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Which Is The Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Vitiligo?

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Vitiligo Leucoderma

Have you noticed some people have irregular white patches on the skin and creamish white eyelash hair? They don’t experience any pain or discomfort on touching the skin but the person develops a patchy and discoloured appearance. Skin gets colour from a colour pigment called melanin.

Patchy discoloured skin or leucoderma/vitiligo disease sets in when the melanin compound production in body becomes inactive or erratic. The melanin pigment in the skin starts to finish because the melanocytes or melanin cells perish and the skin starts to lose “colour” pigment and begins to turn white.

Melanocytes are special skin cells are all over the body and when the ones in the rectal, mouth, eye retina, genital and nasal areas start to die white coloured patches start to surface randomly all over the body. With passage of time, the hair starts to lose colour and turn white. Research confirms that nearly 1 to 2% people show white patches because of lack of melanin in their bodies. There is no age specified for this disease to set in because this disorder can start to show up in any age.

People suffering from vitiligo suffer psychologically and find it very embarrassing and hard to face others because of their patchy appearance. There are no physical or pain related symptoms of this skin disorder but it’s the psyche of the person that gets tarnished and troubled by this. You need to collect sufficient information on the topic so that you can deal with it appropriately.

Natural goodness of herbal extracts is probably the best Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo. Nature has the capability of curing many diseases. The best way is to boost up the performance of the immune system is to take Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo leucoderma available at Shuddhi or Divyaupchar. They also offer free consultation at their Shuddhi clinics regarding the lack of melanin pigment in the skin.

What is the reason for this pigmentation disorder? There are no specific reasons but they believe:

  1. The attack starts from within- the body develops antibodies which attack their own melanocytes and destroy them.
  2. Others claim that the melanin producing cells become their own enemies and kill themselves.
  3. Many say that sunburns and over exposure to UV rays may be the cause of this disorder.

All these myths have not got scientific collaboration though science does accept that:

  1. Autoimmune disorders, oxidative stress and a genetic disposition do render the melanocytes dysfunctional. Dearth of sufficient pigment producing cells leads white patches on the skin. Insufficient or lack of melanin production results in this pigmentation disorder.
  2. Many research studies say that the melanocytes are rendered useless and dysfunctional by the immune system of the body and this leads to their depletion. There are different reasons and factors that affect the autoimmune system of the body and many of these are unknown to mankind.
  3. Genetic research hints that leucoderma may run in the family though there is no definite evidence. If this hint is to be believed then people with parents or siblings suffering from this disorder face higher chances of acquiring it themselves.
  4. There are certain chemical based medicines such as the ones containing norepinephrine that increase the toxicity levels of body and leave melanocytes defenceless and dysfunctional. With prolonged use the melanin pigment keeps reducing and soon finishes.
  5. Lots of people suffering from vitiligo say that first signs of patchy skin appeared after they struggled through traumatic or stressful incidents in their lives. Their stress triggered a fall in the immune levels and white coloured patches appeared during this time.
  6. Many people eat a diet deficient in essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins, over a period of time; vitiligo needs a good diet pattern. A poor diet is not said to lead to this condition but if they are suffering from patchy skin they need to pay special attention to their meals and diet so that their immune system stays in peak of health always.

The pale and white patchy skin can be dealt with properly and without side effects with the best Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo accessible at www.shuddhi.com. The Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo/leucoderma is available easily at the Shuddhi clinics. This composition of natural goodness treats the disease from deep within and focuses on boosting the immune system into action.

How can we treat the body if its own immune system becomes its enemy and starts destroying the healthy skin colour cells or melanocytes? Ayurveda has the answer and can halt this. The vitiligo (leucoderma) package is created out of nurturing herbal extracts which is available at Shuddhi contains:

1. Shatayu Detox Powder: The body collects toxic substances from the atmosphere and environment and this effects all the organs in the body including the skin in a bad way causing rashes, irritation and other internal harm. Free radicals in our body keep increasing as toxicity level in body rises. To stay healthy and have good immunity we need to remove toxicity from our body through natural means.

The Shatayu Detox powder is the answer here, not only does this help one maintain good weight and shape but it also helps body get rid of toxic substances in the body by detoxifying it regularly and improving the performance of different organ systems. Different skin issues such as:

  • Ringworm
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema

These skin conditions need timely intervention so that they can be wiped out of the system. The Shatayu powder has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and helps treat different skin problems. It also works on the digestive system and fights harmful microorganisms.

2. Shatayu Urja Tablet: If the immune system needs to be boosted up and immunity improved, then Ashwaganda and Shatavari in the Shatayu Urja Tablet will definitely do the trick.

The Shatavari and Ashwagandha help the skin by protecting it against acne and other infections. The toxins are removed and the skin is guarded against free radicals. Skin damage is reduced drastically if this is regularly taken.

The hormone secretion in the body needs to stay balanced and the digestive system needs to carry out its functions perfectly, the Shatayu Urja helps in improving the performance of the endocrine and digestive system.

3. Vitiligo Capsules: Skin diseases and skin disorders may be a result of impure blood. The blood circulation in the body is extremely important and the blood needs to be purified so that it can nurture skin and rest of the organs of the body. These capsules contain herbal extracts that.

  • Help in vitiligo
  • Purify blood
  • Work its magic on skin
  • Reduces redness, itching and excessive dryness
  • Gets rid of blemishes
  • Reduces burning sensation
  • Prevents acne

4. Vitiligo Oil: This oil helps in regulation of metabolic activity in the body while it also boosts immunity. Melanin production and synthesis is increased and activated by regular usage of this oil. Skin diseases are a source of great embarrassment and this oil can be extremely helpful in their treatment.

5. Divya Amrit Ras: The body works perfectly when the mind, soul and body work in synch. The body needs to be balanced with proper metabolism and other bodily functions and activities. So stay young and keep your skin healthy with Divya Amrit Ras.

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