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InAyurveda, toxicology is referred to as Agada Tantra.It is one of the branches in Ayurveda that deals with poisons and several ways in the management in eliminating these toxins. Hence saving lives, Agada Tantrais, therefore, the study that deals with poison or toxic substances. It deals with its action to the body, manifestation, diagnosis whether acute and chronic and finally its treatment. Poisons are defined as toxins generated by toxic materials, and living things are presumed to be dangerous for human being consumption. The poisonous substances may include

  • Poisonous plants
  • Heavy metal and its compound
  • The venom of scorpion, snake, spiders, and bees,
  • Bacterial and non-bacterial food poisoning,
  • Artificial poison like insecticide,
  • Herbicides and rodenticides

It also includes industrial and occupation toxicity manifestation diagnosis and treatment therapy. In casesof acute and chronic toxicity, primarily due to drugs, may involve its management because of withdrawal syndrome.

In Ayurveda, the poison (vlsa) includes detailed information on such as

  • Its classifications and examinations,
  • Diseases it causes
  • Principles of preventive and managements these poisons,
  • The  legal aspects  in the medical practice,
  • Lastly, the medical phase of Law and forensic medicine.

Agada Tantra defines and classifies the above types of poisons into two natural and artificial toxins. The natural is further divided into inanimate(plants) and animate (animals). Artificial poisons are prepared by the mixture of both inanimate and animate substances

Ayurveda gives the diagnosis and specific   treatment therapyfor each toxicological substance

Snake Bitespoison

In such a case, the first and foremost is to identify the type of snakebite involved. It can be poisonous or non-poisonous, the signs and symptoms identified. Sincevenom is very deadly, it is good to take immediate action as it the emergency case that can lead to a quick death.  Ayurveda, in this case, uses Hrudayavarana Technique, whereby the heart is protected, and that poison may not enter. It is done by removal of snake poison by drinkingbanana stem juice, induce vomiting and use of basil herb leaves

Insect Bites

Insect bite causes an allergic reaction on the skin that due to hypersensitivity of these creatures such as bees, spiders.Ayurveda has several preparations that are usedas antidotes. The bites can be cleaned too. Ayurvedic herbs are also used in such instances 

Food Poisoning

In such a case, Ayurveda uses its different herbalpreparations to eliminate these toxins. The management is based on dasha concepts of kapha,pitta nad vata

Plant preparations Plants like Acorus calamus and  Plumbago rosea are commonly used in  ayurvedic  preparation and are used in purification processes 

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