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Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility in Males

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Infertility in Males

Infertility is increasing rapidly and becoming a stressful condition of your hectic burden life. If you are considering Ayurvedic treatment for infertility in males, then here I am to guide you.

What do you know about male infertility?

Male infertility is defined as when a male has not been able to get a female pregnant after trying for one year, at least.

As a male, your fertility always depends upon the quality and quantity of sperm you ejaculated. If your sperm count is less or the quality is low, it will be challenging to get a female pregnant. It is a stress-causing situation for both of you and your partner. If the infertility problem is not treated in time, it may cause a relationship breakup.

Male infertility occurs mainly due to less sperm production, blockage, or obstruction in the tube, illness, abnormal functioning of sperm, injuries, chronic health problems, unhealthy lifestyle causes male infertility problems.

Symptoms of male infertility: Symptoms of male infertility include

  • Ejaculate small amount of body fluid
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Pain and swelling in the testicle area
  • Recurrent pulmonary system infection
  • Abnormal growth of breast (gynecomastia)
  • Chromosomal and hormonal changes(loss of hair from face and body)
  • Low sperm count than the normal range

Is this question arising in your mind that how you can prevent male infertility?

  • Several ways may help in the prevention of male infertility. You have to make some changes in your daily lifestyle to keep this problem away from you.
  • Cease cigarette smoking because cigarettes reduce the quality of sperm and raise the chance to become infertile.
  • Stop alcohol intake because heavy alcohol intake reduces both the quality and quantity of sperm. It can also reduce sexual desire.
  • Avoid sex with multiple partners because it increases the risk of getting sexually transmitted infections. And that horrible situation may further lead to male infertility.
  • Do not ever take steroid-based bodybuilding supplements because steroids affect the biological activity of hormones in the body. The use of these supplements leads to infertility in males.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting underwear, which may affect the production of sperm.
  • If a couple wants to conceive a baby, they must stay away from pollution or poisonous gases or chemicals.

Ayurvedic treatment for infertility in males

Ayurvedic treatment is best than other modern allopathic medicine because Ayurvedic remedies are not expensive and have no further compilation if you use it for your infertility problem. But on the other hand, Allopathic medicines or other infertility treatment is too costly and has various harmful side effects on your body. And after spending so much, you get fertile; it is not necessary for allopathic medicine.

But with Ayurveda, you can solve your infertility problem and make your partner happy and prevent relationship breakup.

There are numerous steps of male infertility treatment in Ayurveda. Before Ayurvedic remedies, we will discuss the causes of male infertility, according to Ayurveda. It involves,

  • Shukra Dosha: ( it means that there is a defect in your sperm-like, motility, volume, sperm count, erectile dysfunction, obstruction in the testicle).
  • Ativyama: ( over excretion of the body by doing heavy physical activities or exercise leads to male infertility).
  • Ahara Dosha: ( unhealthy diet intake causes an imbalance of the body’s important three doshas ( Vata, Pitta, and Kapha).
  • Vihara Dosha: Opting an undisciplined lifestyle like( overexercise, lack of exercise, improper rest and sleep, heavy alcohol consumption) affects your fertility.
  • Loss of Bala: (Trauma to genital part, muscle weakness, stricture, and infection cause infertility problem.
  • Manasa Dosha: Mental stress and anxiety lead to a lack of concentration. Premature ejaculation is resulted because of too much mental stress and anxiety and causes male infertility.

Now take a deep breath, and after that, we will talk about the Ayurvedic treatment for infertility in males.

Healthy Lifestyle: A healthy lifestyle saves you from the infertility problem. Infertility causes stress and anxiety, and it may further cause chronic neurological disorders. So adopt these guidelines by Ayurveda just mentioned below, and live a happy family life.

  • Avoid alcohol intake and other sugar or artificially flavored beverages.
  • Stop having food from outside( street food).
  • Cease the cigarette smoking and chew tobacco.
  • Maintain personal hygiene.
  • Stop overexertion causing exercises.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is an integral step in Ayurvedic treatment for infertility males. A healthy, nutritious diet is essential to improve the quality and quantity of your sperm. So add some of the following ingredients in your diet and stay away from infertility.

Eat pumpkin seeds and nuts (almond, walnut) because nuts and seeds contain zinc that may improve your sperm count motility.

Have vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables such as oranges, lime, grapefruit, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and tomatoes.
Add dark green color leafy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, and lettuce.

Yoga Asanas and Meditation

Male infertility Ayurvedic treatment involves some yoga and meditation practice to cure it.

  • Anulom Vilom
  • Kapalbhati
  • Brahmani
  • Padmasana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Sarvangasana, etc.

Detoxification (Panchakarma therapy)

In a male infertility case, few Ayurvedic techniques are followed to detoxify your body.

  • Basti
  • Shodhana
  • Chikitsa

Natural herbs: The use of natural herbs is an essential part of Ayurvedic treatment for male infertility.

Maca Roots: Consuming Maca roots may help produce healthy sperm count, enhancing fertility in males.

Nutmeg: Nutmeg is a natural herb that helps in reducing stress and induce good sleep. Its use can support male fertility.
Goji berry improves the mood and maintains the optimal temperature of the scrotum for healthy sperm production.

Other than these, you can use other herbs such as Brahmi, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, and Green Tea, etc. as male infertility ayurvedic treatment.

To take you out of this stressful situation, Shuddhi Ayurveda made an Ayurvedic Urja Kit. This kit contains Ayurvedic herbs that can improve your sperm quantity and quality to get your partner pregnant. Visit, and buy it online.

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