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Ayurvedic Treatment For Liver Cancer Stage 4

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Liver cancer needs to be feared because it occurs commonly in many people. The liver needs to be protected at all costs because it helps keep the body free from toxicity. Besides detoxification, this large organ helps break down and digest the fats in the body. Protein synthesis and blood filtration are not possible without a healthy liver. If the organ is not working adequately, it can cause the body to collect wastes and toxins. Liver damage or liver cancer is a leading cause of serious health problems and needs to be attended to immediately. Many people have shown an excellent response to Ayurvedic treatment for liver cancer stage 4.

Liver cancer needs treatment because the essential functions of the body are compromised when the liver stops functioning. In some unfortunate cases, it also leads to the death of the victim.

How Does Liver Cancer Develop?

The liver is a very busy organ that lies quietly inside the body in the upper right quadrant of the body. It performs crucial metabolic functions silently. It can also be called the main energy-giving source of the body or a power plant in the human body that is irreplaceable.

In liver cancer, the liver cells start multiplying faster than they are supposed to. When the number increases to an abnormal amount and starts usurping the neighboring cells as well, cancer spreads. This leads to the formation of new tumors in other locations, which means cancer has metastasized. Most of the time, the liver is not the area of cancer origin; instead, it is a result of metastasis. The disease starts elsewhere but spreads to the liver area.

Cells are living, and they have a particular life span, but what happens if they refuse to die? What happens if the old cells keep living as the new ones are born? The new and the old cells will keep collecting in a limited area, disturbing the natural functioning of the body. Is there any way to regulate this multiplication process?

It may surprise you, but males are more likely to get liver cancer than women. Chances of getting this dreaded illness also increase after 40 years of age. Race, diet, and lifestyle also influence liver cancer.

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Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Liver cancer symptoms rarely show up in the early stages. The situation comes to light when cancer has advanced, but some general symptoms that can act as warning signs are

1) Unexplained loss of weight

2) Pain in the upper part of the abdomen is common

3) The patient often loses the desire to eat. There is a loss of appetite and no hunger pangs

4) The person feels exhausted and weak. Normal chores leave a person fatigued and tired out

5) The abdomen swells, and we often term the belly region as a “potbelly.”

6) The white portion of the eyes becomes yellowish, and the patient reports a sluggish liver because of a jaundice condition called jaundice

7) Stools become chalky and greyish white in color.

8) The skin also tends to develop a yellowish sheen

Is Liver Cancer Dangerous?

Most of the people who have been said to suffer from primary liver cancer show scarring of the liver or a condition called cirrhosis. Cirrhosis commonly occurs because of excessive intake of alcohol. Liver cancer has also shown a link to fatty liver disease and obesity.

The good thing is that even if the liver is working 10%, there is hope for the better. There is Ayurvedic treatment for liver cancer stage 4 available. Log on to www.shuddhi.com, and you can find the Ayurvedic treatment for cancer package. It helps control the growth of tumor cells so that the person stays healthy. This package contains

1) Terminalia arjuna is a very nurturing wound healing, antitumor, and rejuvenating remedy for the body. It has cancer healing properties and is an essential Ayurvedic product.

2) Ashwagandha is an Indian herb that cures many diseases. It also helps stop the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

3) Shatavari, Nag, and Muesli are amazing Ayurvedic healing and detoxifying herbs. These are fiber-rich and help control sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, and cough remedy.

4) Tulsi is vitamin and mineral-rich with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It fights infections and is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-viral.

5) Haldi or turmeric and neem help treat pain in the body, arthritis, and ulcers.

6) Black Pepper, cinnamon, and many other herbal extracts are included in the package to detoxify the body and make it bloom with health and balance.

What happens when cancer starts to take over?

Before the body starts developing signs of damage, some general alterations begin to occur in the body. The body begins showing a few signs that it is shutting down and needs help. Sleep patterns do get disturbed with age sometimes. But, if the pattern of sleep alters without any appropriate explanation. The desire for food and water lessens. Both appetite and thirst are affected, and the person feels pain and discomfort in the body.

The heart rate, breathing pattern, and blood pressure alters. The person may feel warm and hot. The temperature rise and fall may be noted frequently and are normally disturbing to the patient. The body feels something is amiss, but some common symptoms show up in liver cancer.

a) Enlarged liver

b) Fullness right under the right side of the rib cage because of liver inflammation

c) Nausea

d) Vomiting

e) Itching

f) Loss of appetite

g) Fullness under the left side because of a swollen spleen.

h) Acute weakness and tiredness

i) Bloating in the abdominal region

j) Pain in the abdomen

k) The right of the abdominal region swells up

Drinking water helps cleanse the body from the collection of toxins. Water helps the body by flushing out the wastes and keeps the body toxicity free. To make the liver function better, you need to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

How will stress affect the liver?

Stress is detrimental for the whole body, and it takes its toll on the liver as well. Anxiety, depression, and stress increase the risk of liver damage. As the liver cancer stage worsens, the legs and abdomen of the patient start to swell. A feeling of tiredness and fatigue takes over normal activities. Nausea, itchy skin, and loss of appetite are disturbing symptoms. Constantly never-ending hiccups follow these.

Try to detox your liver by following simple steps such as cleansing your body with mint brewed in water. Turmeric has healing properties and works its magic on the body when taken regularly. Other effective remedies for the liver are ginger and lemon infused tea along with fenugreek water. Many people with liver damage have admitted their condition became better with regular use of chamomile tea and oatmeal with a cinnamon drink.

Get your liver back into action with these home remedies and Ayurvedic treatment for liver cancer. This will help the liver and get it back into action. Your body can now metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in the body properly.

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