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How To Treat Asherman Syndrome Through Ayurveda

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Asherman Syndrome

Ashermans syndrome is a condition in the uterus that takes place when scar tissue forms in the womb or the cervix. Ashermans syndrome is commonly characterized by flexible damaging in the wall of the uterus. In which more of the cases, the back and front walls of the uterus tend to stick together.

Ashermans can cause menstrual problems, barrenness, and abnormal placenta. Some risking factor to ashermans infection can be cesarean section, contagion, oldness, genital tuberculosis, and obesity. There are terms that have been used to describe ashermans condition. It is related complications such as uterine/cervical atresia, traumatic uterine atrophy, sclerotic endometrium, and endometrial scelosis.To cure this problem, the best treatment for Asherman syndrome is Ayurveda.

Signs And Symptoms of Asherman’s Syndrome

  • Less flow of menstrual bleeding or intermittent menstrual bleeding. The cervix or lower uterus may block the menstruation resulting in less flow of menstrual bleeding
  • Increased cramps and pain during menstrual period and ovulation due to the result of blockages.
  • Asherman syndrome may also result in infertility. As the cervix is blocked, and uterus wall has shrunk hence no chances of conception.
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Poor implantation

Phases of Asherman Syndrome:-

Phase totally depends upon the range and thickness of the adhesion which is given below:-

  • Mild Asherman’s Syndrome:- when the adhesion are very thin and flimsy which can be remove with the help of thin instrument.
  • Moderate Asherman’s Syndrome:- In this phase, the adhesion is thicker and the strands of muscular tissue are mixed with fibrous tissue.
  • Severe Asherman’s Syndrome:- The adhesion becomes very thick, and there is severe damage of the endometrium.

Causes of Asherman’s Syndrome

  • The main reason for the cause of Asherman’s syndrome is D&C procedure (dilation and curettage) done after pregnancy
  • Retained placenta which requires removal manually
  • It can be due to the cesarean delivery
  • In non pregnancy cases, Intrauterine surgery is performed to repair structural defects, discard fibroids or defects caused due to the use of birth control devices
  • A pelvic infection, unrelated to surgery can be reason behind Asherman’s syndrome
  • Another reason can be physiotherapy, as it can cause damage to uterus and adhesion formation
  • There are more chances to develop Asherman’s syndrome in a recently pregnant syndrome than in non-pregnant uterus
  • Genital tuberculosis
  • Injury in the basilar layer of endometrium
  • Intrauterine myomectomy

Risk Factors Include

  • Multiple myomas
  • Endometrial ablation
  • Hysteroscopic surgery
  • Postpartum curettages
  • Mullerian duct malformation

Ayurvedic Treatment of Asherman Syndrome

In Ayurvedic Viewpoint, whenever vata is vitiated, it causes painful and irregular periods while pitta causes heavy bleeding, thereby causing hot flushes and irritability. Best remedy for the treatment of Asherman syndrome in Ayurveda, which is described below:-

  • Ashok

The bark has therapeutic properties that help in the regulation of menstrual cycles. It treats and is useful for irregular monthly cycles, painful menstruation, and premenstrual syndrome. It helps make the uterine and endometrium muscles that wear out during period and miscarriage

  • Lodhra

It is an excellent herb in offering solutions to the female problem such as Asherman syndrome. The bark has an astringent effect and has effective control of excessive discharge and painful menstruation. It often prescribed to lactating mothers soon after delivery. It also has detoxification properties.

  • Shatavari

This is a natural herb that is rich in antioxidants and micronutrients. Shatavari offers excellent results whenever it is used in reproductive health and regulates hormonal imbalance. It rejuvenates the reproductive system in women and also strengthens the uterus.

  • Pradrantakchurna

It is one of the most effective ayurvedic herbal preparations used in treating cases such as (PMS) premenstrual syndrome, menopausal syndrome. It effectively and efficiently controls the menstrual cycle.

  • Arjuna

Another useful herb in asherman syndrome is natural arjuna that supports the uterus and regulates the hormones in females. It also controls menorrhagia.

How To Prevent Asherman Syndrome?

The most ideal approach to avoid asherman disorder is to stay away from the D & C procedure. In most cases, medical evacuation should be opted following a missed or incomplete miscarriage, or post birth hemorrhage.

All in all, Ayurveda is known for its benefits that’s why the best way to cure this problem is to take Asherman syndrome Ayurvedic treatment. If you are also suffering from infertility and can not solve this issue then definitely try the above described Ayurvedic herbs.

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