Ayurvedic solution for skin allergy, rashes, itching and disease
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Shuddhi Skin Care Package – Premium

(11 reviews)
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  • It helps to remove impurities from the blood.
  • Beneficial in skin allergy.
  • Beneficial in providing relief from pimples, acne, black patches, and rashes.
  • Beneficial to lowering pain and inflammation.
  • Beneficial in skin diseases.
  • Increase Metabolism.
Ayurveda for skin rashes and itching

There are various skin problems and diseases that affect someone’s skin. Acne is the most common skin disorder. The skin problems may be situational, while in others, it is also genetic. But with the help of Ayurveda, one can get rid of acne, pimples and other skin-related issues and problems.

Skin Care Package is an ayurvedic product that helps in various skin related problems and diseases. It is a combination of several ayurvedic herbs that work well on providing relief from acne, pimples and other skin related issues.

Charam Rog Yog Har Powder It is a herbal formulation made up of different herbs. Charam Rog Yog Har Powder is beneficial in all types of skin problems. The main ingredients of Charam Rog Yog Har powder are - Haldi, Desi Ghee, Doodh, Shakar, Sonth, Kalimirch, Pipali, Tezpatta, Choti Elaichi, Dalchini, Vidang, Nishodh, Harad, Bahera, Amla, etc.

Dr Shuddhi Powder Dr Shuddhi Powder helps in the detoxification of the body and removes harmful toxic substances from the body. It also improves digestion. The main ingredients of Shuddhi Powder are Anardana, Sahdevi, Trikatu and Triphala. All these ingredients are beneficial for the human body and have several benefits.

Dr Immune It helps in digestion improvement and also boosts the immunity of the body. Dr. Immune Tablet also helps in balancing the hormones. The key ingredients of the tablet are Ashwagandha & Shatavari. Ashwagandha is known for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, whereas Shatavari is an anti-ageing plant and is a good immunity booster.

32 Herbs Tea It is a herbal tea that is the key to good health. 32 Herbs Tea, also known as Divya Amrit Ras, has several benefits for the human body. From losing weight to boosting immunity, its benefits are countless. It rejuvenates the human body, soul and mind. This Herbal tea is a combination of 32 different herbs that are beneficial for human health.

Charam Rog Yog Har: 2-5 grams twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Dr Immune: One tablet in the morning & one tablet in the evening

Dr Shuddhi Powder: Half teaspoon at night after dinner.

32 Herbs Tea: Four cups a day with warm water. Boil a pinch of 32 Herbs tea and consume it directly.

11 reviews for Shuddhi Skin Care Package – Premium

  1. Rakhi

    मुझे skin एलर्जी की समस्या थी और मैंने काफी डॉक्टर्स को भी दिखाया था लेकिन कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ रहा था। रोज़ मेरी दिक्कत बढ़ रही थी। एक दिन मेरी माँ Skin Care Package लायी, जिसका सेवन मैं 1 महीने से नियमित कर रही हूँ और मेरी एलर्जी पूरी तरह से ठीक हो चुकी है।

  2. Neha

    मेरे चेहरे पर बहुत झाईयां थी जिसकी वजह से मेरा कॉन्फिडेंस हमेशा कम रहता था और ऑफिस में मैं अकेले रहती थी। Skin Care Package से मेरी समास्या का हल कर दिया

  3. Mahi Verma

    I am a 24-year-old girl and was suffering from severe acne and blemish problem. I am using Shuddhi Skin Care Package for one month, and half of my problems are resolved.

  4. Archna Singh

    My brother was suffering from skin infection and was unable to go to college due to this. He was very tensed as no allopathy medicine was working. Shuddhi Skin Care Package has cured his skin infection and pain.

  5. Amandeep Kaur

    Although the products are nice and totally worth it, i expected packaging to be a bit better . Totally, it was nice 🙂

  6. sumit

    My cousin had some rashes on his hand. He tried lots of medicine but none of them worked well. Then I suggest him to try Shuddhi Skin Care Package – Premium and after using 1 month now he has seen a little bit of improvement.

  7. Thomas

    I used it and got result in 2 months.

  8. hemraj

    It was a great first-hand experience with Shuddhi Ayurvedic skincare products. Strongly recommend!!

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