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Weight Loss: Belly Fat Reduction Ayurveda

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belly fat reduction ayurveda

In this western modernization time, obesity is a common nutritional disorder. For women, belly fat becomes a stressful situation. Belly fat reduction Ayurveda is a natural method to reduce your stress. Millions of people worldwide adopt this realistic strategy (Ayurveda) to treat their health problems because they are fed up with the hit and trial method of allopathic medicines.

What is Obesity?

The excessive or abnormal fat deposition in the body cells and tissue is known as obesity. It occurs due to the continuous intake of a high-fat diet, sugary products, junk food, alcohol intake, and lack of exercise.

Obesity is a harmful condition that further leads to metabolic disorders like diabetes, Poor digestion process, weak metabolic activity, and hypertension.

Causes of Obesity: The health problem takes birth in the body due to three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) Imbalance because three doshas make a balance in the body function.

High-Calorie Intake: Consuming too many calories leads to abnormal belly fat buildup.

Inadequate Diet Intake: There are so many factors that make your diet low in nutrition. You become obese, like overeating processed and high-fat food, heavy alcohol consumption, overeating, sugar-containing drink, and comfort eating, etc.

Lack Of Physical Exercise And Activities: Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, your sitting job leads to slow down the rate of metabolism and enhances fat accumulation in the body.

Hereditary: In some cases, obesity is due to the inheritance of genes from parents, but it is possible to eliminate this problem using belly fat reduction Ayurveda treatment.

Medical Health Problem: Some medical conditions lead to obesity, which includes Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Cushing syndrome, and schizophrenia.

Unhealthy Sleep Pattern: Inadequate sleep pattern lowers the metabolic and digestion process, leading to fat buildup.

I don’t think that anybody wants to have belly fat, and nobody will deny that it is challenging to lose belly fat. There are various kinds of extraordinary effective natural remedies in Ayurveda that not only focus on reducing belly fat but take care of your whole body health and fitness. To get a healthy weight as per BMI, you can choose Natural home remedies to reduce belly fat.

Symptoms Of Obesity:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Excessive sweating
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Joints pain
  • snoring

Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss:

Belly fat reduction Ayurveda treatment suggests you different ways to reduce fat around your belly and reduce the metabolic disorder risk. Ayurveda works on your lifestyle and diet to make it healthy to manage a healthy weight.

Diet Tips For Weight Loss: There are numbers of Ayurvedic health tips and practices that will help you keep your body’s overall health and manage a healthy weight. These practices include

  • Mindfulness practicing,
  • Eat light dinner,
  • Take warm lemon water on an empty stomach
  • Exercise, daily,
  • Healthy sleep.

Diet Recommendation As per imbalance Doshas: For every dosha imbalance, Ayurveda recommends or makes a healthy diet to balance three doshas of the body and get rid of belly fat.

Diet For Vata dosha Imbalance obesity:

  • Avoid eating eggplant, Capsicum, and tomatoes in your vegetable part.
  • Eat juicy fruits and avoid eating raw apples and acidic fruits.
  • Limits intake of legumes.
  • Avoid alcohol intake and sugar-containing soft drinks or beverages.
  • Eat seeds and nuts to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Avoid cold and raw food in your daily meal plan.

Diet For Pitta dosha Imbalance obesity:

  • Avoid the intake of animal-based food items like milk and meat, etc.
  • Make a habit of eating large amounts of green leaves, vegetables, and seasonal fruits.
  • Avoid seeds and nuts in this type of obesity.
  • Avoid the intake of caffeine and alcohol.

Diet For Kapha dosha Imbalance obesity:

  • Eat a small quantity of food.
  • Avoid a high-fat diet and stop consuming milk and milk products.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Limits protein intake, seeds, and nuts in your diet.

Yoga, Meditation, And Exercise: Sedentary lifestyle makes you obese and also increases your stress level. Yoga and exercise make your body fit and balance three energies of the body. Meditation calms your mind and relieves you from anxiety.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Weight Loss: Ayurveda helps you choose a few natural herbs and spices to naturally cut down your belly fat.

Triphala And Metabolism Booster: Triphala is a natural herb made from Amla, Behda, and Harad. It plays an integral part in a healthy digestive system and in boosting your metabolism rate.

Guggul And Weight Loss: Guggul has various medicinal properties. It is useful to lower the cholesterol level in the blood and protects you from clot formation in the bloodstream. It contains Guggulsterone that induces weight loss by triggering metabolic rate.

Fenugreek And Weight loss: Methi Health benefits, its seeds are fiber-rich and prevents you from constipation or excessive fat deposition in the body cells. It will detoxify your body and remove the toxins to stimulate healthy weight loss.

Punarnava And Diuretic: These natural herbs’ diuretic properties help remove toxins and prevent you from getting fat around your belly or in your whole body.

The natural spices and herbs such as Ashwagandha, Kalonji, Ginger, Turmeric, Long Pepper, Choti Elaichi, Carom Seeds, Badi Elaichi, Peppermint, Mint, Giloy, Aloe Vera, Sanai, Shatavari, Bael Patra, Bael, Tej Pata, Tulsi, Neem, Brahmi, Triphala, Black Pepper, Saunf, and Pan Ki Jad, etc. are the main ingredients of belly fat reduction in Ayurveda. In the market, there are many ayurvedic products like supplements, tablets, powder for weight loss.

Suppose you fade up with obesity and want to lose weight. In that case, you can use natural ingredients to manage a healthy weight; for that, Shuddhi Ayurveda made a natural weight loss pack with all organic ingredients to boost your metabolism and for significant weight loss. Moreover, if you don’t want to buy online without consulting a doctor, you can visit our clinic to clear your doubts and get health counseling regarding your health problem. In the Shuddhi clinic, we have an expert ayurvedic physician who will find your health problem’s root cause by pulse and tongue examination. Although there is no clinic in your area, you can take free health advice regarding your health issues from our health experts by directly calling them.

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