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Shuddhi Weight Gain Package

(21 reviews)
4,800.00 14% Off
  • Helps in gaining weight.
  • Boost Immunity.
  • Increase muscle mass.
  • Provide complete nutrition in the body.

Ayurvedic Products for Weight Gain

Being underweight for so long can be a sign of health issues. If a person is underweight then this is possible that the body is not getting as many nutrients that an actual body needs. Underweight people can experience various health problems such as Osteoporosis, Skin problems, getting sick, anemia, feeling tired all the time, and many more diseases. 

Weight Gain Package is an ayurvedic package that helps the body to gain weight. The package has multiple natural herbs that act as Ayurvedic remedies for Weight Gain. With the help of the Shuddhi Weight Gain Package, one can grow the body weight in a natural way. It is 100% made up of ayurvedic herbs and has no side effects on the body.

Atibala is a herb extracted from the Abutilon Indicum plant and known as Indian Mallow. This herb has essential properties that can enhance your health and nourish your body with nutrients that naturally prevent every health concern. Also, this herb has flavonoids and amino acids to improve the functioning of the body easily.

21 reviews for Shuddhi Weight Gain Package

  1. Hemanth

    A very good experience. Shuddhi Weight Gain Package is a nice product

  2. Kamaljot Dhiman

    It proved very beneficial to me. I gained about 10 kg in 40 days. It’s great.

  3. Gaurav

    If you want to increase the weight, use Shuddhi Weight Gain Package Pack once. Thanks, Sir for this wonderful product

  4. Kulasekhara

    It’s quite a nice product

  5. Fateh Singh

    I like the product and I see a minor change.

  6. Eknoor kaur

    Helped me gain weight quite fast.

  7. Jasmeet Thakur

    Good to have, no side effects.

  8. Lakshan

    Good but expensive.. feel light..

  9. Pavneet Kaur

    When I bought this product my weight was 56 Kg “I was underweight”. and after finishing the course of one month, my weight went up-to 68 Kg . It got increased by 12 Kg within a month. I’d recommend it to those people who want to gain weight.

  10. Amrita Walia

    Gained 5 kgs in just 20 works as described…it helps eating more food than we generally consume…awesome product!!!

  11. Manu priya

    I have used this product for my weight gain and yes it worked.

  12. Gurleen kaur

    Excellent product with no side effects.

  13. Joglekar

    This is an effective product

  14. Amit pal

    Not worth it… using it from past 2 months but no results!!

  15. Nidhi Rajput

    Did not work.

  16. Kripesh

    Started Using the products

  17. manish tiwari

    After using 1 month I have gained 4kg of weight.

  18. karan sharma

    Worked but late. It took 3 months to gain 17.5 kg of weight.

  19. Vishu

    Shuddhi Weight Gain Package helps to strengthen and maintain proper digestion.

  20. Hardev

    Very good Product, It helps in increasing body weight and mass

  21. Anonymous


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