Ayurvedic Treatment For Cancer/ Ayurvedic Treatment For Cancer In India

Ayurvedic Treatment For Cancer

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One of the most feared and dreaded diseases in today’s time is “Cancer.” Many of us have directly or indirectly experienced a loved one, a friend, or an acquaintance passing away due to this illness. Those days of suffering and debilitating due to cancer penetrate deep into our minds, and the memory leaves us with a never-ending fear of death. But now, the modern world recognizes the importance of ayurvedic treatment for cancer.

Cancer is an enigma, and the facts are not known to many. Let us settle your fears by telling you that there are treatment options available, and the survival rate is reasonably good. Read on for minimizing your confusion and increasing your awareness:

You don’t have to always label cancer as fatal. Cancer is the state of the body that promotes the cells to start dividing uncontrollably. The immune system starts to fail, and tumors may develop. Any other disease or impairment can be hazardous because of cells’ abnormal growth in different regions of the body. A healthy body cell that develops abnormally exposes the body to cancer.

What is cancer influenced by?

There are various reasons that modern science may label as influencing the growth of cancer cells:

  • Human genetics
  • gender
  • Chemical exposure
  • Ingesting or inhalation of toxic compounds
  • Pathogens
  • Ionizing radiation
  • Local Environmental factors
  • Poor lifestyles such as too much substance abuse, alcoholism, and smoking
  • Diets

There are few of the commonly accepted causative factors for cancer, though there are plenty of unexplained causes. Nearly 200 accepted forms of cancer and the signs of the disease depend on the grade and type of cancer.

But in general, the symptoms that show up are:

1) Extreme exhaustion

2) Unexplained pain

3) Changes in the texture of the skin

4) Loss of weight

5) Unusual bleeding

6) Fever

7) Change in bladder or bowel habits

8) Voice change

9) Persistent cough

10) Tissue masses, growth, or lump on the skin

The suspected cancer tissue is normally checked through tests, and then the type and grade are diagnosed. Aggressive cancers spread in the body quickly. An Ayurvedic practitioner can help by suggesting nurturing herbs for the body’s overall health. These herbal extracts are contained in Ayurvedic treatment for cancer. You can research more on the effective cancer package offered by www.shuddhi.com that includes herbs such as:

1) Tamra Bhasma and Naag Bhasma can destroy tumor cells and if often used as a cancer remedy by Ayurvedic practitioners.

2) Terminalia Arjuna is also beneficial because of its cardio-protective and antitumor properties.

3) Ashwagandha helps halt unnecessary cell production and increases the immunity of the body.

4) Shukla tulsi has antimicrobial properties and keeps the temperature of the body regulated. It also helps the body stay free from diseases.

5) Haldi and neem help treat wounds and pain. It can help take care of joints and stomach ulcerations.

There are many alternative treatments referred to for cancer patients, but Ayurvedic treatment for cancer gets a pat on many.

Understanding cancer easy:

You know that the body cells have a fixed lifespan and perform a specific predetermined set of functions. Cell death is natural and essential only can then the new cells come and refurbish the body. But what happens if the cells are not replaced with new cells? In this case, the cancer cells are programmed to keep dividing and never die!

What happens if all the cells start living? 

There is only a limited space available for the cells to grow and multiply. The outer skin layer gets strained because of abnormal replication and collection of cells. The nutrients and oxygen needed for cells to perform well are utilized by these “always growing” cells. Nourishment is not sufficient for the cells, and the immune system becomes helpless. These cells remain in the body because they are not “strange cells.”

The immune system recognizes them as a healthy body cell and does not develop antibodies to fight them off. The body takes them as their own. But the fact is these cells are invaders within which have attacked the body. The body is under assault from its cells and has been taken by surprise!

Changes take place in the body, and metabolic functioning is disturbed because of these out-of-control cells. The body has no idea this is happening and lies silently. Malignant cancer cells start to travel via lymph nodes or immune cell clusters, to other body parts. When these cells enter, they infiltrate other body tissues and start mutating. Defects start to show up in the DNA mutations, and cancer cells show up. This is the reason why cancer often goes unnoticed.

The Cancer types you may have heard about commonly are:

1) Breast cancer

2) Ovarian cancer

3) Uterine cancer

4) Prostate cancer

5) Lung cancer

6) Colorectal cancer and many others depending on the region of the body, the cancer cells start growing.

Cancer can affect other living organisms, as well. It is an uncontrolled division and growth of cells that cause the cancer cells to separate from its origin and travel to other body parts. These cells go and tightly lodge themselves in new areas and start growing wildly there. This movement of cancer from one area to the other and multiplying in the new area is metastasis.

Sadly, cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases because of its high mortality rate. However, COVID-19 seems to have given it some competition! Some areas in the world where certain kinds of cancer are predominant such as stomach cancer may be rare in the USA, but it is common in Japan. Thus cancers are often related to race, environmental factors, or genetic predisposition. But the undeniable fact is that the environment we live in is laden with harmful pollutants and toxins.

The food products that we consume are laced with pesticides and other chemicals. People have started eating fatty, fried foods. They have increased carcinogenic grocery products in their daily diet. Sugar-laden sweets and processed foods are imperative in the kitchen larder. Artificial drinks are a common thing on the dining table. They have been created by chemicals and other products instead of healthy natural herbs and negatively affect our bodies.

Role of Ayurvedic Remedy in cancer

Many people understand the acidic onslaught we expose the body to daily and recognize the role of Ayurvedic remedy in cancer care. It’s time to start exercising and sip on the nurturing healthy drinks prepared out of natural products. Give up the bad habit of smoking and alcohol and try to shift to Ayurveda. Recreational drugs can be given a back seat for a while! Otherwise, there is no time for the body to heal. Give your body a chance to nurture itself. Start with natural treatments like Ayurveda!

If you want Ayurvedic treatment for cancer, you can buy Shuddhi Cancer Package for cancer tumors problems. If you face severe health issues and want to see a doctor, you can visit Shuddhi Clinics near you to get counseling from an expert Ayurvedic doctor. We have more than 150 clinics in PAN India. However, if you can still not find the clinic near you, you can call our health experts to get free counseling related to your health problems.

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