Divya Thyri Capsule | Thyroid Problem | Hypothyroididm
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Shuddhi Thyri – For Controlling Thyroid

(283 reviews)
  • It prevents thyroid cancer.
  • It helps in thyroid-related diseases.
  • It works wonders for Iodine Deficiency.
  • It helps your body to fight against hyperthyroidism.
  • Stimulate the pituitary gland to maintain TSH levels in the blood.

More than 4 crore people suffer from Thyroid in India only. And the number is increasing at a very high rate. Our D. Thyri Capsules helps in providing relief in Hyperthyroidism very efficiently. Regular consumption of D. Thyri will give you protection from the advanced stage that is Thyroid Cancer.

The main ingredients of Divya Thyri are Triphala, Punarnava, and gokshura. Divya Thyri supports the immune system, helps in cell rejuvenating, and also balances hormone levels.

Total 60 capsule: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening with warm water after meals. For More Information regarding the consumption of Divya Thyri, please contact our expert doctor at 75288 75280.

283 reviews for Shuddhi Thyri – For Controlling Thyroid

  1. Gautam singh

    It helps your body to fight against hyperthyroidism. Thanks, Shudhhi

  2. Aishna

    my husband right now relies well on

  3. Tanvi rajput

    This product has been a life saver.

  4. Anjali verma

    My friend suggested this package to my mother in law. She got relief !!!!

  5. Thanvi

    Always satisfied with the product. Good For thyroid-related problems. It works for me

  6. Manisha

    Good For thyroid related problems. It works for me

  7. Neysa

    quality is very good

  8. Kalpesh

    bahut hi badiya ayurvedic product

  9. seema

    MY brother is well after using Divya Thyri package

  10. kamaljit

    I recommend it to every thyroid patients, try once the power of Ayurveda!!

  11. Priya

    Thyroid ki samsya meri is se thik hui. Thanx

  12. Harsh pal

    बहुत ही बढ़िया, ऐसे ही देश की सेवा करते रहो .. Thanks Shudhhi

  13. Aviraj

    It really works for me.

  14. Hiya Sharma

    Expensive but effective !!!

  15. Randeep

    Divya Thyri helpful for me

  16. Gurdeep singh

    It helps your body to fight against hyperthyroidism.

  17. Archana Sharma

    It’s good. !!

  18. Nehrika

    Perfect pH balance it

  19. Aviraj

    Excellent services, reliable and totally recommended, Nice Product, Shuddhi Divya Thyri Product

  20. Rani kumari

    Agar kisi ko thyroid ki problem hai to ise ak baar jarur istemal karein..

  21. Elsa

    I found genuine prices & product and timely delivery by Shuddhi team

  22. krishna devi

    I have probably had thyroid problems my whole life, even though my tests results came back fine.

  23. Anshu Rajput

    Awesome product!!!

  24. Avni

    In fact, the suggestion we get about referrals on a personal level is an eye-opener. Keep it up guys may mother nature keep blessings u with love and positivity.

  25. Tara

    I found genuine prices & product and timely delivery by Shuddhi team

  26. Roshandeep

    nice product for thyroid patient

  27. Rashid

    my cousin is well. Divya Thyri is good for thyroid patients.

  28. Rebecca

    Best farmula for our complete body

  29. Pari

    Affordable prices with accurate results. The facility for providing product fast Delivery is highly appreciated.

  30. Krisha

    Bhut bdiya product hai

  31. Dilip

    must recommend, good results in affordable price, very nice product

  32. Darsh

    Had a wonderful experience, I got relief from thyroid imbalance with this. Thanx.

  33. Navin

    Bahut hi achaa package hai.

  34. Ridhi

    Wonderful experience. Very much satisfied with the product & It helps your body to fight against hyperthyroidism

  35. Pankaj Das

    It prevents thyroid cancer. Very Good Product

  36. Dev

    Good Product and Effective Product…. !! Thank you Shudhhi and Team

  37. Praveen

    Best as always.

  38. Anju Bala

    I felt 90 percent better after used Divya Thyri Package.

  39. Durga

    Its very good product and I m using it from last 2 months and its result is amazing…love this product.

  40. Saanvi

    If you use regularly it’s good for health

  41. Mishka

    Had a wonderful experience, I got relief from thyroid imbalance with this. Thanx.

  42. Rajdeep

    good product

  43. Anamika Sharma

    I took a lot of supplements for thyroid but this is the best.

  44. Deep

    I control my weight after use it.

  45. Ryka

    I think harballife is good

  46. Nishant

    मैंने अपनी माँ के लिए इसे ख़रीदा था बहुत ही बढ़िया है

  47. Chirag

    I’ll go through to the website, found ayurvedic products are very authentic, prices of products are very reasonable and It treats thyroid-related diseases very well

  48. Ramesh

    Seems effective.

  49. Kiran

    It takes time but it workable if u continue with workout

  50. Pihu

    must recommend, good results in affordable price, very nice product

  51. Pavan

    Bought it for for father, he like it. Told me its effective. Good job!

  52. Chandan

    Very great product

  53. Prisha

    It gives Good Result

  54. Ariana

    Best authentic ayurvedic product for thyroid. Highly recommended. Genuine Product

  55. Anjali Sharma

    Where can I get this??

  56. Shree

    Highly recommended! Best authentic ayurvedic product for thyroid.

  57. Hanima

    It works for me

  58. Sneha Rathi

    Good Product

  59. Jaya

    Using it last 4 months it works without any doubt..

  60. Saisha

    I like product

  61. Neil

    Thanks, Shuddhi for Nice Product

  62. Srinika

    Wonderful experience. Very much satisfied with the product & It helps your body to fight against hyperthyroidism

  63. Nitara

    I’ll go through to the website, found ayurvedic products are very authentic, prices of products are very reasonable and It treats thyroid-related diseases very well

  64. Khushbaaz

    my wife suffering from thyroid , but after using shuddhi Divya Thyri package she is fine

  65. Kishore

    Sb to Achha h charge jyada h thoda km kre.

  66. Deepa

    Beneficial product to relief thyroid

  67. Sneha rajput

    Bought this for my mom and she has benefitted greatly from this.

  68. Naina

    Nice product and without any side effects.

  69. Sahana

    Nice product and effective easy to use

  70. Swara

    Always satisfied with the product. Good For thyroid-related problems. It works for me

  71. Prakash

    Good one didn’t had any side effects of.

  72. Imam

    Very Good Result.

  73. Harsimran

    nice package. helpful for me

  74. Hari

    Slow performance, need long usage

  75. Monika

    मेरा थाइरोइड की प्रॉब्लम हुई खत्म सिर्फ Divya Thyri की मदद से

  76. Darshna kumari

    No side effects after a year of use. It was certainly worth a try and glad I did.

  77. Pavati

    Amazing product I will use this for lifetime

  78. Usman

    Worthless product.

  79. Hemraj

    If you are suffering from Thyroid problem, than this medicine for you!

  80. Deepika Joshi

    Mujhe allopathy se koi fark nahi pad raha tha, fir maine ise online order kiya aur tab jaake fayda hua. Thanks!

  81. Amit

    its good for thyroid patients , very effective !

  82. Sai

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  83. Hardik pandey

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  85. Manik

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  86. Mamta Devi

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