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Divya-DMdivya dm 20 capsule dosageDivya DM
divya dm 20 capsule dosage
Divya DM

Shuddhi Divya DM – For Diabetes

(81 customer reviews)


  • Helps in lowering blood sugar Levels
  • It can help in lowering the blood pressure
  • Helps in lowering health complications related to diabetes and helps in controlling and curing the same.
  • It helps by stimulating the production of insulin.
  • Effective in diabetes.

India has the highest number of diabetes patients in the whole world. This problem may be common to see, but due to this, a person can face many issues. Diabetes is responsible for Kidney diseases such as Kidney Failure etc. Diabetes is usually of two types. In type 1 diabetes, symptoms develop quite rapidly and usually develop in early age, while in type 2 diabetes, symptoms develop very slowly and usually develop in persons with age more than 30 years.


Momordica charantia (Karela), Withania coagulans (Paneer Phool, aka Rishyagandha), Gymnema sylvestre (Gurmar) and Jamun (Eugenia jambolana).


Total 60 capsules: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening after meals with warm water.

81 reviews for Shuddhi Divya DM – For Diabetes

  1. Raj

    Very nutritious and fulfilling for diabetics.

  2. pappi

    after using Shuddhi DM I have control my sugar

  3. Rajiv

    Very good product for health for the people who have diabetes.. provides source of energy..

  4. Pranav

    It helps in lowering blood sugar Levels

  5. Sahil

    it is An effective way for diabetes treatment.

  6. Bishamber

    Nice product

  7. Samir

    Thanks, Shuddhi for Nice Product

  8. अर्जुन

    मुझे मेरी डायबिटीज की समस्या से राहत इसी आयुर्वेदिक पैकेज की वजह से मिली। गोलियां खा कर कोई आराम नहीं मिल रहा था फिर मैंने शुद्धि की वेबसाइट से इस प्रोडक्ट को आर्डर किया और कुछ ही महीनों में इसे इस्तेमाल करने के बाद मेरी शुगर की समस्या ठीक हो गई।

  9. Gaurav

    The item is well packaged and usable

  10. Ayansh

    My sugar level was not coming under control. I had visited all the big doctors. But my friend recommends this Shuddhi Ayurvedic Product. and this really works, my sugar level is now in control. thanks, Shuddhi

  11. Krishna

    Muje Sugar aur high BP ki problem thi. Maine is product ka istemal kiya aur apni bimari se raahat pai. Maine apne kuch doston ko bhi iske baare me bataya hai. Aur wo bhi iska istemal kar rahein hain. ,

  12. Siddharth

    It is a Very Good Product

  13. Sumit

    Good for those suffering with diabetes.

  14. Kiran

    Product is excellent for old age people. It helped my father to regain his strengths after recovery from long illness.

  15. Jagtaar Singh

    Diabetes is a big problem, and I am suffering from it for the last three years. Now I take Divya Dm, and my type 2 diabetes is in control.

  16. Chandrajit

    bahoot hi badhiya product, kaafi health problems ka solution mila isko usk karne ke baad. thanks

  17. Kishor

    Good product. Sealed and nicely packed. Timely delivery. Good for diabetic patients.

  18. Yakshit

    Good for those suffering from diabetes. This product is good and it really works, very good and effective recommendations to all diabetes patients

  19. Sashi

    Thank you shuddhi

  20. Omkar

    The best Nd most trusted Shuddhi Divya DM Product I must say…. prescription diet and n medical nutrition which is something amazing.. Very professional.

  21. Samarth

    मैंने अपनी माँ के लिए इसे ख़रीदा था बहुत ही बढ़िया है

  22. Randeep kaur

    Must buy !!!

  23. Tanistha Rai

    This product is good and it really works

  24. Umesh Khanna

    meri diabetes control hui to sirf iski madad se

  25. Tarun

    बहुत ही बढ़िया, ऐसे ही देश की सेवा करते रहो .. Thank you Shudhhi & Team

  26. Amaya

    I bought it bcoz its herbal

  27. Parneet

    Thanks shuddhi for effective and affordable ayurvedic solution.

  28. Yash

    मैं 5 महीने से इस उत्पाद का उपयोग कर रहा हूं और इसके परिणामों से बहुत खुश हूं

  29. Sunita kumari

    My friend suggested to me about this product. Its really useful for me.

  30. Amaira

    I bought it bcoz its herbal

  31. Asha Rani

    After taking this product I feel good.

  32. Nitin

    Bahut hi achha ayurvedic product.

