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15 Home Remedies For Hernia Treatment

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Hernia: Symptoms, Causes, and Home Remedies To Treat Hernia

Do you know about hernias? A hernia happens when an organ pushes through an opening in the muscle or tissue that holds it set up. For instance, the digestive organs might get through a debilitated region in the stomach divider. Multiple hernias happen in the midsection between your chest and hips, yet they can likewise show up in the upper thigh and crotch regions. In most hernia cases, it might not be life-threatening, but it still requires proper treatment. But, one positive thing is that this disease can be treated using Ayurveda and home remedies. So, if you want the best and reliable hernia treatment without an operation, we have the best information for you.    

On this informative blog, we have got some excellent and top home remedies for a hernia that can help to treat this problem naturally. Thus, to know more about hernia you can take a look at the details shared below.

Symptoms of Hernia 

A bulge or a lump is the most common symptom that you may notice on your body. A lump near the pubic bone is a sign of an inguinal hernia. When you bend, cough, or stand up, then you can feel a hernia. Also, a hernia can be diagnosed in babies when they cry; you may notice a bulge in the body; that bulge is a sign of an umbilical hernia. 

A hiatal hernia happens when a part of your stomach swells up through the stomach into your chest oppression.

Other Symptoms of Hiatal Hernia are:
  • Symptoms of Hernia Chest pain 
  • Difficulty while swallowing 
  • Acid reflux 
  • Heaviness 
  • Weakness 
  • Discomfort 
  • Pain in the lower abdomen 
  • Burning 
  • The ache in the affected area 

These are some of the common symptoms that showcase the sign of Hernia. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you can contact your doctor and get your medical examination done. Through which you can get a reliable and effective natural remedy for hernia pain.

Causes of Hernia

A hernia is induced by the pressure and weakness of muscle or fascia. The pressure pushes a tissue or organ through the weak area. Things that cause an increase in force in the abdomen can cause the problem of hernia. It might cause due to:

  • Causes of HerniaLifting bulky objects 
  • Diarrhea or Constipation 
  • Persistent coughing or sneezing 
  • Obesity 
  • Poor Nutrition 
  • Smoking 


These are some reasons that can be the cause of hernia. And it requires proper treatment and diagnosis for better care. Currently, hernia treatment without operation is also possible with Ayurveda and home remedies. So if you want the best natural remedy for hernia pain, then we’ve got you covered. 

Home Remedies For Hernia 

If you are looking for without operation hernia treatment? If you want top-rated home remedies for hernia above the belly button, then we have brought the best things for you. With the help of research, we have got some effective and natural remedies that can help to treat hernias without any hassle. To know more, check out the details shared below. 

Home Remedies To Treat Hernia 

✅ Castor Seed Oil 

Castor oil is one of the popular and essential oils that can help inhibit inflammation inside the stomach to enhance the digestion process. You can prepare a castor seed oil pack and place it on the stomach to reduce swelling on the affected area. And, castor oil is rich in nutrients that can also help in healing the affected area.

✅ Ice Packs

Applying ice packs on the affected area can help to reduce swelling and allow relief. The best part about ice packs is that it also helps to reduce bloating and the pain of hernia. Therefore, if you want relief from a hernia bulge then you can surely use ice packs to get rid of pain and swelling effortlessly. 

✅ Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is a natural anti-inflammatory substance that works as a healing agent to soothe affected areas. Most importantly, aloe vera is one of the popular and excellent ayurvedic remedies that helps to provide nourishment to the body. Consuming aloe vera juice helps to provide nutritional components to the body and lower the chances of hernia. 

✅ Black Pepper 

We all know black pepper is popular independent of Ayurveda. Adding the flavorful spice helps to aid hernia. Also, it helps to reduce acid reflux and cures the swollen region. Most importantly, black pepper contains various antioxidants that help relieve digestive issues and increase immunity. Therefore, black pepper can be an excellent choice of natural remedy for hernia pain.

✅ Ginger 

Whether it’s abdominal pain, gastric issues, or hernia, ginger root is the superb cure for such problems. We all know ginger is a rich source of antioxidants and nutrients that help to reduce the pain and inflammation of hernia. Also, it helps to protect your stomach and esophagus from the toxic build of gastric juices. Therefore, if you want the best remedy for treating hernia, then you can choose ginger root for a better cure. 

