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Nervous System Packagebenefit of nervous system packageNervous System Package Dosage
Nervous System Package
benefit of nervous system package
Nervous System Package Dosage

Shuddhi Nervous System Package

(15 customer reviews)


  • Excellent Brain Tonic
  • Sharpen Brain
  • Beneficial in Alzheimer & Parkinson Disease
  • Beneficial in Stress, Anxiety & Other Brain Related Problems
  • Boost Brain Function

Ayurvedic treatment for nervous weakness

This package is mainly designed for our brain and nervous system. It helps in the toning of our nervous system and improves the functioning of the brain. Hence, it is helpful in conditions like strokes, depression, Parkinson’s syndrome, schizophrenia. It works as Ayurvedic Brain Tonic for our Brain and Nervous System. Nervous System Weakness Treatment is possible with the help of Ayurveda. There are many herbs in Ayurveda, which are beneficial for our nervous system and brain, and the Nervous System package is the mixture of these herbs.


Dr. Shuddhi Powder: It helps in the detoxification of the body and removes the harmful toxic substances from the body. It also improves the digestion of the body. The main ingredients of Shuddhi Powder are Anardana, Sahdevi, Trikatu and Triphala. All these ingredients are beneficial for the human body and have several benefits. 

Brahm Vati: Brahm Vati is beneficial in all brain and memory-related problems. The ingredients present in Brahm Vati help in improving brain functions and memory. The key ingredients of this ayurvedic herbal remedy are Jal neem, Ras sindoor, Abhrak Bhasma, Bang Bhasma, and Shodhit Shilajeet. 

Nerve Pro+: Nerve Pro + is an ayurvedic remedy that is beneficial in Vertigo, Headache, Anxiety, psychological disorders, Nerve weakness, depression, Nerve Compression, and Hyperactive state diseases. The main ingredients of Nerve Pro + are rasraj ras, vidhara mool, tagar, nagkesar, vacha, nagarmotha, gajwan, ashwagandha, kali mirch, kahu, akarkara, Champa, Brahmi, and sankhpushpi.

32 Herbs Tea: 32 Herbs tea is a herbal tea that helps in achieving good health. It is a mixture of 32 natural herbs. The tea is beneficial in improving metabolism, immunity, weight loss, heart diseases, diabetes etc. The tea helps to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. With the Amrit Ras (32 Herbs Tea), one can improve the body’s immunity and also metabolism.


Nerve Pro+: 1-1 tablet two times a day with hot water

Brahm Vati: 1-2 capsules with lukewarm water

Shuddhi Powder: It comes in the form of powder and must be taken half a teaspoon at night after dinner. 

32 Herbs Tea: A pinch of 32 Herbs Tea must be boiled in water and taken empty stomach in the morning and before bed.

15 reviews for Shuddhi Nervous System Package

  1. Rishu Sharma

    Great nerve calmer. Works within 15 days.

  2. Isha Dogra

    It’s given me my life back!

  3. Priya Rajput

    This tonic has truly helped me with my anxiety!

  4. Param Dhiman

    It is a great tonic for the nerves and clearly nourishes them and keeps them calmer. I recommend it.

  5. Anjali Sharma

    I recommend this product to all who need to calm down stress or for those who have pain all over the body.

  6. Varun Kumar

    I feel much better than before !!!!!

  7. Vibhu Sharma

    I kill myself if I didn’t have this Product. It Helps me.

  8. Hitakshi Thakur

    Tried this product to help calm my nervous system. It made me feel very anxious. Tried to return it but they do not take returns.

  9. Rahul Trivedi

    Great product 👍



  11. Alok Tiwari

    My uncle used to be sad and didn’t talk to anyone, later he was diagnosed with clinical depression. He is on Shuddhi Nervous Package and recovering very fast.

  12. Ankush Chauhan

    My Son is in the 8th class, and he does not remember what is taught to him. We give him Shuddhi Nervous System Package and can see the changes as his memory is improving day by day.

  13. ankit patyal

    very helpful for those who is suffering from memory loss.

  14. abhinav

    good product.

  15. shiv

    Thank you Shuddhi for making this product ! Very Nice Product

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