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How To Maintain Kidney Diseases Health

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Tips To Maintain Kidney Health

Kidneys balance the hormone that causes blood vessels to constrict and control high and low blood pressure by controlling the fluid levels and by removing waste from the blood. To reduce the risk of developing Kidney diseases there are few steps to follow for the health of your Kidney.

Tips To Maintain Kidney Health

  • Drink Plenty of Warm Water:

To keep the kidneys healthy one of the simplest ways is to take warm water. It helps to clear sodium, urea, and other waste products from the body. For healthy functioning of Kidneys, it is a must to take 1.5- 2 liters of water per day.

  • Overusing Painkillers:

Over intake of painkillers daily for body pains and joint swelling also harm the kidney if taken in the long run. Taking too many pain relievers or medications could lead to kidney damage and generally should be avoided if you have kidney disease.

  • Control The Intake of Sodium and Salt:

Avoid excess use of salt in the food and eatables. Excess use of salt increases the load on the kidney and causes health problems like hypertension and kidney disorders.

  • Monitor Weight and Eat A Healthy Diet:

Need to monitor and control the cholesterol level and weight of the body. Eliminate fat products, fried food from the diet, and eat a healthy diet to keep the kidneys disease-free. Individuals must have a lot of fruits and vegetables daily.

  • Keep Regular Control of Your Blood Sugar Level:

To control the sugar level of the body it is required to keep a regular check on blood sugar levels. It can be controlled by avoiding sweet products. In the case of the high sugar level, individuals must consult the doctors.

  • Do Not Smoke:

Smoking is injurious for health. Smoking increases the risk of heart attack, cancer, diabetes and hypertension, and Kidney damage. Cigarettes not only affect the kidneys but also affect the whole health of the body.

  • Monitor Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure caused due to hypertension, stress, and an unbalanced diet. To control blood pressure individuals need necessary dietary changes. High blood pressure causes heart attack and kidney disorders.

  • Keep Fit and Active:

Have a balanced diet and eat sensible helps to remain active and fit in life. Maintain an active healthy lifestyle by doing moderate exercise around 30-45 minutes daily like jogging, cycling, swimming, playing. Exercise leads to increased energy, stamina, and strength of the body. To increase the time and intensity of the exercise need to start slowly first and then gradually increase the time.

Reasons Which Cause Kidney Failure And Other Kidney Diseases

  • A blood clot in or around your kidneys.
  • Infection, sudden blockage, and swelling of the Kidney.
  • An overload of toxins from heavy metals.
  • High consumption of drugs and alcohol.
  • Vasculitis, an inflammation of blood vessels.
  • The autoimmune disease lupus can cause inflammation of body organs.
  • Inflammation of small blood vessels of the kidneys.
  • Intake of a moderate amount of proteins may reduce the workload of Kidneys.

To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy Be Aware of Kidney Damaging Foods

  • Sodium: Excess use of salt in the diet leads to an increase in high blood pressure. Use low salt flavor enhancers as a substitute for salt.
  • Nuts: Avoid nuts, seeds, dried beans, Pickles, Olives, and Relish.
  • Canned Food: Do not prefer to eat canned foods as it contains a high amount of sodium and sugar.
  • Potassium: There should be less intake of potassium-rich vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes and avoid high-fat food like cream, Butter.
  • High Fiber Food: Avoid high fiber food like whole-wheat grain bread, brown rice, and other snack foods which helps to cause kidney disease because of its high phosphorus and potassium content. Choose food with the right amount of phosphorus such as rice cereals, Bread, corn, pasta, etc.
  • Mayonnaise and frozen meals: Mayonnaise contain a high level of sugar and saturated fat. Frozen meals are heavy processing meals. These heavy processing meals have a high level of hidden fat and sugar.
  • Soda: Soda contains high calories which may lead to unwanted weight gain. Diet soda has low calories as compare to Soda but both are having no nutritional value either manufactured naturally or chemically. Carbonated sodas and other drinks cause the formation of Kidney Stones.
  • Avoid Eating High Sugar: High sugar increases the risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure. Must check the ingredients of packaged food and eatables to avoid high sugar levels in the diet.

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