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10 Natural Ways to Increase Immunity

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Ways to Increase Immunity

The immune system plays a major role in the body’s survival in this environment. It helps to defend your body against various diseases and illnesses. The immune system of the body involves many types of organs, tissues, and cells with complex networks. A healthy immune system helps to fight against parasites and various bacteria. To increase immunity, certain lifestyle strategies, and healthy nutrition, diets need to be followed.

Sign To Have Weakened Immune System

Many people walking around do not feel sick, but they have weak immune systems. It is important to understand the signs of weak immunity. Some common signs help you to identify your immune status.

Sign to have weakened immune system

Long-term stress directly affects the body and weakens the immune system.

If someone has a cold constantly each month, that means the immunity of the body is not strong enough.

Blood disorders like cancers, blood clots, and anemia indicate a weakened immune system.

Digestion issues are also one of the signs of an unhealthy immune system. This means the beneficial bacteria are not able to live their defense against infection and causes constipation, gas, and diarrhea problems.

Negative thoughts in mind: Keep yourself busy in the activities that make you happy, otherwise it leads to an unhealthy body and environment. If you think negatively about everything, it can cause chronic stress and will affect the immunity of the body.

Weak immune system: if the immune system is not strong, then the body will not be able to fight against infection. The weakened immune system suffers from hard healing procedures.

Slow growth and development: Delay in growth is one of the signs of a weak immune system. Weakened immunity does not let the body grow at a normal rate.

If someone feels exhausted and tired all the time, then it might be a sign of a weak immune system.

Chronic problems also reduce the inflammation of the body which leads to the depletion of monocytes i.e. White blood cells from the body. Reduction in the number of monocytes slows the breakdown of germs procedures that enter the body.

Natural Ways To Boost Immunity

Following are some key points that result in good digestion and strengthening your immune system:

✅ Healthy Diet and positive mindset: Diets like fruits and green vegetables are key aspects of healthy immunity and a good lifestyle. There must be an intake of supplements rich in omega 3 and 6 in your daily meal for good digestion. To build resilience in the body, green vegetables and vitamins are very essential.

✅ Do not take stress: Stress-less mind increases the resilience to infection. Stress harms the immune system. Trying to distress yourself with some activities like deep breathing, exercise, prayer or meditation helps to stay away from anxiety.

✅ Good quality Sleep: Sleep needs to be prioritized to keep the body healthy. Each night seven to eight hours of quality sleep calms the mind and body. Cytokines are important for the body which only produce when you sleep. So, to stay healthy do not compromise on sleep.

✅ Must do exercise and meditation: Meditation helps to reduce anxiety and lowers blood pressure and heart rates. To fight against infection, exercise helps to increase resilience and strengthen the body. To stimulate your immune system, it is important to focus on regular exercise.

✅ Avoid cigarettes and alcohol: High levels of alcohol consumption detoxify the body system with normal immune system function. Drinking a high amount of alcohol can weaken the body’s ability to fight against infection.

✅ Hygiene: The best way to get rid of the illness is to clean your hands with soap for 20 seconds after any task. Everyone needs to follow these practices to stay healthy.

✅ Build your social network: Healthy relationships with close ones make you happy. Involving yourself in good social activities helps to calm your mind and develop positivity in your body. A good social network helps to strengthen your immune system.

✅ Think about the Bright side: Try to keep yourself busy in a happy place where you feel happy and comfortable. If you think about good thoughts your body will respond better.

✅ Laugh to feel better: Laughing is a good practice to feel happy. It directly works better on your body’s immune system and keeps you away from illness and sadness.

✅ Hydrated: For everybody, hydration level is significant. Drinking water, green smoothies, and fresh fruit juices can be highly beneficial to treat disease from the inside out. So, to stay healthy and fit, it is necessary to stay hydrated all day long.

Home Remedies To Increase Immunity


Focus on Foods to Improve Immune System:

✔️ Garlic and turmeric are well-known ingredients that help to boost the immune system of the body. It can be easily added to the vegetables and if possible one can take one-half of a raw garlic clove daily, which is good for overall health.

✔️ Antioxidant agents are good for the immune system of the body. Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are rich in Vitamin C. They have antioxidant properties that help to increase the level of blood cell production.

✔️ Adding probiotics to your diet help to regain the good bacteria in your body to fight against infections. Fermented and high fiber foods have a high range of probiotics like Greek yogurt, beans, and bananas, etc.

✔️ Essential oil: Cooking with essential oils like olive oil is good for health which is highly anti-inflammatory and decreases the risk of chronic diseases. Lavender oil is famous for its calming effects and helps to improve sleep and anxiety. These essential oils have antiviral properties that may give protection against infection.

✔️ Add whole grains like Barley, Oats, brown rice, and wheat to your diet.

✔️ Fruits and vegetables like Citrus fruits, blackberries, broccoli, cauliflower raspberries, Apples, spinach, grapefruit, etc. These all are high in antioxidants help ease inflammation and increase the immunity of the body.

✔️ Almonds are rich in vitamins and have healthy fat also. It is a fat-soluble vitamin and has antioxidant properties which is a key to a healthy immune system.

✔️ Intake of food rich in vitamins E like dark leafy greens and avocados, sunflower seeds. Vitamin E is important in maintaining immune system function.

✔️ More intake of whole plant food in your daily meal can improve the immune system of the body. Whole plant food has antioxidant properties that help to decrease the duration of the common cold.

✔️ Blueberries and dark chocolate have antioxidant properties, which may help to boost the immune system. Berries help to protect the body cells from free radicals.

Above home, remedies help to increase immunity with no other side effect on the body


Dietary and lifestyle changes reduce the risk of health issues like diabetes, kidney and heart diseases. A healthy diet and good habits help to fight against harmful pathogens.

The Shuddhi Herbal Immunity Pack is an Ayurvedic pack that helps to fight the body against infection. This immunity pack has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help to boost the immunity of the body. This Ayurvedic pack can easily be ordered online from the website.

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