How Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda

How Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda

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polycystic kidney disease treatment in ayurveda

The vitiation in three doshas of the body leads to comorbidities in the human body. As similarly, the three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha imbalance causes polycystic kidney diseases and affects the functioning of your one or both kidneys.Although You can find a way to get rid of this problem. There is a possibility of polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda.

Like your other vital organs in the body, the Kidney plays two crucial functions in the body, like purification of blood and urine production to keep your body fluid balance. The balance in the three doshas also drives the Kidney’s function as other organs of the body. However, some people are affected by imbalance in three body doshas, leading to kidney cyst or Gurda Granthi. Due to some genetic variation in the body this cyst transfer into polycystic kidney disease

What is polycystic Kidney disease?

Polycystic kidney disease is a genetic medical situation in which fluid-filled sacs form in the Kidney and disturbs the Kidney’s function.

The abnormal growth of a cyst in the Kidney gradually damages the host organ and deteriorates its functioning.

Polycystic kidney disease is a severe health problem that increases cyst development in the liver and other body organs. If this health problem remains in the body untreated for an extended period, it leads to kidney failure. This health problem leads you to get other health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Don’t worry, this problem is genetic and can be prevented by using Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment In Ayurveda and making some significant modifications in your lifestyle to keep you healthy.

Types of PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease): it is mainly of two types, that are,

Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease: This type is also known as adult ADPKD because it develops in the age of 30 to 40 years. In this genetic condition, only one parent has a problem, and it passes to the children.

Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Diseases: In this type, its symptom develops after birth. In this type, both parents are responsible for passing the diseases to children due to abnormal genes.

Symptoms Of Polycystic Kidney Disease:

  • Hypertension
  • A feeling of abdominal fullness
  • Back and side pain
  • Headache
  • Enlargement of Kidney
  • Increased abdomen size
  • Blood in urine
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Renal stone
  • Kidney failure

Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda:

Polycystic kidney disease is a hereditary (genetic )health issue, and Ayurveda is the only way to treat it and protect you from kidney failure. Try to avoid allopathic medicine because they are harmful, and they injure your Kidney and worsen its condition. To keep your Kidney healthy, you have to treat your health proem symptomatically.

Hypertension: hypertension is one of the leading causes of kidney failure. In allopathy for high blood pressure treatment, you have to take lifetime medicine that will eventually lead to damage to your Kidney. But you can protect your Kidney by doing some modification in your daily diet plan to control your blood pressure.

Urinary Tract Infection: Bladder and urinary tract infection leading to kidney failure but to keep your kidney function, drink plenty of water to excrete the toxins from the body.

Blood in urine: This is an early sign of kidney damage, but you can treat your problem and keep your Kidney healthy and function by use of natural herbs and drinking adequate amounts of liquid.

To keep you healthy and polycystic kidney disease free, you have to make some routine changes in your life. Ayurveda Problem arises in the body due to undisciplined life culture, insufficient diet intake, and lack of exercise. Ayurveda helps you to make some healthy lifestyle changes that make your life stress free and happy. So follow all these guidelines to keep you healthy and fit.

  • Control your blood sugar level if you are a diabetic person.
  • Eat fresh fiber-rich food, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Eat low fat and low sodium diet to control your blood pressure.
  • Drink an adequate amount of water to keep your Kidney and other body cells toxin-free.
  • Daily exercise at least 30 minutes to keep your Kidney functional and disease-free.
  • Manage a healthy weight to keep your body diseases free.
  • Do not smoke or avoid alcohol consumption, and protect your Kidney from toxins collection.
  • Use Ayurvedic herbs to treat any health problem naturally.
  • Detoxify your body with natural ingredients.
  • Avoid non-vegetarian and dairy products in your diet.
  • Home remedies to treat polycystic kidney disease and Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney.

Gokshura: It is a natural herb that helps to treat Kidney related problems and helps to remove kidney stones.

Guggul: Guggul is a traditional herb that helps treat urinary tract infection and prevents your Kidney from failure.

Haldi: Haldi is a traditional herb and has anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents kidney infection and protects your Kidney from dialysis.

Vijayasar: it is a natural herb that helps to treat chronic kidney diseases.

The other herbs to treat polycystic kidney disease are Ashwagandha, Shankhpushpi, Ginger, Laung, Giloy, Green Tea, Naag Bhasma, Naag Kesar, Safatika Bhasma, Triphala, Harad, Bhumi Amla, Behda, Binaksha, Shilajit, Tej Pta, Tulsi Patra, Neem Patra, Brahmi, Kachnaar, Anardana, Choti Elaichi, Badi Elaichi, Mulethi, carom Seeds, Fenugreek, Mulethi, Kesar, Kutki, Katuja, Black Pepper, Saunf, Long Pepper, and Sarfoka, etc.

Shuddhi Ayurveda introduces a kidney care pack to treat your polycystic kidney diseases naturally. A kidney care pack by Shuddhi Ayurveda is a perfect polycystic kidney disease treatment in Ayurveda. To treat Kidney related problems, buy a kidney care pack, and modify your living culture and diet. You can visit our Shuddhi clinic near your home if you have chronic kidney disease. Where will an expert Ayurvedic doctor diagnose your health problem by checking your pulse and examining your tongue? We have more than 150 plus clinics in PAN India. However, if you can not find the clinic near you, you can directly call our health expert regarding your health problem.

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