Ayurvedic Treatment For Lung Fibrosis | Ayurvedic Treatment For Lungs

Ayurvedic Treatment For Lung Fibrosis

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Ayurvedic treatment for lung fibrosis is a condition in which it is very hard to keep up with your daily life. Our beautiful globe is surrounded by numerous types of hazardous chemicals and gases, due to which many kinds of species get lost. Harmful chemicals enter your respiratory tract and damage the Lung tissue, and you will feel difficulty in breathing. There are numerous types of lung diseases like lung fibrosis, lung cancer, asthma, atelectasis, etc. Ayurvedic herbs are the best solution because they have no side effects on your body and help eradicate the diseases from its root.

Treating your health problem with natural herbs is the beautiful journey to complete your goal of having a healthy and happy life. In allopathy, the treatment of any diseases is harmful because the allopathy medicines are chemical-based, and they start to damage the cells of vital organs like the kidney, heart, and liver.

What is lung Fibrosis?

Lung fibrosis is a lung disease that occurs when the tissues of the lung become damaged due to various types of bacteria, viruses, chemical gases, etc. In pulmonary fibrosis, the tissue of lungs gets scarred, and if it is not treated in time, it gets worse, and you feel more shortness of breath.

Causes of Lung Fibrosis:

There are various factors on this globe that lead to lung fibrosis and other chronic conditions of lung diseases. But you can protect your lungs by using Ayurvedic treatment for Lung Fibrosis.

Environmental And Occupational factor:

Exposure to chemicals, toxins, and pollutants for a long time can damage the cells of your lungs that include silica dust, Asbestos Fibers, Hard metal dust, coal Dust Grain Dust, Birds, and animals droppings, etc.

Radiation Exposure:

Exposure to radiation and getting radiation therapy for any cancer treatment leads to lung tissue damage, and your lungs get damaged.

Overuse of medication:

Overuse of chemical-based drugs like chemotherapy drugs, heart medicines, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Medical conditions:

In some medical conditions, your lungs get fibrosis. It includes connective tissue diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis, scleroderma, and pneumonia, etc.

Various conditions and substances cause lung fibrosis, but in some cases, the cause is never found. That condition is called idiopathic lung fibrosis.

Multiple factors make you more prone to get lung fibrosis that are,


Lung fibrosis occurs in middle age and old age adults. It is also diagnosed in infants and children.


Lung fibrosis affects males than females.


Pulmonary fibrosis occurs in those who are smokers and can also occur in those who are suffering from emphysema.


The lung fibrosis develops in those who are working in mining construction and farming.

Cancer Treatment:

Taking radiation treatment increases the risk of getting lung fibrosis.

Genetic Factor:

In some cases, due to genetic inheritance, you will get the problem of lung fibrosis.

Symptoms of Lung Fibrosis:

  1. Dyspnea (breathing difficulty or shortness of breath)
  2. Dry cough
  3. Tiredness and fatigue
  4. Unexplained weight loss
  5. Joint pain
  6. Muscles ache
  7. clubbing

Lungs Treatment In Ayurveda

Lungs Treatment In Ayurveda is the best way to protect your lungs, and it protects your body from various chronic diseases too. Ayurveda is “Mother of healing” and used from old age to heal different illnesses in your body. It works on your lifestyle and helps make changes in your diet to make it healthy for your organization. Ayurveda supports yoga and meditation because lack of exercise leads to various health problems. You know human beings get multiple types of health problems due to unhealthy lifestyles and bad eating habits. The Ayurveda is only one treatment in this world that works to change your unhealthy lifestyle and diet to make you diseases free. In Ayurveda, Natural herbs are useful for treating various diseases and changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Benefits of Ayurveda:


Natural herbs help to detoxify the body and excrete the chemicals from the body and allow your body cell to breathe.

Digestion and Metabolism:

Various herbs help to maintain digestion and enhance your metabolic process. It prevents you from constipation, gas, and acidity problems.


Ayurvedic herbs help fulfill the nutritional requirements of the body and improve the functions of the body’s vital organs.


Immunity plays a critical role in your body to fight against various bacteria and viruses. Thes natural herbs help to boost your immune system and provide resistance against different bacteria and viruses.

Cell repair:

Natural herbs can repair the injured cell and prevent your body organs from cell or tissue death.

Blood flow

Maintains blood circulation in the whole body and protects you from kidney failure and heart attack problems.

Nervous System:

It maintains the neurological function of the brain and reduces stress and anxiety level.

Hormones Level Balance:

Ayurvedic herbs Balance the hormone level in the body and protect your body from other harmful; diseases condition.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Lungs

The herbs which play a crucial role to make Ayurvedic Treatment for lung Fibrosis are, Ashwagandha, Carom seeds, Haldi, Daalchini, Long Pepper, Laung, saunth, Saunf, Neem Patra, Tulsi, Kutki, Trikatu, Katuja, Naag Bhasama, Sarfoka, Safatika Bhasma, Naag Kesar, Kaali Mirch, Harad, Triphala, Bhumi amla, Brahmi, Mulethi, Arjuna, Behda, Bhringraj, Tinnervelly seena, Shatavari, Shankhpushpi, Red Chandan, White Chandan, Muesli, Majeeth, Adoosa, Kalmegh, Binaksha, sitopladi, green Tea, pudina, and giloy, etc.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Lung Fibrosis

To keep your lungs healthy and prevent them from lung fibrosis, adding these all herbs in your daily life routine makes you holistically fit. To collect these herbs is very difficult in your busy schedule, to solve your problem, shuddhi Ayurveda introduces Lungs care Pack with all herbs mentioned above to take care of the cells lung and prevent them from damage. This treatment is one of the best Ayurvedic treatment for lung fibrosis. If you are suffering from lung fibrosis problems you can buy this package and protect your body from various chronic lung diseases. And if you want to see an expert ayurvedic doctor get health advice regarding your health problem, you can visit the shuddhi clinic near your area to get better health advice. If you can still not find the clinic near you, you can directly call our health experts to get free health counseling regarding health-related problems.


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