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13 Home Remedies For Hair Loss

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Do we get time to take care of ourselves, or does our busy schedule force us to ignore our bodies? We live an extremely busy lifestyle and somehow tend to forget to tend to our hair as well! Many of us complain of hair loss and hair fall but somehow never bother to resort to home remedies for hair loss. Are these remedies effective? Yes, they are! Read on to know more!

Why Use Home Remedies For Hair Loss?

Falling of hair is a common problem for many of us. But, we have homemade remedies to help us out and save our precious hair from shedding. These remedies work amazingly well and are available in every home.

Home-based products used for hair loss will restrain the falling of hair. In fact, these products repair the hair and make the person look attractive. Furthermore, they do not contain any harmful chemicals, and they nurture the hair from within. The hair shaft gets nourishment, starts to grow, and strengthens. These products prevent hair loss, and the hair becomes lustrous and shiny.

Gather the determination to work towards saving your hair from falling. Moreover, we need proper knowledge to understand why hair falls and then start hair loss remedies to stop hair loss.

Reasons For Hair Loss

Alopecia refers to loss of hair or baldness. Baldness in males, and females, maybe due to factors like:

1. Many hair products we use contain harmful chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate And Sodium Laureth Sulfate. These chemicals have temporary cosmetic effects, but cause hair loss in the long run.

2. Strong medicines as the ones used for chemotherapy

3. Genetics

4. Unhealthy dietary pattern: Junk or processed foods that lack minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients can cause hair loss. The nutritional needs of the body are ignored, and the hair gets starved of supplements. So, make sure you consume a balanced diet that contains foods from all food groups. Eating a good diet will make the hair lustrous and healthy.

5. Stress and excessive use of chemical-based products:

It takes ages to wait for hair to grow back and become lustrous long. Long and healthy hair makes a person look attractive and promotes confidence in an individual. Regular exercise, yoga, proper sleep, meditation help controls stress, and these coupled with nourishment and a good diet make the hair healthy from within. You also need to supplement your diet with foods containing Zinc. Remember, Zinc helps prevent hair loss.

 Home  Remedies For Hair Loss

Hair growth, to a great extent, is in your hands. Don’t invest your precious money in hair products commonly available. Start home remedies for hair loss and get well-nourished thick hair.

 Home  Remedies For Hair Loss

1. Mustard Oil and Henna:

Use mustard oil seeped with henna leaves on your hair regularly. You can also boil henna leaves in mustard oil and store them for further use to promote hair growth. The preparatory method matters, so make sure that you follow each step carefully. Regularity is the key so make sure you generously use this to control hair loss.

2. Olive Oil:

Massage warm olive oil on your head for about 20 minutes. Light and tender hand movements will stimulate the scalp, and the olive oil will provide nourishment to the hair follicle. After the massage, you can rinse and shampoo your hair with reetha nut extracts.

3. Neem Leaves:

Take a handful of neem leaves, seep them in water, and after a while, set them to boil for almost an hour. Make sure you have added sufficient water to the pan. Strain the water and after cooling, use it to wash hair.

4. Fenugreek Seeds and Curd:

Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds in water. The next morning, blend the seeds into a fine watery paste and apply the solution all over the scalp. Rub it in for maximum benefit and wrap a towel on the head so that the emulsion seeps in thoroughly. Then wash off the solution with water and repeat the process after a fortnight. You can also use fenugreek seed powder with curd for hair loss.

5. Coconut Oil and Curry Leaves:

Coconut oil is known for its hair-favoring properties. Boil curry leaves with the oil and char the leaves. Then strain the black leaves and store the oil, on cooling, in an airtight container. Use this wonder oil to massage the hair regularly. This oil nourishes and enriches the scalp and can work wonders on the hair with regular use and a good healthy diet.

6. Amla and Lemon Juice:

Take a few spoons of amla juice and mix with an equal amount of lemon juice. Use a cotton ball to apply this concoction all over the scalp. Partition the hair and apply the juice carefully. You can bid goodbye to different kinds of scalp infections with this and keep the hair healthy and attractive.

7. Henna Leaves:

Many people resort to henna applications to take care of their hair. Henna needs to be dried, crushed and mixed to form a paste. This paste should be liberally smeared, all over the hair and scalp, for an hour and a half. Wash off the mixture nicely, and make sure you repeat the exercise after 15 days for the best results. Not only does the henna lend a nice red-brown color to the hair, but it also makes the hair super shiny and healthy.

8. Coffee:

It may sound strange but spraying coffee, water, or shampooing the hair with a coffee rinse is helpful for the scalp. The caffeine content in the coffee helps in hair follicle growth. Research states, coffee also promotes the production of the hormone for hair growth. All you need to do is, make a concoction of coffee in boiling water.

9. Home-made Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk:

Take a coconut and grate it finely. Put this into a pan and put it on a slow flame after covering it. Leave for a while and strain to get the oil. This oil can be massaged on the scalp. But, it needs to be left on the head for a minimum of 30 minutes or more. You will need to wash off the oil thoroughly.

You can also use coconut milk liberally on the scalp. Leave on for one hour and wash off well with a herbal shampoo for best results. Regular use of coconut milk is helpful for the hair and supplements the scalp with nutrition.

10. Olive Oil, Mustard Oil, and Lemon Juice:

A mixture of olive oil, mustard oil, and lemon also helps in hair growth. Apply this mixture on the scalp and then wash off well. Use regularly to prevent hair loss.

11. Mineral Oils:

Mineral oils prepared from walnut and lavender help nourish hair and keep the follicles hydrated and moisturized. Dry hair becomes brittle and can fall easily.

12. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera improves skin pigmentation but is also very good for hair loss. It has been used to prevent hair fall since ancient times. Now, you can get healthy growth of hair with aloe Vera. If you use this along with coconut milk and wheat germ oil, then it has added benefits. The scalp heals, and the hair becomes lustrous and shiny.

13. Horsetail, Ginseng, Rosemary, Jojoba Oil:

You can also use horsetail, Jojoba oil, ginseng, and rosemary to improve your hair condition. Massage your hair with mixtures and conquer baldness by stimulating hair growth.

There are many home remedies to prevent hair fall. Foodstuffs and items used for home treatments may be specific to regions, but the mineral contents in many of these rich, nutritious home remedies for hair loss are the same and promote hair repair and hair growth. These home remedies are nutritionally rich and pamper the unhealthy scalp with essential vitamins and nutrients. Is there any better way to repair the damaged hair and prevent hair loss?

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