Why is An Immune System Booster So Necessary? Shuddhi Ayurveda

Why is An Immune System Booster So Necessary?

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In the recent scenario of the pandemic of Coronavirus disease (covid), health advisers are loud about the immune system of the body and how to boost it to fight against viral infection of covid. In fact, this is the only way to treat a covid patient by boosting the immune system so that the immune system can fight and remove the deadly virus from the body. Increasing the immunity level is the only protection against any viral attack. The immune system is the first-line defense of the body. People with weak immune systems are more prone to this viral infection.

Many health experts and advisers are promoting people to boost their immunity naturally as much as they can by taking herbal and natural remedies. Ayurvedic medicines and herbs are in trend to boost the immunity system naturally and in fact, they are the best way to protect you against these kinds of deadly viral and bacterial attacks. Many Ayurvedic herbs are considered the best immune system booster available easily for everyone. These Ayurvedic herbs are prominent to boost your immunity and to increase the immune system’s working efficiency. You can try some effective home remedies too, as they can help in increasing the immune system. Some changes in lifestyle can increase the immune system naturally, but these changes do not reflect quickly, they need some time and continuity.

And as an add-on, our own bad habits of alcohol intake, smoking, and tobacco chewing, etc. make the immune system weaker and weaker by every day. Before trying out any effort to boost the immune system a person must avoid all unhealthy habits.

Natural Things That are Considered as an Immune System Booster

Tulsi or Basil

It has been proven by many researchers that tulsi is truly an elixir to boost your immunity. As it has its holistic value in Hindu culture tulsi is a plant you can find in every Indian home.

✅ Honey and Ginger

Honey and ginger are some of the most common and effective natural agents to increase the immune system. Especially honey, which not only increases the immunity, but it also works as a toxin remover and healer.

✅ Citrus Fruit Juice

Grapefruit, lemon, orange, and pomelo, etc. Are some examples of citrus fruit. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is great to increase the production of white blood cells and white blood cells are key to fighting against all viruses. That’s why our elders tell us to drink lemon tea or citrus juice while we suffer from the cold.

✅ Turmeric 

Turmeric’s antibiotic properties are known to everyone. It is a great immune system booster that fights against viruses that cause serious illness.

✅ Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which increase body cell regeneration and immune system efficiency to fight against viral attacks.

The first thing that every doctor or health expert would suggest is to make your overall lifestyle healthy rather than just using healthy food items. A person should also avoid some reverse affecting agents in respect to increasing the immune system.

Things You Must Avoid as They Conflict With an Immune System Booster Agent

  • Most important thing is to avoid alcohol intake. It not only damages the liver but also decreases bodies resisting power against any ailments. Alcohol is the biggest enemy to your immune system and that’s the bottom line.
  • Quit smoking as soon as possible, “Smoking causes cancer” everybody has heard this line but it can also cost you your lungs hair fall and of course your immunity system. Smoking can increase the toxic waste in the body which is harmful to overall body health.
  • Avoid unhealthy food like street food and oily, spicy food because they directly affect the immune system.
  • Stress and a sedentary lifestyle can also harm your immunity system.

Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbs as Immune System Booster

Immunity is a concept explained in Ayurveda under various subjects. The main ones are Bala or the idea of solidarity, Vyadhi Kshamathwa or the idea of protection from sickness advancement, and Ojas or the concept of higher resistance. The concept of Bala explains the ability of the body to fix and support itself and be successful in sickness counteraction, while Vyadhi Kshamatwa is the ability of the body to battle against the illness-causing microbes. While the previous is a result of the general balancing of the body immune system.

The preventive part of our immunity system is significantly identified with the digestive system. Adjusted doshas or bio-energies, through purifying, eliminating the toxic material from the body, Ayurvedic remedies work as incredible immune system boosters.

Shuddhi ID – 365 Immune Package For Increasing Immunity

You can try just one immune system booster that is Shuddhi ID – 365 immune package for increasing immunity. It is the best one-stop solution to boost the immunity system because it’s a complete formula to increase immunity. It also improves cellular health which is vital for your body’s own ability to fight against viruses.

Blood purification is the main concept in Ayurveda to increase immunity. This Shuddhi ID 365 immune package does exactly the same; it purifies the blood and promotes the flow of blood. Strengthening your immune system and promoting overall good health is the main objective of this incredible Ayurvedic medicine. This is the best formula to improve your health in these crucial times of the corona pandemic.

Alongside promoting the vaccination program, the government is also encouraging people to take immunity-boosting measures at their own level to fight against this deadly virus. That’s why Shuddhi ID 365 drops are must-buy a product to boost your immunity and create a shield against all viruses and bacterial infections.

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