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ayurvedic treatment for cancerbenefits of cancer Packageayurvedic treatment for cancer
cancer package -Shuddhi Ayurveda
ayurvedic treatment for cancer
benefits of cancer Package
ayurvedic treatment for cancer

Shuddhi Cancer Package

(42 customer reviews)


  • It helps in the repair of the blast cells.
  • It helps in shrinking cancer-affected areas.
  • It also aids in slowing down its growth.
  • It helps to live longer.
  • It promotes heart health.
  • It detoxifies your body.

Ayurvedic treatment for cancer

Cancer herbal capsule is an ayurvedic product that is used for the treatment of cancer and other related diseases. It also helps to destroy the tumor cells. The key ingredients of the Cancer Herbal Capsules are Tamra Bhasma and Naag Bhasma. Tamra Bhasma is an ayurvedic remedy used for tumors, spleen, obesity, cancer, liver diseases, acidity, and other diseases. It has copper fine particles processed with the herbal juices such as lemon juice and aloe vera. In this Bhasma, Elemental Copper is primary.

Tamra Bhasma has many medicinal properties. It acts as an antacid, digestive stimulant, lowers bilirubin, fat, zinc antagonist. The next key ingredient is Naag Bhasma. It is an ayurvedic remedy used in many problems. It is beneficial in diabetes, frequent urination, diabetes mellitus, hernia, impotence, and arthritis. The main ingredient of the Naag Bhasma is Shuddha Naga.



Cancer Herbal Churna:

Cancer Herbal Churna is an ayurvedic product used for the treatment of cancer cells. Arjuna tree is also called Terminalia Arjuna, and it is a medicinal plant used for heart diseases. In Ayurvedic, the bark of the Arjuna tree is used as a heart tonic. It is also beneficial for cancer treatment. Arjuna has many medicinal properties such as cardioprotective, cardiac stimulant, cardiac tonic, wound healing, antacid, anti-obesity, antitumor, etc.

Divya Jeevan Vati:

Divya Jeevan Vati is an Ayurvedic product used to cure many types of diseases. Ashwagandha is the key ingredient of the Divya Jeevan Vati. Ashwagandha helps in lowering blood pressure. Ashwagandha is a small shrub (a plant smaller than the tree) and is mostly grown in India. For centuries, this is used for medicinal purposes. It is also known as Indian Ginseng and Winter cherry. Its scientific name is Withania somnifera. Its roots, seeds, leaves, and fruits have several medicinal properties and used to cure many diseases. In India, it is an important ayurvedic herb, and helps in stopping cancer cell growth in multiple ways.

Cell Rejuvenator Powder:

Cell Rejuvenator Powder is used to detoxify the body. It also helps in lowering the level of cholesterol. The key ingredients of the Cell Rejuvenator Powder are Shatavari, Nag, and Muesli. Muesli is one of the healthy foods considered in India. It is rich in fiber, good for diabetes, controls blood pressure, and a rich vitamin source.

Nagkesar is also known as the Mesua Ferrea. It is a small-medium size tree with big leaves and small fruits. Its Stamens, fruits, flowers, and seeds are used for medicinal products. It helps in the lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure.

The second key ingredient of the Cell Rejuvenator Powder is the Shatavari. This medicinal root is found in India and adjoining countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Himalayas. Its height is almost 1 to 2 meters. It is used in Ayurveda from the past many years as an immunity booster. Its root juice is also used as a cough remedy. Shatavari is also used to decrease cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Sanjeevani Ark:

The key ingredients of the Divya Sanjeevani Ark are Shukla Tulsi, Haldi, Neem Patra, etc. One of the most potent herbs is Tulsi. It is rich in medicinal properties and is rich in minerals and vitamins. The medicinal plant is also known for its bacterial and viral infections. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Shukla tulsi helps in fighting infections and also helpful in reducing body temperature. It is beneficial in reducing congestion in the chest.

The next key ingredient of the Sanjeevani Ark is haldi. It is a pain-fighting ayurvedic remedy. It is used as a pain relief tool. It helps to improve rheumatoid arthritis and stomach ulcers. In Ayurveda, Neem has a significant position. Every part of the neem tree is very beneficial to our bodies. In several ayurvedic remedies, it is one of the essential parts. Neem helps cure pain. It is helpful to cure arthritis and pain in joints.

