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Shuddhi Hair Care Package – Premium

(6 customer reviews)

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  • Beneficial in Dandruff problem
  • Make scalp healthy
  • Reduces hair Loss
  • Promotes Hair growth
  • Beneficial in scalp problems (acne, pimples)
  • Provides relief from bacterial infections on the scalp

The first thing that we notice when we look into the mirror is our hair. Hair is the first noticeable part of the body. It is part of the appearance and also enhances the personality. Hair enhances beauty, gives confidence, and you feel smarter and capable. But sometimes, our hair also faces problems such as Dandruff, Dull hair, Hair loss, Greasy hair, etc and these hair problems need to be cured. When you face such issues then the best thing is to choose the Ayurvedic treatment for hair problems. Hair Care Kit is an Ayurvedic herbal product that helps in curing various hair related diseases. The herbs or the ingredients present in the package are known for the Ayurvedic treatment for hair problems and hair growth.

Ayurvedic product whose main ingredients are Brahmi and Bhringraj. The product is useful to treat the scalp and skin. Brahmi protects against cell damage and reduces inflammation. It is good to improve brain function and also a source of hair growth. Being the second main ingredient, Bhringraj is very useful for hair growth. Bhringraj oil is made up of Bhringraj tree leaves. It is a great source of iron, Vitamin E, magnesium, polypeptides, steroids, calcium, vitamin D and proteins.



Dr Immune

It helps in digestion improvement and also boosts the immunity of the body. Dr. Immune Tablet also helps in balancing the hormones. The key ingredients of the tablet are Ashwagandha & Shatavari. Ashwagandha is known for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, whereas Shatavari is an anti-ageing plant and is a good immunity booster.


Omarian Hair Oil is an ayurvedic hair oil that helps in colour change, hair growth and also provides essential nutrients to the hair. The main ingredients of Omarian Hair Oil are Amla, Bhringraaz, Heena, jatamansi, Brahmi, aam, methi, neem and shikkai.

Hair Care Capsules

Hair Capsules is an ayurvedic product used to treat the scalp and skin on the head. The main ingredient of the hair capsule is Brahmi and Bhringraj. Brahmi is the main ingredient of the Hair Care Capsule. Brahmi powder is an excellent hair growth promoter. Bhringraj is known as the King of herbs. Bhringraj oil is made from the Bhringraj tree and it is very much useful for hair growth.

32 Herbs

It is a herbal tea that is key to good health. It has several benefits for the human body. From losing weight to boosting immunity, its benefits are countless. It rejuvenates the human body, soul and mind. Also known as Amrit Ras, tea is a combination of 32 different herbs beneficial for human health


Dr Immune: It comes in the form of a tablet. One tablet must be consumed in the morning and one tablet in the evening after food. 

Omarion: Apply hair oil on the head before bath

Hair+ Powder: Take ½ teaspoon in the morning and ½ teaspoon in the evening with warm water.

32 Herbs: Four cups a day with warm water. Boil a pinch of 32 Herbs tea and consume it directly.

6 reviews for Shuddhi Hair Care Package – Premium

  1. Preeti Thakur

    I am a 30 year old woman. After delivery, my hair started falling out drastically. I was very embarrassed by my hair condition. No hairs on my scalp was making me depressed. One day my best friend bought a Hair care package for me, then I never looked back. Now new baby hairs are growing on my scalp and my hairs are strong and shiny. Its been 2 months since I have been using this hair care package.

  2. Dinesh Yadav

    My daughter is 15 years old. She had hair fall problem, and hairs were fragile and thin. But, since she is using the Haircare package, her hairs are now thick and healthy.

  3. Roman Rajput

    मेरी उम्र 22 साल है और मेरे बाल असमय सफ़ेद होने लग गए थे। फिर मैंने शुद्धि का Hair Care Package उपयोग किया, जिससे मेरे बालों का असमय सफ़ेद होना रुक गया।

  4. gaurav negi

    meri problem ye thi ki hairs tut jate the because of hair spray …phr maine package use kiya phr mere bal tutne band hue …likin mujhe spray b chorni padti iske bina ye ni ho skta tha ……thank you shuddhi.

  5. rajnish pandey

    mere sar k baal bahut girte the ab isko use krne k baad kaafi theak ho gya h

  6. Pooja

    Hair Care Package Protect against cell problem.

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