Diabetes Treatment In Ayurveda | Type 1 Diabetes Treatment In Ayurveda

Diabetes Treatment In Ayurveda

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A chronic disease that causes blood glucose is higher than usual blood sugar level named diabetes mellitus. Diabetes disorder happens when insulin produced by the pancreas is either reduced or absent. Diabetes Treatment In Ayurveda proceeds with herb-based medicines with no side effects on the body. Our body converts the food when eating into glucose, and the cells use it to provide energy to the body. With diabetes, the body doesn’t make enough glucose, and the hormone cannot move correctly from the blood into your cells. Due to which the body remains tired.

Diabetes is becoming one of the common diseases of our life that is caused due to the excess of sugar in the bloodstream.

Some Trigger Factors For Diabetes:

  • Stress, high fat- diet
  • High alcohol intake
  • Genetic factors
  • High blood pressure
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Being overweight

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Diabetes Treatment In Ayurveda helps to maintain the blood sugar level and purify the blood as well. If anyone has some of the below symptoms, must go for the checkup:

  • Feeling sleepy
  • Confusion, impotence
  • Tingling in hands
  • Blurred vision
  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling thirsty
  • Wounds would not heal.
  • Bedwetting
  • Systemic weight loss
  • Always tired and hungry
  • Sexual problems
  • Stomach problem
  • Vaginal infection
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Urination during night

How Ayurvedic Herbs To Manage Diabetes Naturally

Ayurvedic herbs act as medicines and benefit people with diabetes. These herbs have been used for centuries to treat the high sugar level. You can easily add the given herbs to your diet to lower the glucose levels. These are:


Gurmar has an anti-diabetic property that helps in balancing insulin levels in the body. The leaves of this plant are effective in managing blood sugar levels and also named as “destroyer of sugar”. It is an ayurvedic herb, helps in treating people who have diabetes. Even beneficial for other health conditions like allergies, cough, constipation.


This ayurvedic herb aids in burning off excess glucose that further lower blood sugar levels. Giloy has a hypoglycemic effect, which produces insulin and helps decrease high blood sugar levels. The herb is quite effective in controlling blood sugar levels with the help of antioxidants present in it. This plant helps in managing other symptoms of diabetes and fights against free radicals.


Jamun is known as a hypoglycemic agent that decreases sugar levels in blood and urine. They are rich in alkaloids that are shown to reduce high levels of blood sugars. The seeds of Jamun stimulate the secretion of insulin and are excellent for people who have diabetes. Sources of Jamun helps to reduce the risk of kidney failure and accelerate the wound healing process in diabetics.

Aloe vera

It is a common plant and readily available nearby. Aloe vera might help protect and repair the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. Also, it helps in slowing the progress of type 2 diabetes.

Fenugreek Seeds

These ayurvedic seeds are very effective in keeping diabetes under check. Fenugreek seeds are rich sources of fibre useful for controlling high blood sugar levels. Fenugreek seeds are very beneficial if taken early in the morning before breakfast. These can be soaked in water overnight and can be mixed with milk. Having these seeds daily for a few months, It controls blood sugar levels. It slows down the digestion process and thereby reduces the absorption rate of carbohydrates and sugar.

Beat Diabetes With Healthy Lifestyle & Ayurveda

A healthy lifestyle helps to beat diabetes. For that need to follow the given ways:

  • Take a healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals.
  • sleeping is required for a diabetic person to stay healthy.
  • Take control of your diabetes by avoiding smoking and lower the intake of alcohol.
  • Moderate physical exercise. Daily exercise and yoga help to keep fit and energetic.
  • Increase the dietary intake of fruits and vegetables. 
  • Try to relieve your stress with some activities, yoga that make you happy.
  • Minimize the intake of foods containing fats and sugar. 
  • Carbohydrates are rich in sugar so ensure accurate carbohydrates count in your diet. 
  • Making a goal of 30 minutes of activity that makes you sweat helps to lower down your sugar and control your diabetes.

For Diabetes Treatment In Ayurveda, the Shuddhi Diabetes Care Ayurvedic package is available at the shuddhi clinic website that contains herbal medicines like BP Drops, Udar Vikar Janya Rog Churna. After that package also contains Diabetes Care Capsule, Relivion Powder, Divya Arogya Vati, Amrit Ras helps in various diseases. This package helps in lowering blood pressure as it has anti-diabetic property. The goal of Ayurveda is to treat the person by eliminating impurities, reducing symptoms, increasing disease resistance.

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