32 Herb Tea:

32 herbs tea is an Herbal Tea that helps to strengthen the mind, body, and soul. It is made up of a mixture of 32 herbs and improves metabolism. The tea also helps in reducing the aging process. It is a Caffeine-free tea and is a rich source of Vitamins and Minerals.


Cancer Herbal Capsules (60 Capsules): 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening

Cancer Herbal Churan (220 Gram): 7.5 gm (1 teaspoon) in the morning and evening with warm water

Divya Jeevan Vati (60 Tablets): 1 tablet in the morning & 1 in the evening.

Cell Rejuvenator Powder (100 Gram): 2.5 to 5 gms (1/2 or 1 teaspoon) at night after meals with warm water

Sanjeevani Ark (30 ml): 1-2 drops of Sanjeevani Ark in 32 herbs tea on an empty stomach in the morning.

32 Herbs Tea (30 gram): Boil one pinch of 32 herbs tea in water for 2-3 minutes.

For More Information regarding the consumption of Cancer Package, please contact our expert doctor at 75288 75280.

42 reviews for Shuddhi Cancer Package

  1. Harjeet

    Shuddhi Cancer Package is best to compare with allopathic medicine

  2. Rohit

    mere 2 relatives theek huye hai shuddhi cancer packege ka istemal krke

  3. Abhishek Mahajan

    I always believed that cancer is not curable. But when my brother was diagnosed with cancer, our neighbor told us about Shuddhi Ayurveda cancer treatment. I ordered the Cancer care package and started giving it to my brother for six months. In our latest tests, we have noticed that his cancer has shrunk 90%.

  4. ਗੁਰਜੰਟ

    ਮੈਨੂੰ ਫਰਸਟ ਸਟੇਜ ਤੇ ਕੈਂਸਰ ਦਾ ਪਤਾ ਲੱਗਾ ਸੀ ਫਿਰ ਮੇਰੇ ਮਿੱਤਰ ਨੇ ਦੱਸਿਆ ਸ਼ੁੱਧੀ ਕੈਂਸਰ ਪੈਕਜ ਬਾਰੇ ਹੁਣ ਮੈਂ ਬਿੱਲਕੁਲ ਠੀਕ ਹਾਂ

  5. Tashu

    mera frnd theek ho gya hai shuddhi canere kit ko use krne ke bahd

  6. Jaswant

    The result is good for cancer patients.

  7. Mohit

    cancer package is the ultimate product of Shuddhi Ayurveda. My Uncle was using it from past 4-5 months. Also they suggested diet chart and that is beneficial too for healthy body. Thanks Shuddhi for giving us a new hope.

  8. Shalini

    I have breast cancer, and the doctor told me that my breast has to be removed immediately buy my friend told me to take Ayurvedic treatment for cancer and ordered the Shuddhi Cancer care package. I made changes to my lifestyle as per the package, and my cancer is very less now.

  9. Sheena

    Cancer ki bimari bahut hi buri aur bhayanak bimari hai. Lekin agar is bimari ka shuru me pata lag jaye to iska illaz ho sakta hai. Mere ko jab cancer detect hua to 2nd stage aa chuki thi. Maine Himmat nahi haari aur iska illaz dhundne laga. Fir ek din mere ek dost ne muje cancer care package ke baare me bataya aur usne muje yeh package order kar ke bhi diya, Maine is package ko istemal karna shuru kar diya. Aaj is package ko istemal karte huye 4 mahine ho gayein hain aur muje is se araam mil raha hai. (Martand Dhamdhere, 38, Mumbai)

  10. Kamal Rao

    कैंसर का आयुर्वेदिक इलाज, बस यही मैं हमेशा फेसबुक और गूगल पर देखता रहता था क्योंकि मुझे फर्स्ट स्टेज कैंसर था। एक दिन ऐसे ही ढूंढ़ते ढूंढ़ते मुझे शुद्धि का कैंसर केयर किट दिखी। मैंने उसके बारे में पूरा पढ़ा और बाद में इनके नंबर पर कॉल भी किया। वहां से मुझे पता चला की यह आयुर्वेदिक दवा कैंसर की समस्या में लाभदायक है। मैंने उसे आर्डर कर दिया। कुछ महीने लगातार इस्तेमाल करने के बाद मुझे फर्क पड़ना महसूस हुआ। अभी में लगातार इसे इस्तेमाल कर रहा हूँ। (धनि राम, 45, अलवर )

