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Height gain
Height gain
Height gain
Height gain

Shuddhi Height Gain Package

(9 customer reviews)

5,100.00 4,500.00

  • Helps in gaining height
  • Boost Immunity
  • Balance Hormones
  • Complete Nutrition in the body

Ayurveda for height growth

Growth disorders are some of the main problems that prevent kids from normal height. Human growth and height are affected by the various factors that include gene, weight, hormone, nutrition, etc.. Due to some changes in diet and lack of proper nutrition for the body, height does not increase. Height Gain Kit is the Ayurvedic product that helps in height growth. This product is a combination of various herbs. These Ayurvedic solutions and herbs are used in various means to increase height. Ayurvedic herbs help in natural ways to increase height.

Ayurvedic product for height gain

Height Drops

Height drops is a Homeopathic product that is beneficial in increasing height. Actually, it is a tonic used to increase height in children. The key ingredients of the Height Drops are Baryta Carbonica, Baryta Phosphorica, Calc Phos, Silicea, and Thuja Occidentalis.  All these ingredients are helpful in increasing the height in children.


GH Plus Capsule

These are herbal capsules that are beneficial in increasing height, improving digestion, strengthening the nervous system, building and toning muscle mass and promoting new cell and tissue growth. The main ingredients of GH Plus capsules are – Vidarikand, Shatavari, Nagkesar, Amarbel, Ashwagandha, Giloy, Triphala, Mulethi etc. 

Dr Immune

It helps in digestion improvement and also boosts the immunity of the body. Dr. Immune Tablet also helps in balancing the hormones. The key ingredients of the tablet are Ashwagandha & Shatavari. Ashwagandha is known for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, whereas Shatavari is an anti-ageing plant and is a good immunity booster. 

Relivion Powder

It is a powder which is a mixture of various herbs. It is helpful in all types of constipation and its related problems such as gas, acidity, indigestion, etc. The powder is a mixture of Svarna Patri, Misreya, Sendha Salt, Sarnai, Jang Harad and Erand Oil, etc. 

32 Herbs Tea

It is a herbal tea that is the key to good health. 32 Herbs Tea, also known as Divya Amrit Ras, has several benefits for the human body. From losing weight to boosting immunity, its benefits are countless. It rejuvenates the human body, soul and mind. This Herbal tea is a combination of 32 different herbs that are beneficial for human health.


Dr Immune: One tablet in the morning & one tablet in the evening

Relivion Powder: 2-5 mg twice a day with lukewarm water or as directed by the physician.

GH Plus: 1-2 capsule twice a day with luke warm water. 

32 Herbs Tea: Four cups a day with warm water. Boil a pinch of 32 Herbs tea and consume it directly.

9 reviews for Shuddhi Height Gain Package

  1. Rupinder kaur

    My daughter is 16 year old and her height was below 5 feet. Although, My husband and me has normal heights. My husband bought Height gain package for my daughter and she is getting taller. This ayurvedic formula is quite effective.

  2. Raman

    10-year ki age meh maine apne bete ko height gain package diya 3month meh result mere samne tha. Thanks Shuddhi

  3. Amit Sharma

    mere chote bhai ki height ki problem thi usne fr shuddhi height gain package ka istemal kiya aur kuch mhine proper diet aur medicine lene ke baad kuch 7-8 inch ka fard pda hai

  4. Manish Kumar

    mere bete ki height bhut kamm thi fir mere ek friend neh shuddhi height gain package use krne ko bola.

  5. Piyush

    I am a 23-year-old male, and my height was not growing. My friends used to tease me, and my life was hell. Then, my father purchased Shuddhi Height Gain Package for me. Now, my height is growing, and I am becoming taller.

  6. Rahul

    Very poor my height is not growing at all and the price is too much.

  7. shreya

    It works slow but works well. I had gain 5kg of weight in 2 months.

  8. Geeta

    Height Gain Package helps in Human growth and height are affected by the various factors that include gene, weight, hormone, nutrition, etc.

  9. Mohd Azhar

    I’m 23 years old sir if i get this product so how many inches in 3months please reply

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