  33. Priya Rajput

    I was able to control my sugar and cholesterol pretty well…..!!

  34. Shivin

    Best Diabetic ayurvedic Product, My mother started taking medicine 2 months ago and result are superb, We have seen her fasting sugar the first time in range in last 10 years.

  35. Rinku

    good for me. Thanks shuddhi

  36. Ashok

    it helps in controlling blood pressure

  37. Ravneet

    I am using it from past 2 months now feel better.

  38. Harbans

    really good for everyone

  39. Gargi

    This product is good and it really works without any side effects

  40. Harjeet

    The sugar of my father is too much but now he is well

  41. Golu

    वाह जी क्या प्रोडक्ट बनाया है, बहुत ही बढ़िया!!

  42. Daiwik

    Finally, someone brought my sugar level to normal. Big thanks to you Shuddhi Divya DM Ayurvedic Product.

  43. Anaisha

    This is the best product

  44. Daljeet

    sugar level of my father is 300-400. one of my friends suggests the Divya DM. thanks shuddhi

  45. Amrita

    Its one of the worthy organic products.

  46. Karan

    Not effected, as per the description and after watching ads, I bought but after one month I found that there is no effect.

  47. Sandeep

    Affordable and nice ! thanks

  48. शांति

    मैंने इस प्रोडक्ट के बारे में फेसबुक पर पढ़ा था। तब मुझे भी हाई ब्लड प्रेशर की समस्या थी। मैंने इसे आर्डर कर दिया और आज मेरा ब्लड प्रेशर नार्मल है और सब हुआ इस Divya DM की वजह से।

  49. Vijay mohan

    I bought it for my Mother. Excellent Results. I will purchase more in the future.. thanks

  50. Ritika Salaria

    मैंने इसका इस्तेमाल किया मेरी शुगर ठीक हुई!

  51. Sapna Thakur

    Really effective product at this price !!!

  52. Rudra

    Awesome results I must say… Divya DM and precise Diet amazing results… Such a wonderful experience. I will suggest everyone visit and get the Divya DM Product if anyone is suffering from diabetes

  53. Poonam

    I have diabetes, and I started to think that my life has no fun now. Then i started taking Diya DM. Now i feel I have more control over my blood sugar level.

  54. Ramandeep

    It can help in lowering the blood pressure

  55. Samarth

    बहुत ही बढ़िया प्रोडक्ट है

  56. Rajni devi

    Nice !!!!

  57. Anaya

    Good quality, wonderful

  58. Darshil

    Very good and best Ayurvedic Product, Helps in lowering blood sugar Levels

  59. Vishu Sharma

    good product !!!!!

  60. Akshara

    Good product, if we use it in a right way

  61. Shreyas

    The Best Ayurvedic product for Diabetes…Thnx Soo much Shuddhi

  62. Pulkit

    Too many people too many suggestions but genuinely they haven’t gone through it. I am using this product for 6 months and really happy with excellent results

  63. Gurmeet

    My Diabetes is in control. Thanks Shuddhi

  64. Rakhi Sharma

    Beneficial for diabetes patients !!!!

  65. Chirag

    I was facing diabetes for the past 3-4 years … my sugar level was at high risk. I went to many of the doctors who claim to cure me But results were zero. Then I come to know about ur Shuddhi Ayurvedic product Divya DM and within few days, results were amazing. now my sugar level is normal. Thank you so very much

  66. Ananya

    Very good quality product

  67. Mehakdeep singh

    शुगर वाले इसे एक बार जरूर इस्तेमाल करें.

  68. Ronak

    Thank you shuddhi Divya DM kit

  69. Anika

    Great product. Does what it says.

  70. suresh

    This is good for diabetes patients. ! I am using this!

  71. Andrea

    Very useful

  72. Vinod kumar

    Product is average !!!

  73. Kartik

    Good for diabetic patients.

  74. Sandeep

    Affordable and nice ! thanks

  75. Devesh

    Meri sugar ki problem mein kaafi sudhaar hua hai, thanks shuddhi

  76. Rajendar

    I am regular buyer of this product for my dad he is diabetic patient. Really good for strength.

  77. Rajan

    Thank u team. m happy for the product and on time delivery.

  78. Mayank

    affordable and effective !!

  79. Amrita Kaur

    Very good and effective recommend to all diabetes patients.

  80. Mahesh

    Extremely meaningful product

  81. Sahin

    मैं 8 महीने से इस उत्पाद का उपयोग कर रहा हूं और इसके परिणामों से बहुत खुश हूं

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