Best home remedies for stomach ulcers by Shuddhi

Best Home Remedies for Stomach Ulcers

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Ayurvedic Detoxification with Natural Detox Herbs
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home remedies for stomach ulcers

Are you constantly burping, and do you feel a nagging and burning ache in the stomach region? You may be suffering from stomach ulcers. Many of us suffer from this silently. Most of us take this stomach pain and discomfort in our stride and do nothing but pop a pill for relief. Why don’t you try out home remedies for stomach ulcers to feel better instead?

What are stomach ulcers?

Sometimes, the digestive tract lining develops sores or cuts. Ulcers occurring in the stomach region are called gastric or stomach ulcers. We take ulcers as a normal minor condition. But, the fact is, this condition is serious. If the symptoms get neglected, it can cause gastrointestinal bleeding. Moreover, uncontrolled loss of blood can be fatal.

Bacterial infections, caffeine, fatty foods, societal pressures, nicotine, and anti-inflammatory meds, an unhealthy diet, stress, improper hygiene, and acidic foods are the leading causes of ulcers. The stomach is not a dustbin, and all foodstuffs are not ideal for stomach health. Timely treatment for stomach ulcers is important.

Home Remedies for Stomach Ulcers:

Ayurvedic remedies have shown amazing results with ulcers. But, leaving ulcers untreated, can lead to complications. The best way is to control these sores with home remedies for stomach ulcers, so why not try them:

1. Fruits and vegetables:

It contains antioxidants that inhibit the growth of ulcers and also protect the stomach lining. Banana, apricot, carrots, raw cabbage juice, kiwis, and bell peppers help relieve the symptoms of ulcers to a great extent.

2. Turmeric:

Turmeric contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It should either be taken with water or curd to prevent stomach ulcers. Furthermore, this is an ideal way to reduce pain and bleeding from the intestine.

3. Probiotics:

Such as yogurt help in restoring good bacteria in the gut. Other fermented foods also act as probiotics and help control stomach ulcers. Include them in your daily meals.

4. Raw cabbage:

Raw cabbage and its juice are very useful for stomach ulcers. The juice is rich in amino acids and helps build the stomach lining. Raw cabbage also improves the circulation of blood to the stomach region. Now, the ulcers heal quickly.

5. Wood Apple tree leaves:

Leaves from Wood apple are very effective in controlling pain and inflammation. All you have to do is soak a handful of leaves in water overnight. The next day in the morning, strain the water and drink it to reduce ulcerations.

6. Honey:

Harmful bacteria enter the cut and cause infections. Honey helps heal the ulcers and the wounds in the stomach lining because of its antibacterial properties. This Ayurvedic remedy helps control allergies and diseases.

7. Garlic:

Garlic pods may be smelly, but they are very helpful in controlling the growth of H pylori, the harmful bacteria. This spice helps keep infection at bay and helps prevent ulcers. It is an important part of ulcer treatment in home remedies.

8. Chamomile:

A patient suffering from stomach ulcers often complains of intestinal spasms. The intestines have sores that bleed and hurt. Chamomile tea can help control the spasms and promote healing. Also, this is a great way to detox and clean the body. Thus, infections can be healed.

9. Fenugreek leaves:

Fenugreek leaves brewed in hot boiling water and seeped overnight are a good stomach ulcer remedy. The leaves contain mucilaginous that help in coating and protecting the stomach lining. This is a great way to heal ulcerations in the stomach. Even the pain and swelling reduced to a great extent.

10. Vitamin A rich-foods:

Try to consume fruits that are rich in vitamin A. These contain neutralizing agents that help in hyperacidity. For example:
These foods contain a rich amount of vitamin E and are very helpful in controlling the growth of ulcers.

11. Spinach and carrot:

Mixing spinach and carrot juice with cabbage juice to the concoction is very helpful in treating ulcerations.

12. Lime juice:

Furthermore, green salads and lime juice are also very beneficial in controlling ulcers. The citric acid-rich lime contains beneficial mineral salts which control the growth of stomach ulcers.

13. Good foods:

Some beneficial foods are categorized as “good foods” for the stomach. These foodstuffs contain amino acids that help control repair stomach linings and ulcerations to a great extent and are:

Wheat germ
Sunflower seeds
Whole grains
sesame seeds the iPhone

14. Drumstick:

Leaves, cayenne pepper, and Hog wood powder are also good and effective as a treatment for stomach ulcers. But, you have to take these remedies regularly.

Why should you not neglect stomach ulcers?

Don’t let the ulcers become worse or else it can cause internal bleeding or perforation in the intestine. It is not easy to tolerate abdominal pain for a long time. If ignored, this can even lead to confusion, delirium, and severe abdominal pain.

Nature is a storehouse of nurturing and enriching herbs and home remedies for stomach ulcers. You can get instant relief by using many of them. If you want a “one-stop-destination” for Ayurvedic remedies, then you need to head straight to Shuddhi Ayurveda. They provide you 100% safe and effective treatment for stomach ulcers. All you have to do is consume Ayurveda-rich remedies from Shuddhi Ulcer Package. The package contains herbal extracts such as Amal Pitt Har Powder, Yakrit Shodh, and Divya Sanjeevani that boost immunity, keep cholesterol under control, prevent ulcers, bloating and flatulence.  

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