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Incessant Coughing? Treat Lung Infections with Ayurvedic Lungs Care Package

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Incessant Coughing? Treat Lung Infections with Ayurvedic Lungs Care Package

Ayurvedic Treatment For Lungs Infection

Lungs breathe air from the atmosphere into the body and keep the organs in the body enriched with oxygen. But if any pathogen or microorganism enters the body through the airways, they irritate the lungs and cause infections or lung diseases. We are surrounded by toxins because they are an integral part of the environment surrounding us. Harmful microorganisms, Cigarette and factory smoke, air pollution because of vehicles, toxins, and ignited fires all contribute to the list of harmful substances that enter our body when we inhale. It is essential to keep the lungs protected, healthy, and free from any kind of infection.

Lungs have an amazing capability of self-cleaning and they can start their “health march” the moment the exposure to pollutants stops. The congested and mucus-filled lungs make a person feel uncomfortable and heavy thus the irritants and mucus need to be cleared to make a person feel better and active.

When the smoking stops, recovery begins in almost no time. This is the reason why a smoker can recover from an inflamed, full, and congested chest after he quits his cigarette urge! Timely intervention is a must and the best way to do it is to take a free consultation from an Ayurvedic specialist at Divya Upchar clinics or www.shuddhi.com.


You may not believe it but air pollution is responsible for killing almost 4.2 million people all over the world. Nearly one person out of five people, end up dying because of smoke inhaled due to cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. Passive smoking is as dangerous as active smoking so you need to cleanse your lungs and keep them free from the attack of any kind of infectious substance.

What are the Causes for Lung Infections?

Infections in the lungs cause the airways or air sacs to get choked with stringy mucus. The airways build up fluid, pus, and get inflamed because of a viral, fungal, or bacterial infection. Breathing can become painful and laborious. The mucus that collects in the air sacs attracts pathogens and microbes. These harmful organisms enter the lungs, set base in the stringy mucus, and start to reproduce and inflame the lungs, with their infection-causing capacity. Lung infections in people are caused by bacteria, fungi, virus, and parasitic infestations, they are like:

Pneumonia: Have you heard about pneumonia? In this, the smaller air sacs get infected by communicable and infectious bacteria or viral strains. This spreads through sneezing or touch or droplet infection. To keep the lungs healthy it is essential that you take timely preventive action and resort to the effective and rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatment for lungs infection.

Bronchitis: One of the most common infections seen in people is an infection of the bronchial tubes in the lungs which are responsible for the transference of air into the lungs and back out. Bronchitis is mostly caused by a virus that attacks the trachea and bronchial tubes and results in the collection of mucus and inflammation of bronchia. The air passages get swollen and the chest region hurts when breathing. In severe cases, this can cause breathlessness and grave discomfort.

Bronchiolitis: This infection is mostly seen in little children and this happens when the bronchioles get affected by a microbial infection

Sometimes lung infections may be because of a fungal infection, and this, most of the time is seen in people who have an immunosuppressed body. People who take immunosuppressive medications or those who suffer from HIV or cancer catch these fungal infections very quickly. Lung infections may be communicable and may be a result of a recent travel tryst, exposure to certain animals, or an occupational hazard.


How Do Infections Occur?

The inflammation in the lungs and air sacs that are a result of the high pollution and smoke levels and infectious microbes need proper treatment. There are other specific techniques that are used to keep the lungs healthy and free from mucus but along with this preventive, and curative action needs precedence. Chest congestion and irritants in the atmosphere can be kept at bay with the help of Ayurvedic treatments. These natural treatments need to be started after consultation and can help improve the lung capacity dramatically dilating the airways.

Symptoms of A Lung Infection:

The health condition, immunity, and age all contribute to the symptoms of lung infection. The symptoms caused by a virus, fungus or bacteria, and other pathogens are similar but it’s the severity of the infection and time taken to recover that differs from person to person.

