Ayurvedic treatment for nervous system

Treatment For Central Nervous System – 9 Foods For Your Nervous System

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Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Nervous System

Ayurveda guides you for natural medication and tips for a healthy lifestyle. The best Ayurvedic treatment for nervous system is to imbibe the Ayurvedic guidelines which include Ayurvedic medication and lifestyle changes it suggests. There are magical foods present here in which can be incorporated into your diet that help you with a healthier nervous system.

The List of The Super Foods Goes As Under:


Looks just like your brain? The look of broccoli is just like your brain and thus it is often said that as kidney beans are good for your kidneys; broccoli is said to be good food for your brain or the nervous system. It is said that broccoli has the power to increase your brainpower because it has a lot of Vitamin K present in it. There are various components in Broccoli which help the central nervous system to perform its function smoothly. Another benefit of broccoli is that it helps to keep the memory sharp. There is a chemical in the nervous system which is known as the acetylcholine which is responsible for the disease called Alzheimer’s. Broccoli helps maintain the level of the same.


Fish is the best source of food for your brain. People who eat fish are said to be more intelligent as compared to the other. Fish consumption is maximum seen in the Bengalis in India. The oil of fish and the protein fish carries is exceptional. Various medicines are made up of using fish oil. Salmon fish amongst the edible fishes is considered to give the best Omega 3 fatty acids. The omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for your mental performance and volume of the brain. Anyone who has a reduced level of Omega 3 in their body is suggested to consume Salmon fish because it has the best source of Omega 3 in it.

  • NUTS

We have often heard our grandmothers speaking have almonds daily, it is good for your brain. They give you peanuts in the winters. The nuts have a very good effect on our mental health and body. The best-considered nut in the dry fruit section is the walnut. Similar to the shape of our brain, the protein and the oil of walnut is the best medicine for your brain. It keeps it in a smooth functioning mode. A perfect source of oils, Vitamin E, antioxidants are good for our brain. If you really desire a sharp memory, nuts are the best superfood for you.


Are you a chocolate lover? There is good news for you then. Dark chocolate is said to be the best source which has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Proper blood flow is required in the body to be circulated to the brain and to the heart, dark chocolate helps to maintain this blood flow in your body. But keep in mind that it should be dark chocolate! Avoid plain or milk chocolates for health benefits.


Avocados as fruit are known to fewer people. The ones taste it may not like the flavor and the texture of the food. People who are health-conscious, prefer adding avocados to their salads, food, or consume it in a way of smoothie too. Avocados apart from having health benefits are treated for skin problems too. They are very healthy and good for your skin too. Avocados are rich in folate and Vitamin K. the benefits this fruit gives is magical! With the lowest sugar content, avocados have high rate of protein in them. They help to maintain your nervous system healthy. They prevent blood clots in your brain. And when they prevent clots in your brain, they indirectly help you to save your nervous system from Brain strokes too.

Treatment For Central Nervous System

Almonds give you the same kind of protein that the salmon fish offers. These are rich in Omega 3 which are helpful to maintain good health for the nervous system.


Green leafy vegetables are always given for a balanced diet portion. They are rich and helpful to maintain the healthy functioning of the entire body. Full of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, etc. they help the nerve cells to maintain the proper rate of heart, help in digestion functions and respiratory functions too. These veggies help in stopping the aging effect in the nervous system.


Copper, zinc, iron is what pumpkin seeds have in it for you. If your body or the nervous system suffers from any radical problem, pumpkin seeds are here to help you out for the same.

Well, a lot of more fruits, vegetables, and food items shall be included in your diet. Apart from this, while consuming treatment for the central nervous system and to maintain a healthy nervous system, you should stop the usage of:

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Drug consumption
  • Red meat or excessive consumption of meat
  • Excessive salty foods like packaged food items including chips, packed juice, etc.
  • Excess consumption of sugar in the form of sweets, cold drinks, etc.
  • Trans fats shall also be avoided.

The system that guides the entire body and on which the entire body functions depend shall be taken utmost care of. Ayurveda heals the body problems from the root and so does it heal the problems related to our nervous system. The best Ayurvedic medicine for nervous system is the one that combines the right mix of natural herbs for curing the nervous system related problems.

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