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Bleeding and Irritation in Anal Region? Take Herbal Remedies for Piles

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herbal remedies for piles

herbal remedies for piles

Sometimes veins and tissues in the anal region swell up, inflame and clump together to form haemorrhoids or piles. Have you tried herbal remedies for piles for relief? They are effective and helpful in controlling bleeding and inflammation from the anal region.

Symptoms of Piles

Have you noticed the rectal and anal region at times feels irritable, bleeds or causes severe pain? The bleeding takes place mostly during the passage of stools. Ayurvedic solutions for piles can be very helpful here. Haemorrhoids happen because tissue masses and tiny blood vessels in the rectum and anus get inflamed. The anal region develops tears when touched. The tissues and mucus-filled blood collected with faeces in the rectum are discharged together.

The veins and tissues in the area are swollen and have gathered closely together as masses of tissues. Piles are of different dimensions and are very tender to touch. These swellings contain tiny blood vessels full of blood and they may be just outside or inside the anus. The moment these clumps are manipulated they start bleeding.

Reasons for Piles:

The size of these haemorrhoids vary and they may be a result of:

  1. Prolonged sitting posture. Sitting sedentary for hours and hours in the same position can cause piles. This is a leading cause of this condition. Piles have emotional and physical complications because they can lead to anaemia. Many of us start feeling petrified, seeing the blood and hate to head to the washroom for defecation. It is painful to pass stools so why don’t you start herbal remedies for piles to get relief from this condition?

  2. Another reason for piles is the influence of the genes. This disorder can be hereditary in origin.

  3. Poor diet, junk food.

  4. Bad lifestyle and stress.

  5. Obesity and heavy-weight.

  6. Severe constipation and lack of sufficient water in our diet.

  7. chronic diarrhoea often leads to piles.

  8. Many pregnant women develop piles during their pregnancy.

  9. Weight lifters often complain of haemorrhoids. This is because they lift heavy weights and this exerts excessive pressure on the anal region.

  10. Straining or exerting while passing stool, tears the tiny veins in the anal region, and causes piles.

  11. Anal intercourse.

  12. Piles can affect men and women of any age group. The veins in the rectum and anus are constantly pressed. This high pressure causes the veins to inflame and form round, clumpy discoloured masses. When the individual puts pressure to defecate, the bowel movements become strained and the tiny vessels get ruptured. This leads to bleeding and pain.

Complications of Piles:

  1. Extreme pain
  2. Excessive bleeding
  3. Tissue death
  4. Rectal prolapse
  5. Anal cancer and malignancy

What To Do If You Have Piles?

The sight of blood can be scary but piles are self-limiting and bleeding stops on its own after a few days. People also use topical applications in the anus to feel better. Why don’t you resort to herbal remedies for piles to get instant relief?

You can also take piles of ayurvedic capsules, to reduce bleeding, inflammation and irritation in the rectum. Physicians ask you to improve your diet and take laxatives if necessary. Take herbal remedies for piles instead because they are natural and side effect free.

ayurvedic solutions for piles

Ayurvedic solutions for piles can help improve piles. These herbs reduce inflammation of the tiny blood vessels in the rectum. In many cases, people have responded extremely well to the therapeutic herbal extracts. They have opted out for natural therapies instead of going for a surgical cure. You can take consultation from an Ayurvedic Physician and ask him to chalk out a customized herbal remedial chart for your condition. Herbal remedies for piles have shown to be very effective and beneficial in improving bleeding.

How Can You Treat Piles at Home?

We all hate going to a Doctor For treatment so let us understand some “quick-fixes” to deal with piles at home:

  1. Take piles Ayurvedic capsules. They contain nourishing herbs and essential vitamins and minerals to nurture the body.

  2. Drink loads of water and fluids to avoid constipation and keep the stools soft. This will encourage the stools to slip out naturally without tearing the surrounding area.

  3. Eat plenty of fibre to add weight to the wastes moving through the intestine. This will keep the faeces soft and slippery.

  4. Sit in a warm water tub to give relief to the swollen anal and rectal region

  5. To ease the discomfort you can use ice wrapped in a soft towel and apply on the irritated and painful area. This will also reduce irritation and itching. To feel better you can introduce herbal remedies for piles in your daily routine. Take consultation from an Ayurvedic expert to understand more about haemorrhoids and ayurvedic solutions for piles.

  6. You can use tender fingers to push a swollen pile back into the anus to reduce the pain.

  7. Surprisingly, exercise can be very helpful and reduce pain and bleeding.

  8. Under all circumstances, make sure the area stays dry and clean always.

  9. Piles Ayurvedic capsules have been used for ages, why don’t you try them out?

What Should You Avoid in Piles?

While you ice the region and sit in warm herbal baths to reduce pain and inflammation in the anal region try to avoid a few foods and products:

  • Avoid low fibre diet

  • Avoid all foods that take a long time to digest. This includes all kinds of non-vegetarian foods

  • Cheese, Milk, and other dairy products can trouble digestion and aggravate piles

  • White flour or refined flour do not have germ and bran in it. This is the reason why it lacks fibre.

  • Processed foods and junk meals can increase bleeding.

  • Fried foods need to be avoided.

  • Reduce salts and sugars in your diet.

Do not neglect piles because they can be dangerous for your body. Start herbal remedies for piles every day so that your body stays nurtured and the bleeding stops. You also need to increase your water intake and consume a fibre rich diet. The target is to soften the stool and let it slip out easily without causing discomfort.

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