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10 Natural Remedy for Gas And Constipation

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Natural Remedies To Deal With Gas And Constipation

Are you experiencing a bloated stomach, gas, and constipation? Do you want to feel relief from stomach gas? Many nutritionists claim that their clients face major digestive issues. All this is a result of a poor lifestyle and improper eating habits. This disturbs the natural functioning of the gut and creates digestive problems.

But you don’t have to worry because we have the remedy for gas and constipation for you. Start taking the medicinal Ayurvedic herbs to solve digestive issues and clear your bowel. At the same time don’t forget to discipline your life and eat healthy food if you want a permanent solution for stomach gas! You can live comfortably with a healthy gut so make changes for improving your digestive system your main goal.

What is Constipation?


remedy for gas and constipation

In this medical condition, the person defecates scantily or is not able to pass bowel for many days. When the frequency of the bowel movements reduces and the stools become very tough to pass, its constipation. Due to this, the stomach develops indigestion and gas. Moreover, the condition can be very embarrassing especially in public places.

How Can Constipation Affect Digestion?

Constipation is one of the leading causes of belching, bloating, and indigestion. Often, people try out home treatments and keep looking for a remedy for stomach acidity. Specialists say if a person defecates less than 3 times a week, it is constipation. So, be careful if your system is showing any changes. Gas and constipation can be discomfiting and trouble a person incessantly.

What Are The Main Reasons For Constipation?

· Lack of proper fiber content in the diet

· Any kind of change in the routine or diet

· Less fluid intake makes the stool hard and stubborn.

How Can We Recognize Constipation?

Less than 3 bowel movements in a week need attention. It’s the individual’s system that makes a pattern of passing stool. But keep your eyes open if:

· Stools are very hard, dry, and painful

· Stay vigilant if there is stomach pain while passing stools

· There is acute discomfort while passing stool

· You experience a feeling of full bowels even after passing the stools

· Bloody stools

Complications Of Constipation

You need to see an Ayurvedic physician in case constipation lasts more than three weeks. This can also lead to bloody stools and acute stomach pain. The bowel pattern is different for everyone. But, passing stool can be very difficult if days pass without any urge to do so. This causes hard stools, stomach pain, and acidity and we long for some relief from stomach gas.

What Are The Factors That Lead To Chronic Constipation?

  1. Constipation affects a large part of the population. In fact, it is one of the most common gastrointestinal problems treated by Ayurvedic physicians. factors leading to chronic constipation:
  2.  In old age the muscular contractions in the intestine become limited. On top of it, the metabolic activity in old people reduces. They also become inactive due to physical limitations, weakness, and exhaustion. All these conditions affect the normal passage of stool.
  3. Pregnant women are also prone to hard infrequent stools because of the bulk of the baby in the womb. They also experience hormonal imbalance which is one of the leading causes of constipation.
  4. Chronic constipation is common in people who do not eat high-fiber foods. Others may also face this problem due to the toxin-laden medications they consume. The situation can become very uncomfortable and we need a good Ayurvedic solution for stomach gas to improve digestion.
  5. Neurological diseases have a direct connection with constipation. People suffering from diseases of the spinal cord and brain often experience digestive trouble.

There are some natural ways to improve digestion and get rid of constipation. In fact, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can follow these steps sitting right at home.

Do You Want An Easy Remedy For Gas And Constipation?

We are going to list 10 Remedies for Gas and Constipation along with some Tips You Need To Learn Now:

1) Besides increasing the water and fiber content in your diet, make sure you exercise. This does not mean that you consume carbonated drinks. Rather, fresh juices, smoothies, and plain water can work wonders on your intestines.

2) Wheat bran and green vegetables will add bulk to the diet. This is the fiber that the intestines are looking for!

3) Nuts, lentils, seeds, oats, barley, peas, etc make the stool stringy and smooth. This can pass quickly through the intestines and also increases fiber content in the body.

4) Probiotic foods such as kimchi and yogurt are very good for the digestive system

5) Improve your digestive health by taking chickpeas, leeks, bananas, garlic, and onion

6) Prunes are very helpful in reducing gas and improving constipation.

7) Psyllium husk not only adds fiber to the waste but also makes the stool very soft and smooth.

8) Fibrous fruits and vegetables, whole grain rice and wheat, along with oats can keep the acidity controlled.

9) Include apple, pears, and kiwi in your diet

10) Figs, spinach, and other greens are often recommended by Ayurvedic specialists as a remedy for gas and constipation.

Toxins And Constipation

Many people complain of indigestion and acid reflux due to constipation. Furthermore, they resort to over-the-counter medicines for relieving constipation and end up adding more toxins to their body. The fact is that people don’t realize that if they move about, alter their diet they can feel better. The situation may seem distressing but you can get relief from stomach gas and stomach pain with herbal remedies. Why don’t you try out the safe and natural Shuddhi gas and constipation kit offered by www.shuddhi.com?

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