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Shuddhi Wellness Dr. Ear Oil/Drops for Supports Ear Health

  • Soothes ear discomfort.
  • Promotes ear hygiene.
  • Supports ear health.
  • Nourishes ear tissues.
  • Relieves ear congestion.
  • Enhances auditory well-being.
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Category:

Dr. Ear Power drops from Shuddhi Wellness come with ayurvedic ingredients like Honey, Adrak, Hing, Saunf that keep the pain away from the ear.Ayurvedic formulations used to make up this ear drop by following the Ayurveda procedures used centuries back. The ingredients like Til Tailam in this drop soothe the ear. Overall, this ear drops are suitable for individuals looking for this drop as an option for ayurvedic ear cleaning.

Honey, Adrak & Saunf

» Use Dr. Ear Power by Shuddhi Wellness as directed by Physician.

» It is recommended to be used inside the ear 2-3 drops twice a day.



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