✅ Weight Loss 

Believe it or not, obesity is one of the significant causes of hernia. If you want to avoid the risk of hernia, then weight loss is the key to good health. A fit and lean body is a true sign of good health and fitness. If you want to improve your weight, you can surely opt for weight loss to lower down the risk of hernia. Consuming smaller meals and proper workout is the major thing that can help you to reduce your weight naturally. 

✅ Eat Healthy Diet 

For every disease, infection, or health concern, we always depend on medicines. But the truth is a healthy diet is a major key to good health and strong immunity. If you want to eliminate the risk of hernia and its operation, then bring a good change in your diet meals. Healthy vegan meals are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that can help to enhance your health. Including fresh vegetables, vegetable juices, green smoothies, soy milk, almond milk, beans, fresh fruits, green tea, and leaf vegetables help to boost the number of nutrients in the body to get rid of hernia. 

✅ Yoga & Meditation 

Stress can be another trigger point for a hernia. If you want to reduce your stress and anxiety, yoga and meditation can help you stay away from such negativity. Yoga postures and meditation helps to enhance body flexibility and reduce the chances of falling sick. Most importantly, yoga will help to boost immunity to make you feel solid and enhance muscle health. The best part about yoga and meditation is that it helps to calm the body, mind, and soul, which relaxes every organ to meet stability. Uttanpadasana, Uddiyana Bandha, Sarvangasana, Vajrasana, Pawanmuktasana, Matsyasana, and Pascimottanasana can provide relief from hernia. 

✅ Vegetable Juice 

Vegetable juices are the most effective natural remedies for treating hernias. Carrot juice, spinach juice, broccoli juice, beetroot juice, and kale juice are considered the top natural remedies for treating hernia. These fresh juices are rich in antioxidants and nutrients to enhance immunity and strengthen the muscles to lower the risk of hernia. 

✅ Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile tea is a stress-relieving drink that can help to aid gastric issues too. If you are suffering from a hiatal hernia, then chamomile tea is a perfect natural remedy for hernia pain. This drink is highly effective and reduces hyperacidity. Also, this nutritional tea helps to reduce the chances of gastric problems too. 

✅ Cinnamon 

Cinnamon is one of the popular natural remedies to treat a hernia. Consuming cinnamon can offer antioxidants and rich nutrients that can help to reduce gastric inflammation. Acid reflux or hernia cinnamon can help to aid these problems naturally. In addition, drinking warm water infused with cinnamon powder can help to reduce the pain and swelling of hernia. 

✅ Pool Exercises 

Pool exercises are one of the best ways for fitness training to reduce problems associated with the abdomen area. These exercises help to strengthen the abdomen area to reduce the risk of hernia. Walking inside the pool and half-squats is the best and natural way to reduce the hernia. Also, pool exercises help to enhance flexibility and reduce various issues related to muscle health. 

✅ Regular Cycling 

Cycling exercises are the best for treating problems linked with the abdomen and gastric system. You can lie on a mat, bend your knees in an elevated position, and practice cycling motion to reduce stubborn fat and get rid of toxic gastric problems. This is one of the best ways to treat hernia naturally. 

✅ Natural Herbs 

Natural herbs are the best source for reducing the risk of hernia. If you want ayurvedic herbs for treating hernia, then Hingu, Kutaja, Senna, Manjishtha, Karanja are the best herbs that help to treat hernia naturally. These ayurvedic herbs contain various nutrients and antioxidants that can help to reduce pain, swelling, and roots of hernia. 

✅ Essential Oil Massage 

Peppermint Oil, Lavender oil. Chamomile oil and geranium essential oil are the best oils that can be used for massage. This natural oil contains soothing properties to reduce swelling and pain from the affected area. Also, these oils help in the natural treatment of the hernia to reduce the causes of irritation. 

Shuddhi Package For Hernia

Apart from all these natural ways of hernia treatment, you can also choose Shuddhi Hernia Package. Shuddhi Ayurveda is a top name in Ayurveda that offers certified 100% pure ayurvedic remedies for treating health issues. If you want hernia treatment without an operation, then you can shuddhi hernia package. This package contains amazing herbs and natural ingredients that help reduce gastric problems, repair organs, reduce chest pain, diminish the chances of hemorrhoids and hernia. You can surely get this proven natural remedy for treating hernia without any hassle. 


We hope that this informational blog has provided you with all the best details and hernia treatment without operation. Thus, If you want the best and reliable home remedies for hernia, then Shuddhi Ayurveda is one of the best Ayurveda brands to get in touch with. So, now it’s your turn to get certified and the best remedy to get rid of Hernia.

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