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Ayurveda Strengthens Immunity

Ayurveda Heath Tips For Winter Season
Ayurveda Health Tips For Winter Season
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Ayurveda Strengthens Immunity

Ayurveda medicine has been providing effective cure for an array of diseases for more than 5000 years.

What is Immune System?

Immune system’s keeps the different infectious microorganisms out of the body. The immune system also functions to destroy the different infectious microorganisms that can damage the body.

The immune system includes a group of organs that provides resistance to toxins and body infections. It includes thymus, lymph nodes and bone marrow.

Symptoms Of A Depreciating Immune System

Different symptoms manifest when the immune system starts failing. These symptoms point towards specific organs that are not functioning. Some of the common symptoms associated with immune system failure include

  • Delayed development and growth
  • Blood disorder
  • Inflammation and infection in internal organs
  • Skin infections
  • Ear infections
  • Meningitis
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinus infections and so on

Causes Of Different Immune System Diseases

The main reason why the immune system attacks itself is still unknown. However, it is likely to occur in some people than others. It is also likely to occur in some group of people. It is also possible for these immune system diseases to occur due to inheritance through the gene. In some cases, it is not every member of the family that will inherit the same type of disease.

Also, the environmental factor can be a causative agent in depreciating state of an individual’s immune system. Exposure to some type of dangerous chemicals may cause direct damage to the immune system.

The kind of food that is eaten can also be another risk factor that can cause the immune system to depreciate. Consuming high fats and sugar is also linked to inflammation. This can also harm the state of the immune system.

Complications Of Weakened Immunity

Weakened immunity often leads to several complicated cases if they are not treated properly. Some of the resulting complication include

  • Blood disorder
  • Listeria infection
  • pneumonia

Prevention Of Weakened Immune System

There are different steps you could take to boost your body immune system. This is aimed at protecting and strengthening your immune system. Some of the steps you can take for positive strengthening include

  • Eating a healthy diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables
  • Eat a nutritious meal with lean protein content
  • Keep a constant restorative sleep timetable
  • Avoid smoking
  • Regularly exercise your body
  • Take every step to avoid infection like frequently washing your hands

How Ayurvedic Medicine And Ayurveda Treatment Strengthen Immunity

If you want to boost your immune system naturally, Ayurvedic medicine and treatment will help you with that. In Ayurveda terms, the immune system is referred to as Ojas. This is a vital energy that is concentrated in the heart chakra. When the health of an individual gets weaker, the Ojas energy in the body is already decreasing.

According to Ayurveda, it is believed that negative energy and emotion is also part of the reason why Ojas energy decreases. It is also due to the unhealthy lifestyle of the individual.

In response to strengthening the immune system, Ayurveda recommends any food that strengthens Tejas. The healthy food that increases the Ama should not be consumed.

Home Remedies Strengthen Your Immunity

Here are some useful ways through which you can strengthen your immune system from the comfort of your home

  • Get adequate and consistent sleep
  • Manage your stress level
  • Avoid smoking and reduce your alcohol level
  • Eat enough vegetables
  • Take garlic
  • Probiotics are your friend, Take them.

Diet And Lifestyle For Strengthening Immunity

The kind of diet can also affect an individual immune system. Increase your vegetable intake and lean protein-rich diets. Regular exercises, regular sleep and taking probiotics are also very useful for strengthening your immunity.

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