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How to Increase Sperm Count and Volume

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Ayurvedic Treatment for infertility in male

If you and your partner are facing fertility issues, well, there’s no need to panic about the situation. This thing is quite common these days and ayurvedic treatment for infertility in male is available.

Most people don’t even talk about it just because they think it will not be the right decision to talk about it and get treatment for such issues. 

But the actual truth is, such issues are extremely common these days. In research, it was found that one out of every six couples is facing fertility issues, and male infertility is one of the most faced issues. 

So here, in this post, we will talk about male infertility and how to improve sperm count and ayurvedic treatment for infertility in male.

What is Male Infertility? 

Male infertility is one such situation under which a man has a poor chance of making his female partner pregnant. The biggest reason behind it is the quality of his sperm cells. 

There are several situations in which male infertility is linked with sexual functions, while on the other hand, it can be linked with semen quality. 

Let us have a look at some of those examples: 

  1. The first situation is linked with the sexual functions under which the term is sex drive. This is a condition that describes someone’s desire to have sexual intercourse. If a person has a low sex drive, then there are chances of fertility issues, although there are food and supplements that can increase the sex drive in a person. 
  2. The next issue that is commonly faced is erectile dysfunction. This is one such issue under which a man is unable to maintain an erection. 
  3. The next issue is directly linked with the semen quality, and that is sperm count. If you have a low sperm count, which means the number of sperm cells in a given amount of semen is low, then you have a low sperm count, leading to male Shinfertility. 
  4. You all must have heard about the term which is sperm motility. This is the ability of sperm to swim, and this is measured by the percentage of moving sperm cells in a specific amount of semen. 
  5. The next biggest issue behind male infertility is a low level of testosterone. If you have low testosterone levels, this will also make you face fertility issues. 

  There could be some situations under which you can face many issues like low testosterone level, sperm motility, and more. 

Can Male Infertility be Treated? 

So the first and most important question that comes to mind is, Can male infertility be treated? The answer is yes. 

Doctors will figure out the signs and symptoms of male infertility, based on which the issue will be treated. Also,  ayurvedic treatment for infertility in male is available for a natural cure. 

What Foods are Bad for Sperm?

The next question from the list is what foods are bad for sperm count and volume; let us have a look at them: 

Processed Food: 

If you are eating processed food frequently, then there are huge chances that you may face a decrease in your sperm count and volume. There are several options under the processed food section: bacon, hot dog, salami, and more. 

Although it’s not completely clear how processed food affects sperm count and volume, it’s been noticed that the signs are not positive in research. So make sure to stay away from any processed food if you don’t want to face lower sperm count issues. 

Trans Fats: 

Trans fats increase the risk of heart health issues, but the problem does not end here. In a few types of research, it is figured out that trans fats can also decrease sperm count. 

So if you are intaking more trans fat in your body, then there are chances that you will face issues like decreased sperm count. 

Soy Products: 

Most of us have this thought in our mind that soy products are extremely helpful for our body’s growth, and there are no side effects. But the reality is that such food products are bad for male fertility health if taken in excess.

High-Fat Dairy Products: 

High-fat dairy products are good for our health, but only if we don’t include sperm count and volume in our health. So yes, such food products are also bad for our sperm health. 

There are many more such food items, but those mentioned above are some of the major ones. 

How Do You Treat Male Infertility Naturally?

Here comes the most important section of this post: how do you treat male infertility naturally? 

Let us look at some of the most effective and natural ways to improve sperm count and volume, hence treating male infertility efficiently. 

Diet Changes:

Make some changes in your diet and add antioxidants-rich food to it. Have more vegetables, cut down fast food and processed food items from your diet. In this way, you would be able to treat male infertility naturally. 


Quit Smoking:

There are some good reasons behind quitting smoking and one of those reasons is it helps in maintaining better male fertility. If you face such an issue or never want to face male infertility, you should quit smoking as early as possible.  


Exercise Regularly: 

Increasing your sperm count and volume is extremely easy; just follow the right eating habits and exercise daily. With the help of these two habits, you would be able to make drastic changes in your sperm count. 

Reduce Stress: 

Stress is one of the biggest enemies of your sperm count; if you are facing some severe stress issues, then there are chances that you will have a low sperm count and volume. So make sure that you are not under much stress, this will help you a lot. 

Shuddhi Male Infertility Package

With the support of ayurvedic herbs, you can treat male infertility issues easily using the Shuddhi Male Infertility Package. Within the package, you would be able to get X-Power drops, 32 herbal tea, Shatayu detox powder, and Shatayu urja. 

Using these ayurvedic medicines in the right way, you would be able to get an enhanced sperm count and volume. 


Improving sperm count and volume is possible; you just need to follow the right advice. If you want the best male infertility treatment then you can surely rely on Shuddhi Ayurveda. Moreover, one of the biggest and easiest ways to improve sperm count is to use Shuddhi Male Infertility Package to help you with its ayurvedic herbs and offers no side effects. 

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