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Most Effective Treatment Options For Female Infertility

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Treatment Options For Female Infertility

Female Infertility is becoming one of the major troubles among married couples. In our country, the rate of female infertility is growing more and more. Out of 500 women, 52 women are suffering from the issue of infertility. It might be less, but it is a major stressful concern for women. If any woman is going through such an issue, then this blog is here to deliver all the data and treatment options for female infertility

From causes, signs, to treatments you can attain every solution for this problem effortlessly by reading this informative article.

Additionally, you can know more about infertility treatment in Ayurveda for the natural cure of infertility issues. And, to know more, you can take a look at the details that are given below. 

What is Female Infertility?

What is Female Infertility In the case of infertility, when a woman suffers through many complications related to hormones and physical issues then it might cause infertility. If a woman is facing miscarriages, then that situation is also analyzed as infertility. There are many causes of infertility in women. Age, physical problems, hormonal problems, lifestyle changes, and environmental factors are common factors that can lead to infertility.

You will notice the ovaries will not release an egg, which can help you carry forward the fertility process. And, this was a bit basic about female infertility. To know more about the details, take a look at the information shared underneath.


Causes Of Infertility In WomenCauses Of Infertility In Women

Here are a few reasons on account of which you can confront issues with getting pregnant; let us view a portion of those causes: 

Cervical Issues

The first and perhaps the most widely known issues, ladies face that prompted female infertility is cervical issues or cervical channel blockage. The reason behind this is that sperm can’t go through the cervical waterway and meet the eggs. 

In this situation, there could be two circumstances. The first would be the cervical trench blockage, where sperms can’t arrive at the eggs. Moreover, there could be cervical channel blockage and issues with eggs. 

So an indicative test would be carried forward to know the specific issue you may be confronting. 

Fallopian Tube Harm 

The Fallopian tubes are the ones that convey your eggs from the ovaries to the uterus, where the child is created. Assuming you have at any point confronted pelvic contamination or medical procedure, there are chances that you may encounter issues in the preparation of the Fallopian tubes. 

Because of such harm issues, the sperms would not reach up to the eggs, and subsequently, no child arrangement will happen. 

Hormonal Issues

There are circumstances under which your body doesn’t go through different hormonal changes to help your body produce or deliver eggs. So, there would be no eggs to combine with sperm. Thus, female infertility issues will happen. 

Unexplained Infertility

The research showed that over 20% of couples who face infertility issues couldn’t track down the specific reasons for infertility in ladies. 

Uterine Difficulty

There is a gathering of irregularities the uterus faces; at times, it very well may be the advancement of an excessive number of cells or confronting a few issues with the coating of the uterus divider. 

Egg Numbers and Quality

All of you should be realizing females are brought into the world with the number of eggs they will at any point have, and there are chances that this stockpile can pursue out a specific time. Besides, there are also a few possibilities that a couple of eggs might not have the correct number of chromosomes to be compelling. 

This was probably the most confronted reason for female infertility. In the coming segment, we will take a gander at probably the best infertility medicines in Ayurveda.

Signs & Symptoms of female InfertilitySigns & Symptoms

The primary side effect of infertility is the failure to get pregnant. A feminine cycle that is excessively long (35 days or more), excessively short (under 21 days), sporadic or missing can imply that you’re not ovulating. There might be no other outward symptoms that could represent infertility.


  • Up to age 35, most specialists prescribe attempting to get pregnant for something like a year before testing or treatment. 
  • If you’re somewhere in the range of 35 and 40, talk about your interests with your PCP following a half year of endeavoring. 
  • When you’re more established than 40, your PCP might need to start testing or treatment options for female infertility immediately.

If you feel that you’re facing infertility, you can consult a trusted doctor to get tested and diagnose fertility issues for you and your partner. You must get tested if you have a medical history of inflammatory disease, repeated miscarriages, or cancer problems. 

How To Get Diagnosed?

Here is the rundown of a few determination tests for female infertility. Let us examine them, and we should acquire more insights regarding female infertility treatment: 

Your blood test will be taken to test for a chemical named progesterone. With the assistance of which you would have the option to know whether you are ovulating or not. 

Following up is the chlamydia test. In this test, a few cells from your cervix are tested for chlamydia, an STI. 

With the assistance of an ultrasound examination, you would have the option to have your ovaries and belly looked at. Likewise, it assists you with sorting out Fallopian tube issues.

Ayurveda Recommended Treatment Options For Female Infertility 

There are plenty of medicines out in the market that can help you get rid of female infertility issues, but they still have some side effects. 

So here we are going to talk about effective infertility treatment in Ayurveda that will help you solve the issue without offering any side effects.


PanchkarmaPanchkarma delivers reliable and effective infertility treatment in Ayurveda to lead a better life without any worry of infertility. Most importantly, Panchakarma assures you to offer the best-in-class therapies and herbal solutions for improving the healthier chances of fertility to start a better life by following the natural pathway of Ayurveda. Also, you can get the best Ayurvedic therapies to get from infertility issues naturally. Additionally, Uttar Basti is an effective Ayurvedic therapy that is done for treating female problems like PCOS, Urethral Stricture, Amenorrhea, Tubal Blocks, Dysmenorrhea and resolves the problem of infertility.

