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Why Ayurveda is better than Allopathy treatment.

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Why Ayurveda is better than Allopathy treatment.

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Ayurveda treatment is a healing method that originated many years ago in India. This treatment is believed that the health and wellness of a person are based upon the balance between mind, body and spirit. The specific goal to the Ayurveda treatment is to promote good health. Individuals that practice Ayurveda holds a belief that a person is made up of space, air, fire, water and earth. When these are combined, they form three life forces called doshas and which are as follows:

Vata Dosha: this controls body functions like cell division, blood flow, heart function, breathing and waste excretion.

Pitta Dosha: this life force controls digestion, metabolism, and hormones that control one’s appetite.

Kapsha Dosha: In this life force, it controls body strength and stability, muscle growth and your immune system.

The Ayurveda expert creates a treatment that is specifically designed for a patient, whereby he/she takes into account the emotional makeup and physical uniqueness, the primary life force and how the three elements balance of the patient.

Allopathy treatment is a medical practice that generally involves treating of diseases by the use of remedies. It is commonly used for modern science and the method used for treating a disease that produces different effects from the disease.

Reasons why Ayurveda treatment is better preferred than allopathy treatment.

Ayurveda treatment has a permanent cure compared to allopathy treatment reason being the Ayurveda medicines remove all bacteria from the body permanently while the allopathy treatment destroys the germs but it never fully ensure the disease is destroyed completely. Due to the natural herbs that make the ayurvedic medicines that treat the disease in a natural way, no side effects a patient can experience whereas in allopathy medicines they contain some drugs that can affect the body which can have a side effect.

Ayurveda treatment focuses on being environmentally friendly because all the medicines use natural products. Protects the atmosphere, trees and saves the forest from the chemical pollution in which allopathy medicines are made from the chemicals. In terms of cost and safety, Ayurveda medicines are less expensive, safe and cure the disease compared to allopathy medicines which are expensive and contains chemicals that are harmful to the body.

The Ayurveda treatment cures chronic diseases (diseases that affect kidney, stomach, liver and heart). It also helps an individual to have a healthy body. The allopathy medicines only provide quick relief from the pain but cannot cure the disease.

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