  1. Severe or a nagging cough: Coughing is the only way to dispel mucus which has collected in the inflamed air passages of the lungs. Conditions like pneumonia or bronchitis result in constant coughing with the discharge of distinctly colored mucus which may be white, clear, yellowish, grey, or green.
  2. Chest pain: Normally lung infections are preceded by a stabbing, sharp, or severe chest pain that can cause great discomfort during a coughing bout. The pain in the chest worsens also when the person tries to breathe in deeply. This chest pain may travel down the upper back also in some cases.
  3. Fever: It is common to suffer from high fever during cough, cold, and flu but in case of a lower respiratory lung infection caused by a bacterium the fever can rise up to almost 103-105 degrees Fahrenheit as compared to the normal body temperature being 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The fever is normally accompanied by muscle aches, lethargy, sweating, chills, severe headache, body weakness, and dehydration.
  4. Runny nose: Bronchitis and other lung infections result in Flu-like symptoms and a runny nose.
  5. Wheezing, Breathlessness, or shortness of breath: Asthmatics often complain of wheezing and gasp for breath because they suffer from a condition called asthma. a small whistling sound may be heard when air is exhaled out because the air pushes hard through the swollen breathing tubes. Sometimes the person feels that the air breathed in is inadequate and gasps for more. This serious condition or shortness of breath needs to be attended to right away by a specialist; because this indicates that the airways are badly inflamed and engorged.
  6. Crackling sounds emanate from the lungs when a doctor listens with a stethoscope and this is one of the biggest telltale symptoms of a typical lung infection. Call it a “call for help and treatment”, listen for the crackle!
  7. Body ache: Body aches or myalgia is very common during a lung infection and in this, the muscles in the body become tender and swollen causing pain. The whole body seems to be in pain and pressing it may bring some temporary relief.
  8. Exhaustion and weakness: Lack of sufficient air and coughing bouts can leave a person exhausted and tired. The body feels leaden, heavy, and sluggish because it is struggling to combat the attack of the microbes. Don’t fight against it.
  9. Lips, skin, nails may develop a dark bluish tinge and this indicates that the oxygen supply to the body is insufficient. Take help and get treated for the lung infection right away.

The symptoms can be detected by a stethoscope, chest X-ray, CT scan, spirometry, pulse oximetry, mucus swab, throat swab, blood culture, Complete blood count, or MRI.

During a lung infection, the throat feels soothed with lots of water, hot tea with ginger honey, and loads of rest, but it is better to ask your physician for his advice because that is what will help you the most.

Do not neglect your lung infection especially if the cough worsens or there is any alteration noticed in the existing cough. Check out for acute pain in the back, chest, or shoulder region that becomes worse with deep breathing or coughing. Get your detailed checkups done. Shortness of breath for long periods of time on a regular basis needs to be checked out for lung cancer, schedule an appointment with the specialist, and start the Ayurvedic treatment for lungs cancer.

Ayurvedic medicines in the Divya Lungs care kit offered by shuddhi.com contain:

  • Divya Swans Vati: Contains herbal extracts that deal effectively with respiratory tract disorders, cholesterol levels, and failing immunity. This medicine also helps control allergies, acidity levels, and prevents ulcers.
  • Divya Sanjeevani Vati: Helps in boosting immunity and promotes lung health. The herbal extracts in this also help in improving metabolic activity and cure diseases. Sleeplessness, anxiety, and epilepsy are also helped with this Ayurvedic remedy. This is often used to treat cough and cold and controls pitta in the lung region.
  • Lungs care churna: helps in treat liver infiltration, hepatic dysfunctioning, cirrhosis, hepatitis, jaundice, gastric ulcers, relieves pain, skin and hair problems, lung problems, and breathing issues. This remedy also helps in digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Maha Amritam: Is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and essential vitamins and helps treat cold, cough, chest pain, constipation, burning sensation of eyes, acidity, digestion, skin, toothaches, and headaches.
  • Divya Amrit Ras: Is a herbal detoxifying tea that is caffeine-free. It is a herbal rich product that works on the mind, body, and soul and enriches the bones, teeth, muscles, and body as a whole.

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