The Most Efficient Ayurvedic Herbs for Heart Pain or Blockage

The Most Efficient Ayurvedic Herbs for Heart Pain

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The Most Efficient Ayurvedic Herbs for Heart Pain
If you ever had sharp pain near your heart or felt like chest pressure, you know how scary it feels. When such a thing happens, the first thing that comes into mind is – a heart attack. However, there are many causes that can result in heart pain. No matter the reason, any individual suffering from the same wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. Although some treatments can help, Ayurveda offers the best herbs for heart pain. In this article, we will read about all aspects related to heart pain, including Ayurvedic treatment for heart blockage.  

Causes of Heart Pain

There are many reasons that can cause heart pain. Let’s have an overview of these causes.
  1. Heart-related problems
  2. Digestive causes
  3. Bone and muscle causes
  4. Lung-related causes
  5. Shingles and panic attacks

Ayurveda and Heart Pain 

According to Ayurveda, heart or chest pain is usually caused due to thick, sweet blood that is difficult to circulate (Kapha), causes stress vasoconstriction (Vata), and overexertion (Pitta). Ayurveda believes that one of these doshas can aggravate chest pain. Since Vata is light, rough, cold, and dry, you should eat warm, soft, ad moist foods. Also, if you have any of these doshas imbalances, changing lifestyle habits and reducing foods that aggravate the imbalance is highly recommended. Luckily, there are some herbs for heart pain in Ayurveda that helps in strengthening the body and address the disorder. These herbs are 100% organic and help you to get rid of pain without any side effects. 

Herbs for Heart Pain

When you seek Natural Remedies for Heart Pain, you will find that Ayurveda has the cure. Fortunately, there are several herbs for heart pain in Ayurveda that helps you in heart pain treatment. Let’s have a look
herbs for heart pain
  1. Garlic: Garlic is an excellent herb that has been used for many years to fight heart issues. It not only helps avoid the build-up of plaque in the arteries but also helps in reversing heart diseases.
  2. Curcumin: It is the main compound responsible for the golden color of turmeric. It helps in reducing inflammation that causes heart disease. Moreover, this herb also reduces bad cholesterol in the body while increasing good cholesterol and preventing atherosclerosis.
  3. Holy basil: Holy basic is one of the most popular Ayurvedic herbs for heart pain and several other diseases. It is generally used to reduce cholesterol and prevent stress-related illnesses. Chronic stress is responsible for increasing blood pressure and cholesterol. In fact, stress also increases the risk of heart disease.
  4. Cayenne (Capsicum annum): This is another herb that is an excellent and major stimulant of the circulatory system. It can strengthen the heartbeat and also increase stimulation.
  5. Arjuna: Another effective herb that helps in heart pain relaxation is Arjuna. It is an efficient and high-quality cardio-protective herb. Also, it directly enhances heart health and cardiac muscle health as well.
Other herbs with proven and known value are Guggulu, Amalaki, Lasuna, Pushkarmoola, and Jatamasi. These herbs are well-known for managing risk factors of heart-related conditions. Along with these herbs, you should adapt to performing Suryanamaskara that can add more value in preventing heart pain and related diseases. 

Shuddhi Ayurveda Treatment for Heart pain and Ayurvedic Herbs for Heart Pain

When it comes to the Ayurvedic treatment of heart blockage or heart pain, you should seek help from Shuddhi Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic experts offer Shuddhi Divya Hrid. These capsules manage the fat in your blood cells, reduce sudden heart failure risk, and reduce your harmful cholesterol levels. Besides this, these capsules help lower blood pressure, relieve chest pain, and help your heartbeat steadily. Along with taking Shuddhi Divya Hrid, you should take a healthy diet that contains no or less oil and spices. Working out every day is also beneficial for your heart health.

When to call for Emergency Service? 

Although you should not take heart pain lightly, it is wise to consult a doctor as soon as possible. You need to rush to emergency service if you experience persistent chest pain with or without signs and symptoms such as Shortness of breath, nausea, and sweating. This is because these are the signs of having a heart attack. The symptoms of a heart attack may escalate quickly. 

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