Ayurvedic Herbs

With the help of Ayurvedic herbs based on the issues you are facing related to female infertility, you would treat this issue altogether. One of the most significant benefits is that Ayurvedic herbs offer no side effects at all. To know more, take a look at the details listed below. 

Ashwagandha for female infertilityAshwagandha

Ashwagandha helps to boost the fertility level and maintains the good reproductive health of men. Also, Ashwagandha increases the sperm amount, and in females, it helps to lower the risk of hormonal imbalance and thyroid symptoms.

Phala Ghrita 

This effective Ayurvedic remedy can help in balancing the nutritional demands for the pregnancy. Also, it reduces the chances of vaginal concerns and uterine disorders and promotes healthy pregnancy. Also, it can treat various cyst-related issues and reduce signs of PCOS.

Ashoka Rishta for female infertilityAshoka Rishta

Ashoka Rishta is a popular herbal remedy for treating fertility issues. This Ashokarishta Is composed of various natural ingredients containing analgesic and antispasmodic properties that can reduce menstrual pain, vomiting, infertility, and nausea. 


Shatavari is a great Ayurvedic Herbs for women, which balances hormones. Also, Shatavari is one such herb that is mainly used to increase fertility. It is very effective for many problems of women. This is one of the best natural and Ayurvedic solutions for treating infertility. It enhances the strength and nourishment of the uterus. Also, it boosts immunity and diminishes the chances of infertility naturally.

Dietary Management

Whenever we are dealing with female infertility treatment, the doctors will suggest several dietary changes to you, with the help of which you can notice excellent results. 

Along with that, they will also suggest you make changes in your lifestyle. You must have noticed that a sinful lifestyle is one of the significant reasons behind plenty of problems. Hence, by lifestyle changes, you can make a lot of difference. And, we have some essential foods that can help reduce the risks of infertility naturally at home. 

Citrus Fruits 

Grapefruits, lemon, and oranges are the wholesome source of vitamin C. These citrus fruits contain various nutritional components and plumbing putrescine, which can naturally help improve eggs and semen health. Furthermore, it can sustain good health of the vagina and even enhance health during pregnancy. 

Citrus Fruits for female infertilityCitrus Fruits Contain:
➠Vitamin C
➠Vitamin B6


With the boost of nutrients and antioxidants, tomatoes can help to diminish infertility issues. Also, it plays a significant role in improving male fertility. Eating tomatoes can improve health and boost pregnancy rates.

tomatos for female infertilityTomatoes Contain:
➠Vitamin C
➠Vitamins A
➠Vitamin E 

Lentils & Beans 

Lentils and beans are considered one of the best and high-protein, natural foods that can help reduce hormonal imbalance problems. Most importantly, lentils and beans comprise a crucial amount of polyamine spermidine which helps in sperm fertilization. Additionally, lentils are an excellent food that can help offer great nutrition during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

Lentils and beans for female infertilityLentils & Beans Contains:
➠Vitamin B9
➠vitamin B6


Green foods are the best for fertility and pregnancy. Like asparagus includes a rich source of antioxidants and vital vitamin K that can help to reduce the concerns of weakness and infertility. In addition, it can reduce the signs and various causes of infertility in women effortlessly.

Asparagus for female infertilityAsparagus Contain:
➠Vitamin K


Juicy pomegranate is an outstanding food for fertility and birth. In addition, the nutritional value of the pomegranate can help enhance the quality of the sperms for treating infertility issues. 

Pomegrante for female infertilityPomegranate Contain:
➠Vitamin C
➠Vitamin K


We all know that walnuts are the most beneficial and nutritional nuts that can help maintain the good health of the body. Walnuts contain omega-3 and omega-6, which can support fertility. Also, walnuts can improve the shapes and movements of sperms without any hassle.

Walnut for female infertilityWalnut Contain:
➠Pantothenic Acid
➠Vitamin B-6


Apart from that, you can include pineapple, cinnamon, green vegetables, and fresh fruits to reduce the possibilities of low immunity, hormonal imbalance, and the sign of infertility effortlessly.

Shuddhi Package For Females Infertility

With the help of this Shuddhi Infertility, a female package that comprises several helpful natural herbs can help you in treating fertility problems. It will directly work on increasing fertility in females and also in curing various other health issues. 

The Package Comprises Of 

Shatayu Urja tablet: You need to take two tablets twice a day with warm water. 

Shatayu Detox powder: 2.5grams of powder at night with warm water. 

Divya artav shodhak: 2 pills a day in the morning and evening. 

Overmix capsule: 1 capsule twice a day. 

32 herbs tea: 2grams in 1.5 cups of water. Boil them and reduce the water to 1 cup. 


It’s time to wrap up! And, we hope that this informative blog has served you all the possible and the best treatment options for female infertility for better health. Therefore, if you want to know more or want to get reliable the best female infertility treatment, then you can surely get in touch with Shuddhi Ayurveda. 

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