Vish har ras | helps in treating malaria, cold and flu | Boost immunity
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Shuddhi Vish Har Ras

(14 reviews)
  • Beneficial in Malaria & Dengue
  • It provides relief against cough
  • Guard against Infections
  • It helps to overcome fever
  • It is an excellent remedy for cold & flu
  • It is good for skin problems
  • It guards against allergies
  • Used as a liver care remedy
  • Prevents kidney stones from forming
  • It boosts Immunity naturally
  • It protects against deadly viruses
  • It decreases the risk of heart diseases
  • Its antifungal properties prevent skin problems
  • It is an excellent blood purifier.

Vish Har Ras is one of our best seller herbal products to boost your Immunity naturally. It will help you in fighting against various infections and viruses. It boosts your immunity and helps in providing remedies in Malaria, Dengue fever and Heart problems.

450 ml pack: 5 - 7.5 ml in the morning and evening after meals You can take Vish Har Ras with allopathy medicines also. But a gap between them both is recommended.

14 reviews for Shuddhi Vish Har Ras

  1. Anup

    Works fine .. with me..

  2. Ankit

    This immunity booster is really effective..

  3. Ajish

    I am regularly using it and feel so good after having it!!

  4. Bhagwant

    This is a really amazing product and has a lot of benefits for health.

  5. Byramjee

    Working good for me

  6. Ananya

    Great product. Ideal for building immunity. Good packaging and pricing.

  7. Biju

    Good product. Promotes immunity, and I definitely feel changes in the positive directions.

  8. Chandrajit

    Very necessary for these times.

  9. Mahipal

    Vish Har Ras for immunity, you can buy this. !

  10. Adesh

    Yes it is good for health and I can feel the changes of immunity in my body.

  11. jatin

    I have seen improvement in my platelets when I was suffering from Dengue.

  12. Meena

    Vish Har Ras helps in treating Malaria

  13. tushar

    Thanks for making this product Shuddhi, It helps in treating my skin problems

  14. News Portal

    Naprawdę podoba mi się twój szablon wp, skąd go pobrałeś? Z góry dziękuję!

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