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How to Avoid Kidney Dialysis with Ayurveda Treatment?

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Kidney Treatment Without Dialysis

Twin organs called kidneys are placed equidistant on either side of the body in the lower abdomen. The kidneys are responsible for keeping the toxin levels under control. They help balance minerals, filter water, waste, and excrete toxins from the blood. If they are unable to do so, the patient develops kidney disease and may have to undergo a treatment called dialysis. Before we go further and explain this, you need to know that kidney treatment without dialysis in India is possible.

Kidney disease:

The body can function extremely well if the kidneys are in top-notch working condition. With increasing age and other illnesses attacking the body, the kidneys start facing strain and malfunction. Their performance is affected, and they do not work as efficiently as they used to before. The process of kidney malfunctioning takes place over time, and the stage is termed as chronic kidney disease.

Now how will the red blood cells be produced? How will the blood pressure be regulated? How will the wastes be excreted from the body? All these necessary tasks need effort and proper functioning. This is the only way to stay well and healthy. Besides, these kidneys are also responsible for releasing hormones that help keep the bones in shape and healthy. Strained and dysfunctional kidneys cannot filter waste and regulate minerals properly.

High blood pressure and diabetes may manifest in the body, which often takes a toll on kidneys faster. If the kidneys are not taken care of, the disease spreads, and it can lead to dialysis. Irreversible damage to the kidneys and other organs is inevitable because of the body’s increased toxicity levels. But it is a prolonged process that takes time. Ayurvedic Kidney treatment can prevent further damage and advancement of the disease. Just keep an eye open for:

1) Edema

2) Itchy dry skin

3) Discoloration of urine

4) Abdominal pain

5) Frequent urge to urinate

6) Abnormal weight gain

7) Loss of weight

8) Loss of appetite

9) Weak immune system

10) Increase in potassium levels


Dialysis is done at end-stage kidney failure because kidneys can’t perform for themselves. The body needs help, and the kidneys can’t do it. The kidney function is disturbed, and the wastes keep depositing inside the body, and the person can die! Kidney transplant and kidney dialysis is the only way out to reduce complications and relieve symptoms.

Dialysis does remove salts, wastes, and excess water from building in the body. This is a risky treatment and can expose the patient to harmful kidney infections. The procedure does not fix chronic illnesses in the body at any stage and can be extremely expensive. Kidney failure can get better; it is possible! Give it a try!

Ayurveda deals with kidneys with nurturing herbal extracts and helps the kidneys get better in some cases. Kidney treatment without dialysis in India is possible, but the decision is yours to make. What are the main reasons that a person decides to stop dialysis?

1) The numbers of medical problems already present in the body are there to stay. Dialysis adds to the list of treatments and is painful.

2) The quality of your life remains the same and won’t improve.

3) For many people, it’s spiritually, medically, and personally not acceptable to many.

4) Dialysis may be a burden that is not that beneficial to the body. It just postpones the inevitable but doesn’t remove the fear that something will happen. Nothing is being treated; only the waste products are being removed.

Palliative care is offered to reduce stress, minimize the symptoms and pain. The water and waste build-up can hurt. But one of the best ways to deal with this suffering and make you comfortable is Ayurveda. Search for the best Ayurvedic doctor for kidney disease and pay a visit to the clinic to understand more about this natural treatment.

The mind and body develop illnesses when the channels of the body are blocked. These channels or doshas responsible for kidney health need to be opened, which can be done effectively. The damaged kidney cells are worked on by the healing herbs available in nature. This safe and secure method brings positivity to the body and helps it change for the better.

The ability to clean blood is affected greatly if the kidneys malfunction. The kidney care package by can help sort out numerous kidney problems. This contains beneficial herbs such as:

1) Muesli: is fiber-rich and helps keep blood pressure under control. It also contains essential vitamins.

2) Punarnava and Daru Haridra are useful anti-inflammatory herbs for kidney health. They help in dealing with various infections and kidney failure.

3) Chandraprabha is also beneficial for kidney, bladder, and urinary tract diseases. The whole excretory system benefits with this supplementary tonic.

Choti Elaichi, Laung, Pudina, Tulsi Patra, Arjuna, etc. help boost the immunity of the body. This helps the body stay strong and able to fight off infections. There are a few things you need to keep in mind regarding stopping dialysis:

  • Stopping dialysis may demand extra care. The family is the support network and may need time to make proper medical care plans in the future. They need to be a part of your decision to take them on before you decide to pull off dialysis.
  • Supportive care is imperative, and you need to understand your options before you stop dialysis. Talk with the best Ayurvedic doctor for the kidney regarding dialysis and kidney treatments.
  • Every patient has a few medical-related wishes. Make an advance directive that highlights your demands after stopping treatment.
  • Legal and financial powers may need to be handed over to another responsible person. Do this in order and finalize all legal matters.
  • Chronic kidney trouble can cause physical and mental difficulty. This may expose you to plenty of ups and downs after stopping dialysis. You need to be prepared for them. Our body is a miracle, but when illness takes over, time, positivity, and natural treatments can bring about changes. These changes are for the best. Remember that!

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