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Chiraita Powder

(4 reviews)
  • Good For Anemia
  • Effective For The Skin
  • Eliminate Infections
  • Maintain Diabetes
  • Prevents? Cancer
  • Boost Immunity
  • Rejuvenate Liver
  • Purifies Blood
  • Good For Appetite
  • Beneficial For Stomach Issues
  • Relief Constipation
  • Useful In Menstrual Cramps

Chiraita Powder is made up of Chiraita (Swertia). Chirata is one such herb blessed with lots of health benefits which is best for flu, aid in weight loss, prevent infections, promote digestion, and relieve liver anomalies. In addition, Chirata Powder is also employed to prevent fever, constipation, upset stomach, loss of appetite, intestinal worms, skin diseases, and cancer.

Chiraita: Swertia is a genus in the Gentian Family containing plants sometimes referred to as the felworts. The Chiraita is called Kiratatikta in Sanskrit and Swertia Chirata in English, and it grows to a height of 5 feet. This entire plant is used for medicinal purposes in Ayurveda.

2-3 grams twice a day or as directed by the physician.

4 reviews for Chiraita Powder

  1. Pinky Singh

    Highly effective and good product !!

  2. Barkat

    It is so good and great product for health!!

  3. Aditya

    Its an excellent product!! Very effective and works perfectly…

  4. Ashita Singh

    Best ones for good health!!

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