Shuddhi Ayurveda: Holistic Wellness Services
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Jeebh Parikshan

Jeebh parikhshan or tongue testing is imperative to know the overall health of a person. Our tongue can tell a lot about the health of our digestive system, hence it is called “mirror of our digestion”. On the basis of the colour, shape and size of your tongue, it is easier to detect any ongoing or future ailments in the body. If your body is currently facing any dysfunction or a syndrome of any kind, your tongue is the place that tells the whole story!

Naadi Parikshan

According to Ayurveda & Naturopathy, there are majorly three formas of doshas or areas of dysfunction in human body: Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Nadi parikshan is performed on your belly button to detect the exact area of trouble and begin the treatment. Besides these, nadi parikshan also helps determine several other mental or physical ailments in your body.

Expert Counselling

Expert consultancy is the essence of another service offered at Shuddhi. It incorporates distinct ways to detect any form of disease or sickness in your body such nadi parikshan or jeebh parikshan.

Quality Products

All our products are crafted from natural herbal extracts which are safe for use. Ayurvedic herbal remedies work on the root cause of the disease rather than suppressing the symptoms.

Experienced Doctors

We have more than 150+ clinics and a team of 200+ BAMS & BHMS doctors all over India. Every clinic has a trained doctor who guides you towards a healthy life.

Panchkarma Centres & Hospital

All over India, we have 6+ Panchakarma Centres where you can take the Panchakarma therapies for healthy well-being. Apart from this, we also have two HIIMS Hospitals.

List of Therapies

    Abhyangam: (Full Body Massage with Herbal Oils)Diet Consultation (On The Basis Of Nadi Pariksha)Deepan: (With Medication)Pachana: (With Medication)Snehana: (With Medication)Swedana: (Full Body Steam Bath)Udavartan: (Full Body Massage with Medicated Powder)Vamana ( Emesis ): (Detoxification through Emesis)Virechana ( Purgation): (Cleaning Through Motion)Nasayam (Nasal Therapy): (Drug Administration through Nose)Raktamokshan: (Leech Therapy)Shashitika Shali Pinda Sweda: (Bolus of Boiled Swastika Shali with Khwath)Raktamokshan: (Leech Therapy)
    Matra Basti / Anuvasan Basti: (Enema with Medicated Oils)Asthapana Basti: (Enema with Medicated Kashaya/ Honey)Samsarjana Basti: (Proper Diet Management After Panchkarma)Shirodhara: (Stream Of Warm Oil Poured On Forehead With Massage)Shirobasti: (Retaining Warm Oil on Head)Shiropichu: (Medicated Oil / Paste on Head)Janubasti, Katibasti, Greevabasti: (Curative Oil Retained On Knee/back/Neck)Leech Therapy: (Treatment through Leeches)Nadi Swedan & Baluka Swedan: (Steam of Particular Part after Massage)Patra Pottali: (Massage With Heated Bundles of Medicated Leaves)Parishekha: (Sweating Treatment)