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Benefits of Asanas and Pranayama

Ayurveda And Asana: Best Yoga Practice

Ayurveda is known as a sister science to Asana. Yoga is good for a particular dosha but every person of any dosha type can practice asana for a healthy body. For a healthy lifestyle, Ayurveda prescribes certain therapies in the form of asana.

To maintain the body in a steady and comfortable posture that makes the meditation process optimal, asana practice will be most beneficial.

The yoga postures called asanas important to improve respiration through focused breathing techniques while the body maintains the specific pose. Ayurvedic effects of Asanas will provide all the health benefits that are enormous and effective for the muscles and joints to the blood circulatory system.

Some Primary Goals For Ayurvedic Asana Practice

  • To balance all the doshas
  • To improve body flexibility
  • To balance the structure of the body
  • Focus on the movement and development of prana
  • To calm and energize the mind

Ayurvedic Effects of Asanas

  1. Increase muscular strength and flexibility.
  2. Increase mental focus.
  3. Asana helps to align the mind, body, and breath.
  4. Yoga promotes a stressless and effortless life.
  5. Yoga provides clarity for thoughts, a sense of inner peace, calmness, and stability in the body.
  6. By practicing asana and yoga practices the body becomes capable of handling high voltage and the prana.
  7. Promotes calmness and mental steadiness with different asana practices.
  8. It helps to eliminate the waste and toxins from the body and make the mind clear.
  9. They also promote mental stability and perception.
  10. It also helps to purify the blood in the body and promotes the calmness and concentration of the mind with the help of breathing yoga asanas practice.
  11. Yoga asanas balance the endocrine glands that control body mental, physical and emotional states.
  12. It gives control over the desires and subtlety of awareness.

Benefits of Asanas and Pranayama

The therapeutic benefits are drawn from the close connection of coordinated posture with the soul and mind of the body thus giving a rewarding yoga moment. There are several benefits of asana and pranayama ranging from a better link between the physical and spiritual being of an individual. Further, there are several physiological processes and psychological ones in the body that are brought to harmony by asana including the betterment of immunity and circulatory system.

Stress, especially in the joints of the body, is also eliminated with proper asana since the whole body is made to be in a perfect posture with longer meditation periods.

Apart from the enhancement of the spiritual province, there is also elevated muscle health in the body and improvement of blood circulation. This is a great combination that ensures that the whole body is in perfect health shape. Asana will provide better and clear observations about the things that are beneficial for life. Yoga is helping in creating a peaceful mind essential for the overall wellbeing of life in general.

Types of Yoga Asanas and Benefits

  • Trikon Asana

Trikon asana is also known as a triangle pose. It stretches the legs, torso and promotes deep breathing. This Asana practice improves balance and increases concentration. This triangle posture of yoga beneficial for the flexibility of the spine and improve the alignment of the body. Trikon asana is beneficial for removing extra fat from the body mainly from the thighs and waist.

  • Bal Asana

Child pose (Bal asana) helps to strengthen the muscles of thighs, ankles, and hips. It is also known for resting pose which gives relief to the hip, neck, and back. This child pose asana increases blood circulation, calms the brain and helps in alleviating stress and fatigue. Bal asana is one of the beneficial asanas for compressing the pelvis and the vata region.

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana

Another name of this asana yoga practice is a downward dog yoga pose that stretches the hamstrings and strengthens the arms. This yoga posture helps to calms the mind with fresh oxygen. Adho Mukha Svanasana asana is also beneficial for relieving pain in the upper, middle, lower back and strengthens the arms and legs. This yoga practice provides blood flow to the head and will leave you feeling energized.

  • Sukh Asana

This asana is one of the easiest yoga practice but it provides many health benefits for the body. It is also named as an easy pose asana. Sukh asana provides relief from menstrual pain for women during menstruation’s. It plays an important role in improving stress, anxiety and mental tiredness.

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