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10 Signs And Symptoms of Kidney Stones

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Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment for Kidney Stones

We all have heard about kidney stones, some of you might be knowing about a few things about this health issue. But, the reasons, signs & symptoms behind kidney stones are so many that you may not be familiar with them.

Well, if you also think like that, then this post is for you. As here we are going to talk about 10 signs and symptoms of kidney stones with the help of which you can become more familiar with this serious issue and hence can take the next step whenever required.

What are Kidney Stones? 

Whenever mineral and acid salts start depositing and converting into small hard stones on the inner surface of the kidney, that is known as kidney stones.

Most people have this query, why are they called kidney stones?

The answer is, these deposits look like small pebbles and are found in the kidneys that are the reason they are called kidney stones.

Kidney stones consist of minerals like calcium, oxalate, phosphorus, and more.

👉 Signs & Symptoms of Kidney Stones 

A Quick fact: It’s actually possible to have a kidney stone and never even know about that issue.

But to check if you are having this issue or not you need to know about the signs and symptoms of kidney stones.

Which are as follows:

Signs & Symptoms Of Kidney Stones

✅ Sharp Pain Below Ribs: 

There’s a little tube between your kidney and the bladder and whenever the stone reaches this tube that is when you start facing the sharp paining issue. If the stone is smaller size then you will just face pain issues, but if the stone is larger size then it can plug up the ureter.

Hence that can lead to an uneven urine flow, also this issue can cause the urine to flow back into the kidney. Because of which you can face serious issues like swelling and excessive pain in the affected kidney.

✅ Frequent Pain: 

Have you ever noticed a frequent pain around your kidney area that comes and goes? If yes, then there are chances that it’s because of kidney stones. Although there could be other reasons too, majorly people face such pain issues because of kidney stones.

Whenever you face such pain that comes and goes you should get in touch with your doctor to precisely know about the situation.

✅ Stomach Pain: 

In some cases, you will notice movement in your kidney stones pain. Although most people start confusing themselves, this is completely normal when you are facing kidney stones issues.

✅ Nausea: 

You must have noticed whenever you face severe pain issues in your body, it leads to fever and nausea. This is also one of the 10 signs and symptoms of kidney stones, as the pain is extremely severe that you can face nausea.

In some serious issues, vomiting can take place too.

✅ Signs in Your Pee: 

Yes, you heard it right. If you are facing a kidney stones issue, then your pee can help you figure it out.

If your pee is cloudy and foul-smelling then this is a symptom of kidney stones & infections. Also, you will face this issue every time till the issue is not solved, so if you are able to notice this issue frequently then you should get in touch with an expert who can help you figure out the problem.

Also, you can notice various colors of urine such as red, pink, or brown. This is a sign of blood passing urine.

Moreover, under the situation of blood in urine cases, you would not be able to figure it out with naked eyes, hence you can go for a urinalysis test that will examine your pee.

✅ Urinating Frequently: 

Although we can’t directly clarify that you are urinating frequently just because of kidney stones, this is also one of the 10 signs and symptoms of kidney stones you need to know.

Due to kidney stones, we are able to pass a small amount of urine at a time. In case if you face such an issue, then you should get in touch with your doctor as early as possible.

✅ Trouble Sleeping: 

When you are having kidney stones, your kidneys will not filter the blood properly and the toxins will stay in your blood. Because of these toxins you can face issues with sleeping, moreover, if you don’t take proper care of this issue, then it can lead to serious issues like sleep apnea and more.

✅ Dry & Itchy Skin: 

A healthy kidney can help you achieve a number of things such as good skin. Yes, you heard it right, if you are facing issues like kidney stones then you would have to face problems like dry and itchy skin.

Kidneys remove all the waste fluid from your body that makes your body toxin-free and cleans which leads to good skin health. But with kidney stones, your body would not be able to carry forward the cleaning process properly, which leads to such problems.

✅ Poor Appetite: 

Although this is a very general symptom and there could be some other reasons behind this issue. But when toxins build up in our body that leads to poor appetite, so if you are moving forward with healthy habits, but still you face this issue then you might be facing kidney stones issue.

✅ Swollen Feet: 

Have you ever heard about sodium retention? Well, when our kidney functioning decreases that leads to sodium retention and we face issues like swelling in the feet and ankles.

There are plenty of options, but above are some of the most common 10 signs and symptoms of kidney stones you need to know.

👉 Treatment for Kidney Stones

Treating kidney stones with any or every medicine available in the market can be a difficult task. But here we are going to talk about one such treatment for kidney stones with the help of which you can solve the problem without facing any side effects at all.

That is by using Ayurvedic treatment methods and packages. Yes, there are a number of effective Ayurvedic packages with the help of which you can treat the core of your kidney stones issue and live a happy life within no time.

Right now there are three more effective Ayurvedic packages for kidney stones treatment by Shuddhi Ayurveda which are:

  • Renal Stone Package
  • Kidney Care Package
  • Shuddhi Package

You can pick the most appropriate package on the basis of your condition.


Knowing about the issues your body is facing is important, that’s why we created this list of 10 signs and symptoms of kidney stones that will help you know if you are facing any such issue or not. Also at shuddhi Ayurveda we offer the three most effective packages for the treatment of kidney stones, you can check them out to know more.

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