Divya Hrid Care Capsule | Reduce Bad Cholesterol and Risk of Heart Failure
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Shuddhi Hrid Care – Prevent Cardiac Arrest

(19 reviews)
  • Manage the fat in your blood.
  • It helps in lowering the risk of heart failure.
  • Eliminates bad cholesterol from your body.
  • It Lowers Blood Pressure.
  • It helps in lowering chest pain.
  • It will help your heart to beat more steadily.

A sudden cardiac attack can be life-threatening. It is a condition that can not be ignored. Bad cholesterol is the primary cause of a heart attack as it collects in your blood vessels’ walls, raising your chances of heart attack or stroke.

But, specific changes in lifestyle, diet, and exercise can helps in lowering the risk of Cardiac Arrest. Along with some lifestyle changes, Our D. Hrid Care Capsules helps in lowering your harmful cholesterol levels, manage the fat in your blood cells, and helps in lowering the risk of Sudden Heart Failure.


Lahsun, Arjuna, and Brahmi are the main ingredients of D. Hrid Care. It is beneficial in all types of heart problems, especially blockage.

Total 60 capsules: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening after meals with warm water. For More Information regarding the consumption of Divya Hrid, please contact our expert doctor at 75288 75280.

19 reviews for Shuddhi Hrid Care – Prevent Cardiac Arrest

  1. Jenny

    Good and Effective Product, I am using.

  2. अक्षय

    मुझे छाती में दर्द रहती थी। और जब में चलता था तो यह दर्द बहुत ज्यादा बढ़ जाती थी। मेरे ऑफिस के नजदीक ही शुद्धि क्लिनिक था वो मैं वहां चेकअप करवाने चला गया। वहां पर उन्होंने मेरा चेकअप किया और मुझे Divya Hrid Care दवा दी। मैंने इस दवा का सेवन शुरू किया और कुछ ही दिनों में मेरी छाती का दर्द ठीक हो गया।

  3. Suman Bala

    My heart has a blockage, and the doctor advised me bypass surgery. But then I started taking Divya DM because my son ordered it. My blockage is 50% clear now.

  4. Sonu

    Mere Sharir me bad cholesterol ka level bahut badha hua tha aur iske sath sath b.p bhi bahut jyada tha. yeh sab check up karwane ke baad muje pata chala. Lekin jab se maine Divya Hrid Care khana shuru kiya hai yeh saari samsya thik ho chuki hain.

  5. Divya Sinha

    मेरी हाई बीपी की समस्या दिन प्रतिदिन बढ़ती जा रही थी। तब मेरे पिताजी ने मुझे शुद्धि के बारे में बताया। मैंने शुद्धि की वेबसाइट से Divya Hrid Care मंगवाया। इस दवा के इस्तेमाल करने के 25-30 दिनों में ही मेरी बीपी की समस्या ठीक होने लग गई और आज ये समस्या पूरी तरह नियंत्रण में है।

  6. Aman

    My cholesterol was high continuously, and the doctor said that I have to take medicine daily to control it. But then I started taking Hrid by Shuddhi Ayurveda. It is 100% natural without any side effects.

  7. Kenjo ori


  8. abhijot

    effective product …..maine use kiya or kar rha hu

  9. kamlesh

    is product se mera cholesterol level control hua frnds

  10. nitesh

    it is very helpful.

  11. Hitesh

    Divya Hrid reduces the risk of heart failure.

  12. Avtar

    it really helps

  13. Raina Rey

    Great Product. It helps to eliminate bad cholesterol from your body.

  14. Rohan

    I was suffering from BP Problem and it really helps to Lowers Blood Pressure.

  15. Pavitra

    I was suffering from BP Problem and it really works.

  16. Pavitra

    Great Product. Amazing Results as it helps to reduce the risk of heart failure.

  17. Ramnik

    Amazing Results as it helps to reduce the risk of heart failure.

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