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Difference Between Diabetes and Diabetes Mellitus?

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Diabetes and Diabetes Mellitus

Are you searching for the difference between diabetes and diabetes Mellitus? If yes, then it is time to take a break as Diabetes Mellitus is just another name for Diabetes. This chronic metabolism disorder is a condition of high blood sugar levels in the body for a long time. Diabetes can be caused either due to an inability of the body to respond to the insulin produced or when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. Basically, there are three types of Diabetes Mellitus. These are Type 1 DM, Type 2 DM, and Gestational Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is an autoimmune disease. It happens due to the failure of the pancreas to produce enough insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus occurs due to insulin resistance, which means when cells fail to respond to insulin.

Gestational Diabetes occurs during pregnancy and can be fine after the baby is born.

Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

Frequent urination
Extreme hunger and thirst
Unexplained weight loss, or weight gain depending on the type of Diabetes
Blurred vision
Ketones in the urine
Skin and vaginal infections
Slow-healing sores

Causes of Diabetes Mellitus

Each type of diabetes has different causes. Let us have a look.

Type 1 Diabetes

The reason for type 1 diabetes is obscure. According to some physicians, a reason for this type of diabetes is when the immune system attacks and destroys insulin-producing pancreas beta cells. Also, genes can play a major role in some people or virus sets to attack the immune system.

Type 2 Diabetes

This type of diabetes comes from the combination of several factors like lifestyle and genetics. If you are obese or overweight, it can increase more risks. When you have extra weight in your belly, your cells are more resistant to the insulin effects on blood sugar. Both obesity and type 2 diabetes are conditions that come from genes as well.

Gestational Diabetes

This diabetes type is the result of hormonal changes when a woman conceives. The placenta produces certain hormones that make the cells of pregnant women sensitive to the effects of insulin.

Complications of Diabetes Mellitus

High blood pressure is responsible for damaging tissues and organs of the body. Therefore, it is important to understand the associated complications. Some of the major complications are;

Heart stroke, heart attack, and disease
Vision loss
Hearing loss
Foot infections and sores
Bacterial and fungal skin infections

Diabetes in Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, diabetes is related to Prameha. There are 20 types of prameha, Kapaha -10, Pitta 6, and Vata- 4. The Ayurvedic concept of this disease manifestation is associated with physical exertion and Mithyahara vihara (the poor dietary habits). Any Prameha, if ignored, ends up in Diabetes Mellitus, also categorized as Vataj Meha (Madhumeha). Diabetes is a Maha Roga (major disease). If not treated on time, it can give birth to major physical complications such as joint issues, eye problems, kidney failure, impotence, pain, urologic problems, and more. Diabetes treatment in Ayurveda aims to rejuvenate the body while controlling sugar levels and ensuring that there are no further complications.

Shuddhi Diabetes Care Package

If you are looking for Diabetes Mellitus treatment in Ayurveda, then Shuddhi Ayurveda is your one-stop shop. The diabetes care package by Shuddhi Ayurveda has all the ingredients that help in the cure of disease. The natural herbs used to lower blood sugar levels and sugar cravings help relieve acidity, burning sensation in eyes, headache, and chronic constipation. Filled with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, the diabetes care package has everything that helps in Diabetes Mellitus treatment in Ayurveda.

Ingredients and Dosage

Nutraceutical Diabetes Care Capsules (60 capsules)– The main ingredients in these capsules are Jamun, Gurmar, Karela, and Paneer Phool (Rishyagandha). These Ayurvedic capsules are quite effective in controlling the symptoms of diabetes. Take one capsule in the morning and the same in the evening.

Divya Jeevan Vati (60 tablets)– This is a major ingredient in the package. It contains Ashwagandha and Gymnema Sylvestre. Take one tablet of Divya Jeevan Vati in the morning and the same in the evening.

Mata Amritan (100 grams)– This Ayurvedic Churna helps treat various diseases such as digestion, headache, cough, and more. The key ingredients are Carom seeds and Tinnervelly Senna. Take 2.5 to 5 grams after dinner with warm water.

32 Herbs Tea (30 grams)– This tea contains 32 Ayurvedic herbs effective for improving metabolism and reducing the aging process. It is a rich source of Minerals and Vitamins. Boil 32 herbs tea in 1.5 cups of water, boil it till it becomes 1 cup. Drink hot!

If you are looking to get health benefits and want to control the symptoms of diabetes, make sure to buy the Shuddhi Diabetes Care Package.

Dietary Guidelines

Include ragi, brown rice, and whole wheat into your diet
Use bitter gourd, raw banana, black plum, onion, and garlic
Avoid salty, sugary, spicy, oily, and sour foods.

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