  11. pooja

    mujhe second stage pr breast cancer ka pta chla tha fir mere family neh shuddhi cancer package recommend kiya, pehle to maine socha ki ayurveda cancer mein labhdayak hoga bhi ya nhi, lekin maine kuch mhine allopathy ke saath isko istemaal kiya aur dheere dheere allopathy ko kam kar diya aur lagbhag 5 mhine se ab main sirf shuddhi ki hai medicine use kar rhi hoon aur ab main pehle se theek hu. Thanks Shuddhi Ayurveda!!

  12. Rohitash

    mai khud cancer kit ka use krke theek huya hu, good results

  13. Varnika Kapoor

    Muje first stage cancer detect Hua hai aur main apni Dawa ke sath is product ko use kar rahin hun. Hope for the best.

  14. kamlesh

    Best medicine of ayurveda for cancer 😍😍🙏🙏

  15. Abhishek Narayan

    मुझे मुंह का कैंसर था लेकिन उसकी फर्स्ट स्टेज थी। मैं इसका उपचार ढूंढ रहा था। ऐसा नहीं था की मैं इसका इलाज नहीं ले रहा था लेकिन मैं कुछ ऐसा चाहता था जिस से की यह बीमारी जड़ से खत्म हो जाये। फिर मुझे किसी ने कैंसर केयर पैकेज के बताया। मैंने इसे आर्डर कर दिया। 4-5 महीने लगातार इस पैकेज का इस्तेमाल करने के बाद मुझे बीमारी से राहत मिलनी शुरू हुई और मैं बहुत खुश हुआ।

  16. Lalit

    mere grandfather ko cancer tha unhone shuddhi cancer kit use ki aur ab wo pehle se achha feel kar rhe hain. Thanks Shuddhi Ayurveda.

  17. Chaarvi Rajput

    में हमेशा सोचती थी कि कैंसर का इलाज नही हो सकता पर मुझे मेरी दोस्त ने Shuddhi Cancer Package के बारे में बतया अब में पहले से काफी ठीक हू !

  18. Anjana

    Its a very nice product

  19. sameer

    this product is trustable product

  20. Ashutosh

    Shuddhi Cancer Package really works. I personally recommend it

  21. Nihal Singh

    I was satisfied. Thank you very much….

  22. Ranbir Singh

    This package is great and really put a smile on my Patient’s face.

  23. Samaksh Kumar

    Great medicine for someone going through cancer..

  24. Sejal Thakur

    Shuddhi Cancer Package is really helpful and trustworthy product.

  25. Rajat Kumar

    My grandmother used this Shuddhi Cancer Package and now she is recovering very fastly and it made some excellent changes to her lifestyle.

  26. Shyam Singh

    Expensive But Effective

  27. alok shukla

    my cousin was suffering from cancer so I suggest her to use this product and now she is improving.

  28. Sejal Thakur

    Trustworthy Product

  29. Priya Sharma

    It seems that cancer is not easy to cure but shuddhi’s Ayurvedic cancer treatment has proved it wrong. One of my friend’s mother has used it and she is fine.

  30. Maanas Sharma

    Great Aunt was diagnosed with cancer. This was an awesome gift for her.

  31. Pranav Kumar

    Great package for cancer patient..

  32. anamika

    It helps me to repair of the blast cells.

  33. priya

    Good Product

  34. sameer

    It helps me in shrinking cancer-affected areas

  35. sandeep

    nice product ….mujhe product geniun laga

  36. bhumika

    It helps me lot ….thanks shuddhi

  37. mansi

    product bhot acha hai …sabko recommended hai

  38. priya

    maine ye product apne papa ke liye buy ki thi to mujhe ye product geniun laga

  39. saurav

    nice product ….thanks manish g

  40. shameem

    after using this product. The result is good for cancer patients.

  41. neha

    this product is totally ayurvedic

  42. Ashok

    It is helpful.

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