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Ayurvedic treatment for nerve weakness is a proven curative approach to maintaining your nervous system’s healthy balance. The brain is the precious organ of the body and controls your whole body’s function or response. Nerve weakness and neurological disorders are the results of imbalance Vata Dosha. Vata Dosha imbalance affects your entire nervous system function, and due to that, the whole process of the body gets affected.

The nerves work as a communication cable or line in your body. The nerves transport the message throughout the whole body for proper body functions. Suppose your nerves get weak due to some reasons like injury, stricture, and clotting, etc. It leads to loss of signal from your brain to other parts of the body.

Weak nerves condition is also known as nerve dysfunction, which means your nerves get affected or damaged due to some reasons. If your motor nerves get involved, you cannot do any movement, and if sensory nerves get diseased, your sensation ability gets impaired. Various neurological disorders can result from the Vata Dosha imbalance in the body or are associated with nervous weakness.

Disease-Related To The Nervous System

Alzheimer diseases
Cerebral palsy
Motor neuron disease
Loss of sensation
Bell’s palsy
Multiple sclerosis
Diabetic neuropathy

What Are the Causes that Lead to Nervous Weakness?

Nerve inflammation
Disrupted nerve impulse due to toxins buildup
Nerve injury
Damaged nerves layer
Neurotransmitter disturbance
Malignant tumor invasion in nerve cells
A compressed or pinched nerve

 Symptoms of Nerve Weakness:

1. Sensory Symptoms:

Tingling sensation
Prickling and numbness
diminished eyesight
Temporary loss of smell
loss of hearing
loss of taste and touch


2. Motor Symptoms:

poor coordination
muscle wasting
muscle weakness

Methods to Keep Nervous System Healthy

In Ayurvedic treatment for nerve weakness, multiple methods are used to keep your nervous system healthy. Ayurvedic herbal remedy has no side effects on your whole body.

The method includes Ayurvedic therapies, natural herbs, a healthy diet, yoga, and exercise.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle:

Diet and lifestyle modifications are essential to strengthen your nerves. A healthy or well-balanced nutritious diet plays an integral part in Ayurvedic treatment for nerve weakness (https://www.shuddhi.com/do-not-let-nervous-weaknesses-take-over-body-try-ayurvedic-medicines/). Some food is recommended to improve the nervous system.


Eat green leafy vegetables: green leafy vegetables contain high amounts of B-complex, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. These nutrients strengthen your nerves and improve your nervous system functions.
Broccoli And Avocado: Add Broccoli and avocado in your diet because it is rich in vitamin k. Vitamin k improves cognitive skills and strengthens your brain’s nervous system. It prevents disturbance in neurotransmitters.
Almonds, nuts, and pumpkin seeds: These three ingredients contain essential nutrients like omega-3, zink, copper, Magnesium, iron, and vitamin E. This prevents nerves weakness disorders.

There are many foods through which can maintain your nervous system weakness.


Avoid alcohol intake and smoking.
Take enough rest and sleep every day.
Practice some yoga asanas and deep breathing exercises (pranayama)regularly.
Stay Away from non-vegetarian food because they release harmful toxins in the body.
Prevent having street food, junk, oily, and high fat-containing food.

Natural Herbs:

Various herbs are useful to treat nervous system-related problems.

Ashwagandha And Inflammation:

This herb is an anti-inflammatory agent and one of the essential herbs that are used for nerve weakness. It reduces the pain and inflammation of nerves and eliminates stress and anxiety.

Blueberry Leaves:

This herb is mainly used to treat cell damage, improve blood circulation and diarrhea, etc. in the case of nervous system problems, it improves cognitive skills, improves vision, and reduces nerves inflammation.

Dandelion Roots and Leaves:

Dandelions are antioxidant-rich and have inflammatory properties. It prevents nerves from toxins buildup and reduces inflammation.

Other than that, you can use multiple types of Ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, Mulethi, Ginger, Brahmi, Milk Thistle, Peppermint, and Turmeric, to strengthen your nerves. Shuddhi Ayurveda introduces the Ayurvedic Nervous system care pack to get rid of nervous weakness. It seems a perfect treatment for nervous system weakness. Moreover, To get health advice, you can visit a shuddhi clinic near your area.

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