Best Ayurvedic Doctor for Kidney Treatment in India

Best Ayurvedic Doctor for Kidney Treatment in India

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Ayurvedic Doctor for Kidney

In India, 1 million people of our population are reported per year with chronic kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is the end stage of renal disease and also known as kidney failure disease. However, health consultation with the Best Ayurvedic doctor for the kidney can reverse your health condition. Because chronic kidney disease is not healed without dialysis and kidney transplant.

With the adoption of Ayurveda in your daily life, you will protect your kidney from various health issues and not let you reach chronic kidney disease.

Chronic kidney diseases occur due to various causes; however, some common causes, like Diabetes Mellitus and hypertension, lead to developing this disease in your body.

What do you understand about chronic kidney disease?

In this disease condition of the kidney, there is a gradual loss in kidney function. In the early stage of chronic kidney diseases, sufferers do not realize any symptoms even if the kidney functions get affected at least 75%.

Causes Of Chronic kidney disease

1. Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a common leading cause of getting chronic kidney disease. The abnormal increase in the body’s blood sugar levels leads to an imbalance in the kidney’s functioning. The damaged blood vessels hence lose their functions and eventually lower the significant work of the kidney. In the diabetic case, to prevent chronic kidney diseases, a Best Ayurvedic doctor for the kidney asked you to follow ayurvedic guidelines to control the blood sugar level.

2. Hypertension

High blood pressure is also one of the leading causes of chronic kidney disease. Hypertension increases the workload on the kidney and leads to kidney dysfunction.

3. Polycystic Kidney Disease

The cysts form in the kidney leads to the hardening of the kidney. Therefore it leads to kidney dysfunction, and toxins start accumulating in your body. And the kidney fails to excrete the waste out from the body.

4. Malformation

Malformation occurs due to defects in kidney development. This condition arises in the mother’s womb or during taking birth. Sometimes, both kidney or one kidney is not fully grown and functional, leading to the development of chronic kidney diseases.

5. Infection in the kidney (Glomerulonephritis)

It is also a leading cause of chronic kidney disease. Infection in the kidney affects the kidney’s filtration part, and the kidney fails to perform its function effectively. Furthermore, you may get other chronic health issues.

Factors that increase the risk of chronic kidney disease

It is the best way to go through the risk factor because it will also give you insight into how to eliminate these factors from your life. Apart from various factors, here are some common contributing factors that increase chronic kidney disease risk.

1. Cigarette smoking

Cigarette smoking people are at more risk of getting kidney disease. Therefore chain smoker people are suffering from a persistent cough. However, the constant coughing exerts pressure on the bladder, and the person wants to pee frequently. This pressure exerted on the bladder for a long time affects the functioning of the kidney.

2. Autoimmune disorder

When your immune system gets overactive, it starts damaging the healthy cells of the body, and you may get a problem of chronic kidney disease in that condition.

3. Repeated urinary tract infection

Repeated urinary tract infection causes inflammation of the kidney and affects its function. Females are more susceptible to get chronic kidney disease due to repeated UTI.however it has not been found yet what is the relation between UTI and Kidney failures in Females. However, You can take health counseling from an Ayurvedic doctor for kidney failure prevention.

4. Renal stone

The stones formation in the kidney disrupts kidney function. Stones damage the cells in the kidney, and the kidney loses its excretion of waste from the body.

Ayurvedic treatment for chronic kidney disease

In conventional allopathic health care systems, it is believed that chronic kidney disease is not a reversible disease condition. The allopathy treatment neither reverses it nor does it have a specific cure to heal it. However, you can choose Ayurveda to heal chronic kidney diseases with a health consultation from the Best Ayurvedic doctor for the kidney.

Ayurvedic remedies do not focus on the disease’s symptoms; it only focuses on healing the whole body.

According to Ayurveda, the kidney is made from Rakta dhatu and Meda. To cure your kidney, you must balance this two dhatus ( Rakta and Meda) in the body.

Here are some popular natural remedies that can cure your kidney disease, And an Ayurvedic doctor for kidney failure, advises you to use these natural herbs.

Punarnava: It is natural herbs that reduce the inflammation in the kidney and prevent kidney dysfunction.

Guggul: guggul is antioxidant-rich and has diuretic properties. It prevents toxins collection in the kidney and reduces the risk of kidney failure.

You can also use other herbs such as Cinnamon Turmeric, Gokhshura, fenugreek, tulsi, and long pepper to heal kidney problems. Along with natural herbs, you have to live a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy diet to take care of your kidney.

For kidney care with natural ingredients, you can choose the Ayurvedic kidney care pack from Shuddhi Ayurveda. Moreover, you can visit Shuddhi Clinic to get health counseling from the Best Ayurvedic doctor for kidney, if your health condition is severe. However, you can get free health counseling from an expert Ayurveda practitioner through a direct phone call.

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