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Corona Virus Conspiracy, Is It Lab Originated Or Natural?

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Corona Virus Conspiracy, Is It Lab Originated Or Natural?

Corona Virus Conspiracy

The Corona virus spreads when someone comes in contact with an infected person. The virus can attack anyone, but the risk is high for those whose immunity is weak. The first CORONA Virus identified in 2019 in Wuhan, China.

On 22nd April Nobel prized winner Dr. Tasuka Honjo also claimed that this virus is not natural and prepared in the laboratory of Wuhan.

Switzerland, India, and UAE have different temperatures, but still, this virus is spreading at the same speed; that is why Dr. Tasuka Honjo claimed that it is an artificial virus. The famous microbiologist Russian scientist Peter Chumakov said that China had made Corona virus in their labs. He said that scientists at the Wuhan Laboratory were involved in the development of various corona virus variants.

As of now, there is no treatment available to combat the Corona Virus. Acharya Manish Ji’s working with his team of 150 doctors and more than 100 ayurvedic clinics to help the people fight against Coronavirus and research the natural herbs beneficial for the stronger immunity of the body. As of now, no one can claim for the vaccine of this virus and cannot provide any medicines for this virus without approval. Only one thing can save from this virus, and that is the immunity of the body.

Is Corona Virus Artificial or Natural? Nobody Knows

Can we beat this virus with a proper healthy diet? For that, what we need to do is believe it first. Whether this virus is natural or artificial, an herb-based diet can help to save and increase the immunity of the body.

YES, we can beat this virus. To follow the herb-based diet, you need to Whatsapp on the number flash on the screen in this video (73986-73986).

Acharya Manish Ji Efforts To Fight Against Corona Virus

Acharya Manish Ji and his team put efforts to keep in touch with the Indian government to present their herb-based diet for the COVID-19 contaminated patients.

They have submitted their report about herbal medicines to help improve their immune system to CCRS ministry of Ayush Mantralaya.

Immunity is the only thing that you need to focus on at this stage. With an herb-based and plant-based diet, we can boost the immunity level of the system to beat this virus between 3 to 6 days. Herb based diet and a plant-based diet is necessary for the most energetic immunity system.

To have a herb-based diet in your hands. Acharya Manish Ji and his team of 150 doctors prepare three diet protocols for the better immunity of the body, such as:

  • Diet Protocol: People who are COVID-19 positive and having symptoms of this virus. Its 3-day diet protocol.
  • Diet Protocol: People who have mild symptoms like cold, cough, and fever or asymptomatic who are in contact with providing essential services like drivers, police, doctors, nurses, and are the frontline workers in this virus. We have a general 3-day diet chart for them.
  • Diet Protocol: This is a diet chart that needs to be followed by the whole of India in this changing weather. It is beneficial to fight against viruses and have no side effects o the body.

So, improve the immunity of the body, and it will help and protect from the deadly Corona virus. Acharya Manish Ji and his team of doctors will provide you this diet chart plans according to your category requirements free of cost on your WhatsApp number.

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