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Severe Headache, Joint Aches After A Mosquito Bite? Take Ayurvedic Treatment For Dengue Fever

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Severe Headache, Joint Aches After A Mosquito Bite? Take Ayurvedic Treatment For Dengue Fever

Ayurvedic Treatment For Dengue Fever

Dengue is a tropical non-infectious disease transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. Some often call this viral infection “break-bone fever” because the entire body seems to be splitting with intense intolerable pain. Dengue has turned out to be a global disease that has no vaccine.

  1. Dengue is a non-communicable illness and cannot be transmitted from one to the other.
  2. Unknown to most people, Ayurvedic treatment for dengue fever is available. All you have to do is reach out for a registered Ayurvedic clinic nearby and have a talk with the practitioner.
  3. Environmental changes are responsible for the spread of dengue fever to a certain extent.
  4. The Aedes mosquito bites during the day, especially early in the morning and evening.
  5. In a single bite, the mosquito can transmit the infection to the person and when the infected mosquito keeps biting people one after the other disease is spread.

There are five different serotypes of this virus, and each one of these occurs only once in a lifetime. It is possible to develop lifetime immunity to a particular kind you have been diagnosed with. But this does not mean you cannot get infected by one of the other serotypes.

Symptoms of Dengue:

It is the severity of the disease that decides the symptoms. After about seven days of the mosquito bite, the person starts to show mild or non-existent symptoms in mild dengue fever.

  • Symptoms of Mild Dengue Fever, Such As:
  1. Extreme fatigue and exhaustion
  2. Acute pain in the joints and muscles that can cause significant discomfort
  3. Severe headache
  4. Swollen glands
  5. High fever
  6. Lots of Rashes all over
  7. Pain in the eyelid region
  8. Nausea and vomiting
  9. Breathing difficulty may manifest after a few days, followed by some more severe symptoms.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever is potentially very dangerous due to its severe hazardous symptoms. The best treatment can be offered in intensive care, and the patient needs to be taken to a hospital immediately. Dengue hemorrhagic fever can cause:

  1. Internal bleeding
  2. Blood from nose, gums, and mouth
  3. Black vomit
  4. Black stools
  5. Sensitive stomach
  6. Weak pulse
  7. Blood spots beneath the skin surface
  8. Low platelet count
  • Dengue shock syndrome needs intensive care treatment instantly or it can pose life-threatening circumstances such as:
  1. Heavy bleeding
  2. Blood vessels start to leak
  3. Acute stomach pain
  4. Sudden hypotension
  5. Vomiting
  6. Disorientation

There is no particular vaccine available for the treatment of Dengue, but its symptoms can be controlled to a great extent with the help of Ayurvedic treatment for dengue patients. The relief provided with natural remedies of Ayurveda will help fasten the recovery of the patient.

Best ways to deal with dengue fever and precautions to be taken to prevent Dengue:

  1. Control the dengue symptoms with herbal extracts so that the recovery becomes faster
  2. Rehydration with plenty of fluids is essential
  3. Painkillers need to be avoided at all costs so that there is no internal bleeding.
  4. Fluid balance is imperative, and steps need to be taken to prevent infection at all costs.
  5. Protective clothing and insect repellents are necessary to prevent the infectious bite
  6. Control the rapidly increasing population of Aedes mosquitoes
  7. Prevent stagnant water collection. It may surprise you, but the A. Aegypti mosquito breeds rapidly in standing but clean water.

Though Aedes Aegypti is the main carrier of the viral disease, Dengue may also be transmitted by blood transfusions and blood or organ donation. We need to take precautions against Dengue because almost 100 countries are globally taken in by this mosquito illness, resulting in nearly 25000 global deaths annually. You need to remember that the Dengue virus responds to Ayurvedic herbal remedies, and Dengue fever treatment in Ayurveda has shown amazing results.

You can try out the Vish Har Ras by Shuddhi.com. The immune system that is made up of organs, tissues, and cells like WBC’s helps ward off dangerous attacks of microorganisms. It needs to be strong because it protects the body and helps it perform to its maximum potential. Vish Har Ras contains herbal extracts that help build immunity to deal with Dengue, different kinds of disorders, and fever, as well.

The environment around us contains pathogens, harmful microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can cause diseases. To survive and stay healthy, we need to ward off infections and have a super-strong immune system with the Vish Har Ras that contains:

  • Neem: The leaves, roots, seeds, and bark of the blood purifying neem tree are full of goodness and help treat a number of infections in the body. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Punarnava: Helps in the prevention of infection in the body and helps nurture the liver. This contains high levels of Vitamin C, iron, calcium, protein, and sodium and supplements the body with all essential nutrients important for health.
  • Basil: The anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory tulsi or basil contain vitamins and minerals essential for our body.

Take the Vish Har Ras and combat infections that attack the body. There are infected mosquitoes all around us, and the only thing that can protect us is a robust immune system.

If you have a severe condition of Dengue, you can buy Vish Har Ras or visit your nearest Shuddhi Clinic. You can also call our doctors for immediate assistance.

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