cholesterol

Ayurvedic Solution for High Cholesterol

High cholesterol, also known as Hypercholesterolemia, is one of the common health issues experienced by many people throughout the world. This condition doesn’t show any symptoms […]
Why is An Immune System Booster So Necessary

Why is An Immune System Booster So Necessary?

In the recent scenario of the pandemic of Coronavirus disease (covid), health advisers are loud about the immune system of the body and how to boost […]
irregular menstruation

10 Home Remedies to Regulate Your Irregular Periods Cycle

Menstruation or a period is a phase in women’s lives in which the endometrium (uterus lining) is shed. In this condition, women suffer bleeding from the […]
specialist for gallbladder stones

Getting the Right Gallbladder Stone Solution in Ayurveda

The human body is complex. It is made of so many parts, muscles, bones, etc. Although many parts play a vital role, some parts are essential, […]
18 Proven Ways to Reduce Bloating

18 Effective Tips To Get Instant Relief From Bloating

Does your stomach often bloat when you eat or drink something? If yes, then you suffer from stomach bloating. Abdominal bloating or stomach bloating occurs when […]
Hair Oil for Regrowth

Hair Oil for Regrowth is So Famous, But Why?

Hair Fall is a very common problem nowadays. Every other person whether male or female is suffering from some kind of hair problem. Excessive hair fall […]
Mouth Cancer Treatment

Eradicate Oral Cancer with Mouth Cancer Treatment

As the use of tobacco products is increasing, so are the incidents of the dreaded mouth cancer. With each passing day, we try to cope up […]
Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

11 Home Remedies For Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are solidified, insoluble calcium compounds and mineral deposits in the kidneys. Stuck within the kidneys in the form of stones that do not pass […]
ayurvedic sanjeevani herbs

Effective Benefits Of Consuming Sanjeevani Herb

Sanjeevani has great significance in Indian culture. Sanjeevani plant has a description in the Epic book of Ramayana. When Laxman got hurt badly during the war […]
9 Vitamins and Minerals That Makes Your Immune System Healthy

9 Vitamins and Minerals That Makes Your Immune System Healthy

COVID-19 has made it clear that taking care of the immune system is essential. During illness or the flu season, people look for vitamin supplements and […]
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