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Does Shatavari Increase Weight?

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Shatavari Increase Weight

Increasing healthy weight with Shatavari can make your life easy. But to know precisely, does Shatavari increase weight? It would be best if you researched well. Fortunately, I have already done that for you. Before going into details of weight gain with Shatavari, let’s get some ideas about the underweight problem and the main reasons.

It is good to have a slim or fit body, but lean and underweight conditions may lead to various health conditions such as a weak digestive system, low immunity, anemia.

You need to have an appropriate weight and live a happy, healthy, active life.

Now we will discuss some reasons to remain underweight.

Reasons for being Underweight: some of the causes of being Underweight are shown below,

  • Weak digestive system
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Bowel problem
  • Specific health problems like tuberculosis, diabetes
  • Extensive use of Medicine
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anorexia(psychological illness)
  • Deficiency of nutrients

Healthy weight gain is as challenging as losing weight. For a healthy weight gain, the first is to improve digestion and metabolism rate. Balanced diet intake and regular exercise improves your digestion and helps in healthy weight gain.


Shatavari is an asparagus plant species used as a medicinal herb for many centuries in Indian Ayurvedic treatments. It is a natural herb that can cope with physical or mental stress or tension. Shatavari is a staple herb in Ayurvedic remedy, and it improves your vitality.

Now we will discuss how Shatavari increases weight?

We already discussed the reasons for being underweight. Shatavari has different medicinal properties that help in getting rid of these contributing reasons. Its use regularly protects you from weight loss and maintains a healthy weight.

You will see various kinds of protein powder by different companies are available in online stores and in the supermarket to gain weight. Be aware of that because these protein supplements powder increases your value, but the problem is that it contains steroids, and when you stop using them, you will reverse to your initial weight or condition. Maybe that situation will hurt you, so don’t go for any chemical-based medicines or supplements to gain weight because they are full of side effects.

The chemical or steroid-based protein supplement can affect your kidney, liver, and hear directly. Instead of choosing harmful protein supplements, choose Ayurvedic herbs for weight gain.

Ayurvedic herbs are so many in numbers which helps in gaining weight. And Shatavari is one of them.

Benefits of Shatavari in weight gain

Shatavari is a bundle of health benefits with its numerous medicinal and nutritional properties. Shatavari, with other herbs, is used to make Ayurvedic products for weight gain. Let’s look at the health benefits of Shatavari, which may help you gain weight.

Antioxidant Property

Toxins build up in the body, disturb digestion, and you remain underweight. Shatavari is the best preventive herb to improve digestion. It has antioxidants that flush toxins out of the body. It prevents your body cells from free radicals. Shatavari roots reduce stress and anxiety.

Anti Inflammatory Property

Shatavari has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent you from various infections and keeps our digestive system healthy.

Immunity Booster

Shatavari is a well-known herb as an immunity booster. It improves the production of fighter cells in the body and boosts the immune system against various life-threatening infections and diseases. Once your immune system gets intense, you can gain healthy weight with the use of Shatavari.

Cough Reliever

Shatavari is a natural herb that keeps your respiratory tract healthy. It strengthens the mucosal lining and may help in relieving cough.

Diuretic Property

Shatavari roots have diuretic properties; it excretes the waste and toxins from the body through urine. It prevents toxins build-up, and this property may help in weight gain.

Probiotic property

These herbs help in maintaining the health of gut bacteria and induce hunger. It helps in curing diarrhea and boosts the healthy weight gain process.

Anti Anxiety Property

Shatavari is a perfect herb with the anti-anxiety property. It may help you in reducing stress and anxiety. It keeps your nervous system calm and stress-free that will lead to gaining weight. Along with this property, Shatavari is the best Ayurvedic herbs for weight gain.

Anti-ulcer Property

Shatavari has antiulcer properties. It may prevent you from ulcer formation in the stomach, esophagus, and intestine.

Antidepressant Property

Along with anti-anxiety property, it has antidepressant property. It is useful to treat depression problems or other psychological disorders.

Anti-aging property

Shatavari has anti-aging properties that may prevent your skin from free radicals. Shatavari prevents the breakdown of collagen because collagen maintains the skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles.

Antihypertensive property

There are so many health problems that may become an obstacle to your weight gain. Hypertension is one of them. Shatavari is essential to maintain blood pressure in the normal range and prevent other health complications.

Kidney Stone Treatment

Shatavari prevents the formation of kidney stones. It increases the concentration of elemental magnesium in your urine and prevents the crystallization of stone formation.

Hypoglycemic Property

Shatavari may help in lowering the blood in the treatment of diabetic persons. It also may support maintaining cholesterol levels in the blood.

Provide Nutrition

That is, how Does Shatavari increase weight? It contains essential nutrients like poly nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and Phytonutrients. It may fill the nutritional need of the body and enhance healthy weight gain.

Now how to take Shatavari to gain weight

Shatavari roots are available in various forms like powder, tablet, capsule, extract, juice, and syrup.

Powder form

Take ½ teaspoon of powder and mix it with honey or milk. Have this mixture twice a day after lunch and dinner.

Shatavari juice

Take 3-4 teaspoons of Shatavari juice and add the same quantity of water to it. Drink this in every empty morning stomach.

Shatavari syrup

Take 1 teaspoon of Shatavari syrup once a day after having a light meal.

Shatavari extract

30 drops in water thrice a day

The whole information above was the answer to your question, does Shatavari increase weight? I think this article about Shatavari will help you gain weight using Shatavari containing Ayurvedic herbs for weight gain.

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