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Shuddhi pH Balance – Anti-viral and Anti-Bacterial

(54 reviews)
  • Helps in Increasing Immunity of the Body
  • Helpful for Providing solution for Fever & Flu
  • Beneficial in Dengue & Malaria
  • Protects from Viruses & Bacteria
  • Useful in TB & Liver Problem

Shuddhi pH Balance is an anti-pathogen ayurvedic remedy. It helps in increasing the immunity of the body and protects the body from various health problems and viruses. It is an antiviral, anti-bacterial, anti-malarial, and ayurvedic immunity booster.

Quantity – 60 Capsules

Total 60 Capsule: Daily two Capsules with Warm Water (one in morning & one in the evening after meal).

54 reviews for Shuddhi pH Balance – Anti-viral and Anti-Bacterial

  1. Krisha

    Using this product makes me feel fresh.

  2. Paramjit

    This is Protects from Viruses & Bacteria

  3. Navya

    It is awesome

  4. Maninder

    Good product to maintain ph balance

  5. Nisha

    Very nice product

  6. Madhuri Rawat

    Mausam badalne par bahut jaldi viral hota tha. Fir maine ph balance ka istemal kiya. Aur is se muje bahut fayda mila.

  7. Mishka

    Yes … great . good quality product

  8. biharilal

    मुझे हर 10 दिन बाद बुखार आ जाता था, मैंने ph balance का इस्तेमाल किया और मेरी यह समस्या ठीक हो गयी।

  9. Mehar

    Best product

  10. Gurleen

    how to use it? someone tell me?

  11. Ruchika

    Very Good Ayurvedic Medicine for treating Fever & Flu

  12. Riya Kumari

    Must try once

  13. Vishu

    Good Product

  14. Ripanjot

    good product, but little costly

  15. Aarvi Sharma

    I was recommended this product from a friend so I decided to try it out. I’ve been using it for a month now and I feel much healthier.

  16. Prabhjot

    Useful in TB & Liver Problem

  17. Mishika Dhiman

    इस प्रोडक्ट को लेने के बाद मेरी लीवर की प्रॉब्लम ठीक हुई !

  18. Sanchit

    it’s Beneficial in Dengue & Malaria

  19. Kavya saini

    Very Good Product for treating Chikungunya, Typhoid, and Pneumonia.

  20. Mayra Thapa

    This product works very well and is very effective.

  21. Larisa

    Very nice products

  22. Ruhi Walia

    Good product fights against bacteria and viruses.

  23. Ishanvi Sharma

    This is an excellent choice for an anti-bacterial !!!!!

  24. Kanika

    it is Helpful in treating Fever & Flu

  25. Mahika

    Keep it up

  26. Naitee

    nice and gud

  27. Raman

    nice product, I recommend to everyone.

  28. Jashndeep

    use ph balance pack

  29. Mohandeep

    now my wealth good after use ph balance pack

  30. Nikhil

    It does Help in treating Chikungunya, Typhoid and Pneumonia

  31. Rano

    mujhe bar bar fever hota tha ab bilkul thek hai

  32. Mayra


  33. Mirai

    Pure herbal product safe nd effective

  34. Meera

    Helps in Increasing Immunity of the Body

  35. Arsh

    nice product

  36. Mohit

    very good product

  37. Alka Sharma

    Great, natural product recommend to anyone !!!

  38. Reshma Devi

    Doctor ne muje kaha tha ki sharir ka ph balance bigad gaya hai. Maine ph Balance istemal kiya aur ab sab thik ho gaya.

  39. Kimaya

    As a herbal formula, very good.

  40. Niya Sharma

    इस प्रोडक्ट को इस्तेमाल करने के बाद मेरी इम्युनिटी मे काफी बदलाब आया है

  41. Riya thakur

    Wish I had never purchased this.

  42. Tanvi Sharma

    Bit disappointed !!!!

  43. Mohandeep

    bhut achaa products hai

  44. Dhruvi Thakur

    Excellent product and fast delivery!

  45. Bhavna

    Is it Really work?? Tell me Please?

  46. Gurbahal

    right now am feel good after using ph balance pack

  47. Mansi Sharma

    Good ayurvedic product for ph Balance.

  48. Rishi

    It works for me, thanks ayurveda

  49. Suraj

    Thanx Acharya Manish Ji for this beneficial product

  50. Amolak kumar

    ok product.

  51. Anonymous


  52. Suethytew

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  54. Angeles

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    Great website, stick with it!

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