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  • It helps in preventing kidney stones and also treats Urinary Tract problems.
  • It reduces blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • It maintains fluid balance in the body, suitable for the immune system, beneficial for the brain, has anti-cancer effects.
  • It is useful in reducing congestion in the chest.
  • It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties
  • Rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and Vitamin C, iron sodium, zinc, riboflavin, niacin, and folate.
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Kidneys are bean-shaped organs present in retroperitoneal space. Kidneys filter out impurities from our blood. But, due to unhealthy eating habits and lack of active lifestyle, renal stones are formed. Kidneys stones directly or indirectly damage kidney functions. This package is for renal/kidney stones. Renal Stone Package helps in removing toxins that accumulate in the kidney.

Ayurvedic treatment for Renal Stones

Renal Stones are also known as Kidney Stones. These are the solid masses formed of crystals. Renal stones can develop anywhere along the Urinary Tract. These can be found in the kidneys, urethra, bladder, and ureters. All kidney stones are not made up of crystals, but they can also include calcium, uric acid, struvite, and cystine. Renal Stone Package comes with the four products that help in removing the renal stone.


Divya Stoni Cap

Divya Stoni Capsule is an ayurvedic product that is used for the removal of the renal stone. The main ingredient of the Divya Renal Stone Capsule is Tribulus Terrestris. It is a dietary supplement that comes from the plants. It has been used medicinally since ancient times. It has various health benefits that include reduced blood sugar and cholesterol. The significant advantage of the Divya Stoni Capsule is that it helps in preventing kidney stones. Other benefits of the Tribulus Terrestris include Fluid Balance in the body, excellent for the immune system, beneficial for the brain, anti-inflammatory effects, and also has anti-cancer effects.

Sanjeevani Ark

The key ingredients of the Divya Sanjeevani Ark are Shukla Tulsi, Haldi, Neem Patra, etc. One of the most potent herbs is Tulsi. It is rich in medicinal properties and is rich in minerals and vitamins. The medicinal plant is also known for its bacterial and viral infections. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Shukla tulsi helps in fighting infections and also helpful in reducing body temperature. It is beneficial in reducing congestion in the chest.

The next key ingredient of the Sanjeevani Ark is haldi. It is a pain-fighting ayurvedic remedy. It is used as a pain relief tool. It helps to improve rheumatoid arthritis and stomach ulcers. In Ayurveda, Neem has a significant position. Every part of the neem tree is very beneficial to our bodies. In several ayurvedic remedies, it is one of the essential elements. Neem helps cure pain. It is helpful to cure arthritis and pain in joints.

UTI Drops

UTI stands for Urinary Tract Infection. This infection can be anywhere in the part of the urinary system of the body. It can either be in the urethra, kidneys, or bladder. In most of the cases, the UTI infection is found in the urethra and bladder. UTI Drops is a perfect cure for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

UTI drops a homeopathic preparation for the UTI infection. It is in liquid form and is very beneficial for the persons suffering from a UTI infection. The key ingredients of the UTI Drops are Tulsi. Tulsi, Ocimum Sanctum is an herb found in India. It is used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Not only is it known for its medical benefits, but the plant is worshipped in India. In Ayurveda, it plays an important role.

Tulsi is a good source of minerals and Vitamins. It comprises potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and Vitamin C. Tulsi is rich in Vitamin B6, K & A, iron sodium, zinc, riboflavin, niacin, folate, etc. Tulsi extract has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also anti-infectious and antiseptic.

Renal Stone Removing Powder

Renal Stone Removing Powder is an ayurvedic product that removes the renal stone and other Urinary Tract problems. The main ingredients of the Renal Stone Removing POwder are Gokhru. Gokhru is also known as Ghokshura, Devil’s Weed, and there are several other herb names. Gokhru is an herb that is beneficial in kidney stones and other urinary problems. From the past many years, this herb is being used for kidney diseases and UTI. It is also helpful in treating cough, asthma, and kidney stones.

Maha Amritam Powder

Maha Amritam is an Ayurvedic Churna that is helpful in the various diseases related to cough, skin, digestion, headache, etc. The main ingredients of the Maha Amritam Churna are Tinnervelly Senna and Carom Seeds. Maha Amritam Churna helps relieve chronic constipation, acidity, headache, burning sensation in eyes, etc.

The key ingredients of the Maha Amritam Churna are Tinnervelly Senna and Carom Seeds. Apart from these two main ingredients of the Maha Amritam Churan, there are 5 more essential ingredients. Tinneervelly Senna, also known as Cassia Angustifolia, is an important herb. The fruit and the leaves of the plant are used to make medicinal products. Senna is used for treating constipation. The herb is also beneficial in the acidity problem and chest pain.

Carom Seeds are also known as Ajwain, and scientifically, its name is Trachyspermum Ammi. In Indian food, it is common to find ajwain. Carom seeds are brown and have a bitter taste. These are very rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Carom Seeds, aka Ajwain, provides instant relief from acidity and indigestion, helpful in treating cold, suitable for toothache, good for hair, and cleansing skin.

32 Herbs Tea:

32 herbs tea is an Herbal Tea that helps to strengthen the mind, body, and soul. It is made up of a mixture of 32 herbs and improves metabolism. The tea also helps in reducing the aging process. It is a Caffeine-free tea and is a rich source of Vitamins and Minerals.


Divya Stoni Cap (60 Capsule):1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening.

UTI Drops (30 ml): 15 drops 2 times a day.

Renal Stone removing Powder (120 Gram): 2.5 gms (1/2 tablespoon) in the morning and the evening

32 Herbs Tea (30 Gram):1-2 gram (1/2 teaspoon) in 1.5 cup of water, boil and reduce to 1 cup and serve.

Sanjeevani Ark (30 ml): 1-2 drops of Sanjeevani Ark in 32 herbs tea on an empty stomach in the morning.

Maha Amritam Powder (100 Gram): 2.5 to 5 gms (1/2 to 1 teaspoon) at night after meals with warm water.

For More Information regarding the consumption of the rental stone package, please contact our expert doctor at 75288-75280.

5 reviews for Shuddhi Renal Stone Package

  1. Pallvi Rana

    My mother was suffering from kidney stones for years. The Shuddhi Renal Stone Package is improving her conditions and symptoms. She is almost 60% recovered now.

  2. rohan

    I am using this product for the last 2 months and now I’m seeing changes in my health condition. thanks for Shuddhi Renal Stone Package.

  3. aashish chaudhary

    good product.

  4. Thrilok

    Extremely recommended for all kidney stones patients. It really works.

  5. sukhram

    Great Ayurvedic Product Thank you so much!!!

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